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How To Remove The Ugly Popcorn Texture From Your Ceiling

Removing a popcorn ceiling by yourself is a manageable task, though it demands considerable effort and preparation. You might consider hiring a professional, but if you’re inclined to do it yourself, the following steps will guide you through the process.

put plastic drop sheeting over furnitureFirst, prepare your room. Protect your floors and any large furniture items with plastic drop cloths. Move smaller items out of the room for safety and convenience. Cover significant pieces, like sofas or large cabinets, to shield them from falling debris.

spray the ceilings with a water bottleNext, dampen the ceiling. Use a spray bottle or a pump sprayer to lightly moisten the popcorn texture. This step helps soften the material and reduces airborne dust during removal. Remember, the goal is to dampen, not soak, the ceiling to prevent damage to the underlying wallboard.

How to Remove Popcorn CeilingNow, begin scraping the ceiling. Use smooth, long strokes and apply consistent pressure. Work across the entire ceiling until all popcorn texture is removed. For painted ceilings, scrape off the top layer first to expose the material underneath, then dampen and continue scraping.

apply primer to ceilings after removing the popcorn materialOnce the popcorn material is completely removed, sand the ceiling to smoothness. Finish by applying a primer coat of paint. This seals the surface and provides a uniform appearance for your new ceiling.

Remember, preparation is key. Adequately covering your floors and furniture is crucial. For an easier process, consider using specialized tools like the Homax 6100 Ceiling Texture Scraper. This tool’s wide blade speeds up the job, and its attached bag catches most debris, minimizing mess.

remove popcorn ceiling with this product remove popcorn ceiling with ceiling scraperFor even cleaner work, the Ceiling and Drywall Dust Free Vacuum Sander is a great choice. It connects to a standard shop vac, capturing ceiling and wall particles, keeping your space tidy.

Easy ceiling and wall sander

This product can also make it easy when removing popcorn ceiling texture. The Ceiling and Drywall Dust Free Vacuum Sander fits on a common shop vac and catches all the ceiling and or wall particles so not to make a mess.

before removing popcorn ceiling

after removing popcorn ceilings

A crucial safety note: If your home was built before 1979, the ceiling texture might contain asbestos. Asbestos exposure can lead to severe health issues, including cancer. Before proceeding, have your ceiling tested by professionals or contact the EPA for guidance.

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  1. DIY Project Help Tips

    Have you tried the large razor scrapers? What are you using to scrape the popcorn texture off now?

  2. How can I remove painted popcorn ceilings. If not painted I usually just put water on it and scrape it right now. But this one, the water doesn’t absorb it and it don’t loosen it up. What can I use that is quick?

  3. Have to say that we couldn’t get this to work. All other direction were right on. Tape everything off, use the heavy platice you would buy when you paint. A lot of work but looks great when all done.

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