Pallet Furniture – Repurposed Ideas For Pallets

Pallet Furniture has become something popular these days as upcycling and recycling has become something that we all need to be doing. There are literally thousands of things that can be done with an old wooden pallet. There are some very creative and dedicated people out there that spend much of their time creating things made from old pallets. A few things that are a common use for a pallet is creating a garden, a bed frame, a couch or sofa, a simple bench, patio furniture, a workbench and much more.

For the people who are going to be making there own diy pallet furniture you should know this first…. The standard pallet size is 40” x 48” and there are two types of pallets called Stringer pallets and Block pallets. A stringer pallet is built with 2” x 4” wood, plastic or metal stringers. Block pallets are similar but are made with individual wood blocks instead of the normal 2″ x 4″ that runs along the bottom length of a stringer pallet. Find more Pallet Furniture Ideas at

pallet furniture ideas _01

A simple but unique bench made from a pallet.

pallet furniture ideas _02

A cheap diy garden workbench made from a pallet.

pallet furniture ideas _03

A colorful pallet bench with each top wood slat painted a different color.

pallet furniture ideas _04

Lawn furniture made from a few different pallets.

pallet furniture ideas _05

A great idea for a reclining bench made from a pallet.

pallet furniture ideas _06

A chair with a bottom shelf made from a pallet.

pallet furniture ideas _07

Here is a pallet sandbox and a bench all in one.

pallet furniture ideas _08

A back patio sitting bench made from 6 different wood pallets.

pallet furniture ideas _09

Very cool pallet bench with rolling wheels attached so it can be moved around.

pallet furniture ideas _10

A pallet coffee table with casters to move in the living room easily.

pallet furniture ideas _11

A half day bed made from a wood pallet including a great headboard.

pallet furniture ideas _12

A 3 tier custom pallet bed that can be transformed into a bench.

pallet furniture ideas _13

Here is a vertical pallet garden on casters to be moved so the sun hits it just right.

pallet furniture ideas _14

Here is a diy kings throne made from a few different recycled pallets.

pallet furniture ideas _15

Pallet furniture bed sitting low and painted a nice yellow color.

pallet furniture ideas _16

One of the best pallet couch sofas we have seen, simple yet practical.

pallet furniture ideas _17

A complete sofa and love seat set with a coffee table made from pallets.

pallet furniture ideas _18

A nicely done pallet couch with matching footrest with a modern paint scheme.

pallet furniture ideas _19

A nice little pallet sofa to sit on while sitting next to the ocean.

pallet furniture ideas _20

Very simple sofa pallet idea with a plywood table bolted to the side.

pallet furniture ideas _21

A very creative pallet swing made from 1/3 of a pallet and painted white.


Different types of pallets for building pallet furniture

Find more Pallet Furniture Ideas at

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