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Make a Wooden Walnut Kitchen Cutting Board – DIY Step By Step Photos

This diy Kitchen Cutting Board is a simple, fun, easy project. The wood used is a heavy Walnut wood and will cost you around $40 dollars in wood cost to make this cutting board. We cut strips of Walnut that were 1 inches thick X 1.75 inches wide X 24 inches long. The wood is available at all Home Improvement Stores. We used a common wood glue to secure the board together. Wood clamps will also be needed to hold it tightly together while you wait for the glue to dry. To safely seal the board, we used a natural product called mineral oil. It is safe to seal and coat cutting boards, salad bowls and anything that will be in contact with food items. You could also use olive oil if you chose. You do not want to use any toxic varnishes or anything not FDA approved for contact with food and food items. The pictures are below of our Cutting Board diy Project.

Custom Cutting Board first gluing operation with side grain

Boards are cut (1 inches thick X 1.75 inches wide X 24 inches long)
and gluing begins with our wood clamps holding it together.

Custom Cutting Board planing and sanding to get the board flat

After gluing we needed to sand the board down to get it smooth.

Custom Cutting Board second gluing operation to expose the end grain

Our second glue application to expose the end grain.

Custom Cutting Board making sure everything is straight and tight

Here we have glued the boards and we have moved every second
row half of one block to get the cutting board “brick pattern”.

Custom Cutting Board gluing done

Once the gluing was complete we cut off the uneven pieces on the sides.

Custom Cutting Board hand planing and 3 grits of sanding

We then sanded our cutting board vigorously to get it nice and smooth.

Custom Cutting Board All done and ready to oil

Our cutting board is cut, smooth and ready to be oiled with mineral oil.

Custom Cutting Board

If you notice on the left of the board we created a small pocket for easy lifting.

Custom Cutting Board oiled

Here is our board after applying the mineral oil and sealing it.

Custom Cutting Board finished and ready for some cutting

Here is our diy Custom Cutting Board completed and ready to use.

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  1. Justin Jagielski

    I think you left the step out after you glued the strips together the first time and then cut them down to strips again across the grain. Not trying to be a jerk, but that might go over some people’s heads. Just tryin to help. Have a good one.

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