Take an Unused Space in the Master Bedroom and Build a Closet – Photos

We needed to make some space in our Master Bedroom and decided to create a closet. Here are some pictures of before, during and after of building the new closet.

master bedroom closet build _1

Here is the unused space in the corner of the Master Bedroom.

master bedroom closet build _2

Adding a few more inches to this space.
It is important to remove all the drywall and install a fresh piece instead of patching the drywall.

master bedroom closet build _3

 Installing a new piece of drywall eliminates the look of a “bump”.

master bedroom closet build _4

Installed 8′ bi-fold doors and trim.
Bi-fold doors allow full access to the closet when open.

master bedroom closet build _5

Finished product, Painted and done!
High and low shelving has been added and rods that match the style that is within the rest of the house also.

2 thoughts on “Take an Unused Space in the Master Bedroom and Build a Closet – Photos”

  1. in the second photo where the framing is shown, the header is one 2×4 laying down, it should be two 2x4s upright to prevent sag which will eventually cause problems with the door.

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