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How To Make Your Own DIY Bedroom Wall Art Using Just Simple Paint And Masking Tape

If you are looking for a way to create a one-of-a-kind bedroom with amazing wall art, here is a project for you. Using the hexagon shape, this is an amazing method to add a unique wall art design to any room in your home. Using simple painters masking tape, 3 different colors of paint and some accurate measuring, you can have a wall design like no other. How was this done? First, we cleaned the wall of any dirt and grime. Next, we made a simple template and carefully added the painters masking tape to create the hexagon shape on the wall. We then painted with our 3 colors of paint. We let the paint dry and removed the tape. On an average sized wall this can be completed in a few hours and can be done for basically whatever your paint costs are. See below for the proper way to draw your hexagon shape and to see the step by step process of how we did this to our bedroom walls.

how to draw a hexagonHere is the proper way to draw a Hexagon for you to create your own unique wall art designs.

HOW TO-bedroom wall art_2

After our wall was clean we used our template and added the blue painters tape to create our hexagon shaped grid.
(You can use a paint stir stick with a nail on one end and a pencil in the other to make the design shape)

HOW TO-bedroom wall art_3

Once the tape was applied, we added our first coat of a high
gloss black paint and painted the inside of the hexagons.

HOW TO-bedroom wall art_7

We then added a first coat of paint to the grid area with a matte black paint.

HOW TO-bedroom wall art_6

Here we added another coat of both paints and then removed the painters tape from the wall.

HOW TO-bedroom wall art_1

This was the most difficult and tedious part of the complete project as we had to tape the inside and the outside of
the void left from the previously masked hexagon outlines and added a coat of high gloss grey paint to this area.

HOW TO-bedroom wall art_5

In this picture, all the paint has dried after a few hours and we completely removed all the tape.
Just have to move all the furniture back in and this project is finished!

HOW TO-bedroom wall art_4

The finished product! The wall looks AMAZING and very professional! Totally one-of-a-kind!

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