Garden Planting Hardiness Zones By US State

What is a Hardiness Zone? A USDA Hardiness Zone is a defined geographical area where a specific category of plant life is able to grow. The below USDA Planting Zones Map shows different planting zones around the United States of America. Each zone is divided into sections and each zone represents an area of PLANT HARDINESS ZONES for the plants of agriculture in that specific area and also the natural landscape. The zones are assigned by the USDA and are based on the average lowest winter temperatures for those areas.

usda plant hardiness zone map

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map (click map above for full screen high resolution “readable” image)

Hardiness Zone Chart Numbers and Temp
Annual Minimum Temperature
1below -50 Fbelow -45.6 C
2a-50/-45 F-42.8/-45.5 C
2b-45/-40 F-42.7/-40.0 C
3a-40/-35 F-40.0/-37.3 C
3b-35/-30 F-37.2/-34.5 C
4a-30/-25 F-34.4/-31.7 C
4b-25/-20 F-31.6/-28.9 C
5a-20/-15 F-28.8/-26.2 C
5b-15/-10 F-26.1/-23.4 C
6a-10/- 5 F-23.3/-20.6 C
6b– 5/ 0 F-20.5/-17.8 C
7a0/+ 5 F-17.7/-15.0 C
7b+ 5/+10 F-15.0/-12.3 C
8a+10/+15 F-12.2/- 9.5 C
8b+15/+20 F– 9.4/- 6.7 C
9a+20/+25 F– 6.6/- 3.9 C
9b+25/+30 F– 3.8/- 1.2 C
10a+30/+35 F– 1.1/+ 1.6 C
10b+35/+40 F+ 1.7/+ 4.4 C
11above +40 Fabove +4.5 C

Planting Zones Temperature Chart

Australia Plant Hardiness Zones Map

Australia Plant Hardiness Zones Map

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