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How To Build A Childrens Airplane Bookshelf – Easy Step By Step DIY Project

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your children’s room with a cool fun easy project you can do yourself? Here is our diy Child’s Bi-Plane Bookshelf you can build yourself for your kids room. We have added the pictures of our bookshelf build and have included everything you will require to build your airplane bookshelf.

diy bi-plane bookshelf

Here is the material needed to build the airplane bookshelf:
1 – Can of Paint for Wings and Fuselage – (color of paint your choice)
1 – Can of Paint for Propeller – (color of paint your choice)
2 – 6′ 1×8 Strips of Wood – (cut 2 pieces to 4ft for airplane wing / where books will sit)
4 – 36″ Wood Dowels – (cut to 14″ each)
2 – 4′ Piece of Wood – (2 inch wide and 4ft long used as mounting bracket – for top wing and bottom wing)
Misc pieces of wood from the 6ft piece you cut to build cockpit area.
Cut all wood to size, pre paint the pieces if you choose and follow the steps below…..

diy childrens airplane bookshelf_12

We painted everything before assembly. We used two 6′ 1x8s that we cut to 4′.
Then used the rest of the wood to shape the cockpit. Also, 4×36″ dowel rods cut down to around 14″ each.

diy childrens airplane bookshelf_02

Here is the bookshelf fuselage taking shape.

diy childrens airplane bookshelf_06

Here we taped the dowels together so we could cut them even with the saw.

diy childrens airplane bookshelf_10

We then rounded the boards with a sander. These will be used for the airplane wings.

diy childrens airplane bookshelf_15

To get a good visual of our airplane bookshelf, we laid everything out.

diy childrens airplane bookshelf_05

Next, we pre-drilled screw holes for the dowel rods (wing support).

diy childrens airplane bookshelf_13

Here is a mock up of the airplane fuselage.

diy childrens airplane bookshelf_07

We then glued, nailed, and sanded the airplane fuselage together.

diy childrens airplane bookshelf_16

Then, we loosely screwed the struts into place before tightening them all up.

diy childrens airplane bookshelf_01

Our airplane bi-plane bookshelf is finally assembled.

diy childrens airplane bookshelf_03

For the propeller, we traced some round objects to get an even shape to it.
The mounting pieces are in the back and we painted them to match the wall.

diy childrens airplane bookshelf_11

Here we mounted the propeller.

diy childrens airplane bookshelf_09

We screwed the mounting boards into the studs and nailed the bookshelf wings into the mounting strips.

diy childrens airplane bookshelf_08

Here is our airplane bookshelf finished and mounted to the wall.

diy childrens airplane bookshelf_04

Here we added a pilot and some decorations to our finished airplane bookshelf.

diy childrens airplane bookshelf_14

Here is another view of our easy simple diy Bi-Plane Bookshelf.

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  1. Thanks for the pictures of your process while building. I was able to get mine built remotely close to your design!

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