Oversized Products for Men and Women – Plus Size

We have seen a large demand for products for individuals who are plus or supersized. Some of the products listed below are plus-sized versions of items that are available to average size people. These products are designed to solve the unique problems of larger people. There is a great need for these products as In 1996 there wasn’t a single state in the United States where the adult obesity rate was greater than 20% and now over 14 years later, 49 states have crossed that line.

sleeved blankets for larger people

Increasingly, companies are making bigger products for America’s bigger people, customizing everything from caskets to seat belts. It used to be that products for overweight people were tucked away into the corner of stores. But now, businesses ranging from clothing retailers to car manufacturers recognize that big people are big business. Plus-size retail clothing now represents 20 percent of all clothing sales for women, and J.C. Penney Co., Target and Nordstrom are now competing with specialty stores such as Lane Bryant and Casual Male Big and Tall. The proliferation of products for big people may help reduce shame about being obese. See our list of products and websites for large people below.

WideBodies Furniture – Makes luxury seating for big, beautiful people including sofas, love seats, and chairs in a variety of styles and fabrics.

LiftChair.com – Makes a recliner chair with a lift seat (for people who have trouble getting up unassisted) with a weight capacity of 700 lbs.

VoluptuArt – Brings you gifts that will inspire you to celebrate your voluptuous body.

chunkEbusiness – Positive gifts and goodies such as ceramic kitchenware, holiday ornaments, soaps, t-shirts and much more.

Amplestuff – Sells all kinds of products to make life easier for large people such as mobility aids, extra-large hospital gowns, airline seat belt extenders, hygiene products, fanny packs with extra-long belts, extra-large clothes hangers, and more.

Oversize Solutions – Offers household items in their heavy-duty commercial-grade form Bigger, Wider, Stronger, Better!

LivingXL – Furniture and clothing shows that large people are an under served market.

Casual Male XL – Mens Extra Large Clothing sells merchandise made for larger people.

Comfort House – Products that make life easier and more comfortable, including specialty items for people with mobility and reach limitations.

Comfort Channel – A company that carries a variety of products geared at comfort, accessibility, and mobility for over sized people.

Clothes Hangers for xl people

Clothes Hangers for xl people

Extended Shower Heads for larger people

Extended Shower Heads for larger people

Large high capacity scales for xl peopleLarge high capacity scales for xl people


Car seatbelts for larger people

 Car seat belts for larger people

products for obese and xl people

Reinforced shoe inserts for Over Sized Individuals

products for obese and xl people

 Oversized Steering Wheels for the Larger population

products for obese and xl people

 Extra Wide Heavy Duty Fanny Packs

products for obese and xl people

Reinforced Plastic Stools and Chairs for the Shower

products for obese and xl people

Shower and Lotion Extender Applicators for XL People

products for obese and xl people

Seatbelt Extenders for the Obese

products for obese and xl people

Extra Long and Strong Shoehorns

products for obese and xl people

Extra Long Body Wash Shower Applicator

products for obese and xl people

 The Extender Reacher Grabber for the Larger Population

products for obese and xl people

Extra Large XL Umbrellas for Big People

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