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Easy Furniture Restoration Ideas – DIY Refinishing Techniques

Old ugly furniture doesn’t need to be thrown away. In a few simple and easy steps you can refinish that old furniture dresser into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! With the full blown DIY craze happening online now, many thousands of people are doing just this. Either purchasing old furniture at garage sales or Goodwill and then repainting it to look like new again. Below we will show you an easy way (and a few more refinishing examples) to do this yourself. Refinishing an old piece of furniture will not cost you very much money. The paint type you use and the types and quantity of the dresser knobs will make your cost vary. So remember, DO NOT throw away your old furniture, RESTORE IT INSTEAD!

Easy Furniture Restoration Method_3Here is an old dresser we purchased at a garage sale for $10 dollars. Perfect for restoring!

Easy Furniture Restoration Method_1We took out the drawers, removed the knobs and sanded the dresser down to almost bare wood.

Easy Furniture Restoration Method_2We then painted the dresser jet black with 3 coats of paint and let dry for 3 hours.

Easy Furniture Restoration Method_4Once painted we added our new silver round knobs to the dresser drawers for a new look!
This only cost us $25 dollars total including the dresser, paint, and new drawer knobs!

Here are a few more examples below of old
furniture that was refinished and refined by DIYers!

2 different shades of blue

Dresser with 2 different shades of blue paint

2 tone furniture restoration

2 tone paint job furniture restoration

2 tone paint stencil dresser furniture project

2 tone paint stencil dresser furniture project

beautiful old vintage furniture

Beautiful old vintage furniture refinished

chevron design on furniture

Amazing chevron design on furniture

distressed furniture look

Really nicely done distressed furniture look

distressed look

Furniture with distressed paint job look

furniture stenciling

Professional looking furniture stenciling

painted table legs

Distressed vintage painted table legs

sheet music painted on drawers

Sheet music painted on dresser drawers

stencil on old furniture

Cool stencil painted on old furniture dresser

white with gold accents dresserBeautiful white with gold accents dresser

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4 thoughts on “Easy Furniture Restoration Ideas – DIY Refinishing Techniques”

  1. DIY Project Help Tips

    You can use Vaseline = aka petroleum jelly. It is very simple and will bring you great results. Simply do a search for “distressed painting with vaseline”.

  2. DIY Project Help Tips

    Hi Christie,
    We used Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Quart Latex, Semi-Gloss Black.
    It is available at Home Depot or Lowe’s and even Amazon if you want to order it online. It costs about $15 dollars and a quart should be sufficient to paint a complete dresser with a few coats of paint.

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