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How To Make a Custom Utensil Holder For Under $15 With No Screws Or Fasteners

Are you searching to Create a Cheap and Easy diy Project? This one can’t get any cheaper. A great one for the Kitchen. A Custom Utensil Holder You Can Build Yourself. This project only cost us $14 dollars and we built it in 2 hours in our garage on the weekend.

First, we got our piece of wood, measured for our specific needs, and cut the wood according to our dimensions. (Since there are no screws or fasteners used in this project, we had to use a router tool). Next we used our router to make the grooves for where the pieces are going to be fitting together. To make the router lines straight, we simply clamped down a piece of “guide” wood at the correct distance for each router cut and ran the router tool parallel to it. Once our grooves were cut we then test fit everything together. Once we were sure it would all fit together, we glued all of the pieces together using a very strong wood glue and used clamps to hold it tightly in place. Once our Utensil Holder was dry, we did a little bit of sanding and we were done. We did add some black vinyl lettering to our holder to give it a custom look. See pictures below.

diy Custom Utensil Holder

Here are the wooden sides of our holder freshly cut and with our grooves made to hold it together.

diy Custom Utensil Holder

Here we used our router for more grooves for the divider wood pieces.

diy Custom Utensil Holder

Both sides of our utensil holder are grooved and ready.

diy Custom Utensil Holder

We put all of the parts of our utensil holder together to make sure it fits before gluing.

diy Custom Utensil Holder

We then glued the holder together and used some good clamps to hold it tight while we let it dry.

diy Custom Utensil Holder

Here is our diy Utensil Holder Finished and in our Kitchen.
We used some nice lettering to personalize our new holder.

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