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How to get cigarette smoke smell out of clothing – easy diy

how to get the smell of cigarettes and smoke out of clothes and leatherIt happens to us all, the smoker from a party, a club or just about anywhere if you are downwind! Here are a few tips to help you get that smoke smell out of your clothes quickly.

Suggestion #1 – Murphy’s Oil soap. Take 1.5 cups of the concentrate, and add it to 1 gallon of warm water. Use a soft wash cloth or dish towel. I know this works as I cleaned the smoke smell off of a leather laptop case with Murphy’s oil soap and warm water and the smell was COMPLETELY GONE.

Suggestion #2 – Wash the clothes on “Heavy Duty” and add Downy fabric softener to the rinse and then spray Febreeze on the clothing afterwards.

Suggestion #3 – Try ammonia and borax in the hottest water, the fabric can soak with a little bit of detergent to cut the grease.

Suggestion #4 – Use white distilled vinegar in the rinse cycle of any clothes that smell funky.  The smells are gone and there is no residual odor of vinegar.

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  1. I found the best way by accident. My wife washes horse blankets and uses a laundry soap made specifically for horse blankets. I got a handmade quilt from my sister and everyone in house smokes. I washed using ‘horse detergent’. Almost completely gone after first wash. Left outside (out of the sun) to dry and washed a second time. Smell was gone. Must be whatever is used to remove the pungent horse urine smell in the horse soap. Put my face next to the quilt and it is fresh smelling.

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