How To Watch Age Restricted Content On YouTube With No Login

(Last Updated On: May 16, 2013)

Sometimes a music video or a tutorial video on YouTube will have some sort of age restriction warning on it that will prevent you from watching it if you are not logged in.


We are not here to show you how to break the rules but we want to show you how to watch these videos as sometimes there is an error as to why a video has been blocked. Sometimes a YouTube user will be jealous or angry that another user has a better video or some other strange reason and they will “flag” the other persons video to make people have to sign in to view it to make the other person get less views. Sometimes even a normal innocent ASMR video will get flagged because the way the person is doing the ASMR video sounds too sexual at times. Either way we will show you how to get around this. For those video watchers who do not want to or cannot login for whatever reason in order to view what might be inappropriate material on YouTube, here is the very simple bypass method….

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The first thing you have to do is just delete part of the URL.
So take this link to a video for example –
Note: This below link method will make the video full screen!
Just remove part of the link to this
If when the video was uploaded and the user chose the option of “no embedding” then this method will not work.

Here is another way to watch an age restricted video…
There is another website out there that will play all of YouTube’s videos that have restricted content.
Instead of using this normal link:
Use this link instead…
All we did was use the website URL instead of the actual

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