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2 Easy Ways To Patch a Hole In Your Air Mattress

An air mattress can offer a comfortable place to sleep if you just need an extra bed for visitors. But what do you do if your mattress has a hole in it? The air mattress will not hold air, so what are some ways to fix it? There are a few ways to fix a hole in an air mattress. Check out these 2 easy ways to patch the hole.

How To Patch Hole In Air Mattress

How to patch an air mattress hole with a self-adhesive patch

The hole in your air mattress can be patched with a self-adhesive patch. A self-adhesive patch is a fast and simple option if you have a tiny hole in your air mattress. A few patches should be included with the air mattress. Check in the box that it came in and you will most likely find them. All you need is the patch and something to press it onto the mattress to keep it in place.

Air Mattress PatchAir Mattress Self Adhesive Patch

Use the patch kit that came with the mattress. A patch kit is included with many air mattresses. An adhesive, applicator, and patches that are compatible with your air mattress material will be included in the package. Use the patch with the instructions included.

Clean the area around the hole, then remove the backing from the patch and press it firmly over the hole in the air mattress. Make sure to smooth out any air pockets or wrinkles on the patch so it sticks. Allow at least an hour for the patch to adhere before inflating the air mattress.

Repair air mattress leak with patch:

  1. Clean the area around the air mattress hole with an alcohol pad as this helps the patch adhere.
  2. Peel off the backing of the patch and stick it over the air hole.
  3. Lay something heavy on the patch while you let it dry/adhere.
  4. Let the patch dry for at least an hour before using the mattress again.
  5. After the hour has elapsed, add air to the mattress to test if it can now hold air.

How To FIX Hole in Leaky Air Mattress

How to patch an air mattress hole with sealant or super glue

If your air mattress has a hole in it, it can be repaired by using the correct glue, a vinyl repair kit, or an adhesive designed for the air mattress material. Simply follow the directions on the adhesive kit you have purchased or read below and do it yourself with the adhesive you have on hand.

Air Mattress Repair KitAir Mattress Repair Kit Fix Holes In Vinyl

No patch? Use a powerful vinyl adhesive, such as glue or sealant. Use a piece of plastic that can cover the hole and use the sealant or glue to apply it to the mattress hole. Use a high-quality glue or sealant such as one intended for plastic or one that seals airtight.

Fix air mattress with glue/sealant:

  1. Clean the area around the hole with an alcohol pad.
  2. Dry it off completely before applying the glue.
  3. Once the glue is applied, hold the edges of the hole together for a few minutes until the sealant or super glue sets up and is fully dry.
  4. Give the glue a few hours or more to fully set.
  5. Your air mattress is now patched and ready to hold air.

Patching a hole in your air mattress is easy to do with a self-adhesive patch, sealant, or super glue. Simply follow the steps outlined above, and your mattress can be filled with air with no leaks.

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