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How To Make A Chalkboard From A Piece Of Wood Easy Cheap DIY

Here is a simple diy on HOW TO MAKE A CHALKBOARD OUT OF WOOD. It is one of the easiest do it yourself ways to make one from scratch and will only cost you around $15 dollars. Everything you need if you want to jump right in is available at Lowe’s and Home Depot. We have all the easy step-by-step photos and prices below to make it easy for you to build your own chalkboard with a picture frame.

Here is a list of things you will need to create and build your diy Chalkboard:
Picture frame (we purchased one at goodwill – cost $2)
Spray paint (for the frame – cost $5)
Chalkboard spray paint (for the plywood – cost $6)
Plywood (we had scrap laying around the house from other past projects – cost $0)
Hot Glue Gun (for gluing the frame to the chalkboard – cost $4)

how to make a chalkboard out of wood_1Here is our Frame, Plywood, the Spray Paint and the Chalkboard Paint ready to be assembled.

how to make a chalkboard out of wood_3Cut the plywood wood piece to fit your frame. Then, spray paint the frame the
color you choose. Spray paint the plywood with the chalkboard spray paint.

how to make a chalkboard out of wood_4Here’s an up close detail of the chalkboard and the frame. The wood grain on the
chalkboard is still visible but we didn’t find it effecting the writing surface.

how to make a chalkboard out of wood_2Finished product. We placed the chalkboard spray painted plywood in the frame and
used a glue gun to run a layer of sticky glue around the edges on the back to hold it together.

best spray paint to use to make a diy chalkboard

Best Spray Paint To Use To Make A diy Chalkboard

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