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How To Use Emojis On Your Android Device Or Smartphone

When my friends text me emojis from an iPhone, i see little blank boxes, how can I enable and use emojis on my Android phone? There are many different ways to get emojis on your Android device. It used to be that you had to root your android in order to enable an emoji keyboard. Now by simply adding a third party text app and installing an add-on emoji keyboard, you can send, receive, and view emojis. With many of the texting apps available for your Android device, there will also be a plugin that allows for the emoji keyboard.


The easiest way to see, use, and send emojis on Android is by installing the Textra SMS texting app and the add-on emoji plugin. This texting app is one of the slickest and smoothest we have ever used as a third party app for Android. You can simply just install it and it works right from the beginning. Once we installed this app, we then installed the emoji plugin. After installing the emoji plugin, delete the other 3rd party app you were using and restart your Android device. Restarting was needed for us to get the emoji plugin to work properly. The Textra app has made it very easy for us to send and receive emojis from iPhone to Android and vice versa. In our opinion, this is the best text messaging replacement for the stock app on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4. SMS is fast and group chat MMS works perfectly as well. It supports MMS over WiFi and Textra is the ONLY third-party messaging app that works with MMS on WiFi that we have tried.

textra texting app allows emoji on androidTextra includes features like 800+ emoji’s, animated GIFs, cool quick reply popup and GROUP messaging

Another option is the Handcent SMS texting app and the emoji plugin. This texting emoji app works just as well and is reliable for sending and receiving emoji and emoticons. This app has many features including downloadable themes that you can customize to fit your style.

handcent_plugin_emojiPlugin for Handcent SMS lets you send many cool emoji icons to the iPhone or Android phone

Another great option for emoji on Android is the GO SMS Pro text app and the plugin emoji. It comes with 200+ beautiful themes, 800+ emoticons, free SMS & MMS, auto-reply, scheduled message private box, and much more. This is another great choice for sending and using emoji on your Android device.

gokeyboard_plugin_emojiWith the GO SMS emoji plugin you can text message, email, blog, twitter all with Emojis

A great third party keyboard we like to use that we believe is better than Swiftkey is the Kii keyboard that includes an emoji keyboard. We like the Kii keyboard because it is fast, has Swype features, and DOES NOT COLLECT YOUR TYPING DATA.

kii keyboard has emojiKii keyboard combines Swiftkey, Swype, GO keyboard, Thumb keyboard, Jelly Bean keyboard all-in-one

If you are using an older phone and it does not have the capabilities to send or receive emojis, you can send the old school versions by using symbols on your phone. See below for our emoticons list.

@>–;– A rose
0*-) Angel wink – female
O:-) Angel
0;-) Angel wink – male
:-{{ Angry Very
:-Z Angry face
>:-( Annoyed
~~8-O Bad-Hair Day
:-) Basic
:~-( Bawling
(:-{~ Beard – long
%-| Been up All Night
(:-) Big Face
(((H))) Big Hug
?-( Black Eye
#-) Blinking
I:( Botox smiley
%-6 Brain Dead
:-E Bucktoothed Vampire
:-#| Bushy Mustache
q:-) Catcher
;-( Chin up
:-.) Cindy Crawford
:-8( Condescending Stare
H-) Cross-Eyed
:*( Crying softly
:-@! Cursing
%-} Dizzy
:*) Drinking every night
:#) Drunk
:-6 Eating Something Spicy
5:-) Elvis
0|-) Enjoying the Sun
>-) Evil Grin
l:-O FlatTop Loudmouth
=:-H Football player
:^{= Frank Zappa
/:-) Frenchman with a beret
*:* Fuzzy
~~:-( Getting Rained On
:oÞ Grinning and sticking tongue out
:-}) Handlebar Mustache
:%)% Has Acne
:-`| Have a Cold
l^o Hepcat
:0 Hungry
%*} Inebriated
(8 { John Lennon
:-* Kiss on the cheek
>* Kitty doesn’t like taking its pill
>:-l Klingon
?-: Left Handed Tongue Touching Nose
:-9 Licking Lips
8:-) Little Girl
|-( Lost Contact Lenses
&-l Makes Me Cry
:-S Makes No Sense
@|-) Meditating Smiley
8(:-) Mickey Mouse
:-{ Mustache
{:-{)} Mustache and Beard
(-) Needs Haircut
:/) Not Amused
:=) Orangutan
8-O Omigod!
8> Penguin
3:] Pet Dog
:—) Pinnochio
3:[ Pitbull
+<:-) Pope
+:-) Priest
?-) Proud of black eye
=:-( Punk Not Smiling
:^) Personality
:8) Pig
P-( Pirate
}:^#) Pointy Nosed
:-t Pouting
X:-) Propeller Head
=:-) Punk
<(-‘.’-)> Puppy dog
(((((:-{= Rave Dude
~:-( Really Bummed Out
([( Robocop
@};— Rose
:-( Sad
:-d Said with a smile
M:-) Saluting
:-> Sarcastic
)8-) Scuba Diver with Hair
:-i Semi-Smile
+-( Shot Between the Eyes
:O Singing
:-/ Skeptical
:-7 Skeptical variation
):-) Smiley with Hair
;^) Smirking
:-? Smoking a pipe
~~~~8} Snake
=%-O Starring at Computer Way Too Long
(8-{)} Sunglasses, Mustache, Beard
:0 Surprised
,:-) Sweating on the Other Side
:-0 Talkative
-(:)(0)=8 Teletubby
:- ? Tongue Sticking Out
:-a Tongue Touching Nose
}(:-( Toupee Blowing in Wind
&-| Tearful
:-)— Thin as a Pin
:-& Tongue Tied
*!#*!^*&:- Total Head Case
<:>== Turkey
=):-) Uncle Sam
|:-) Unibrow
:-[ Vampire
%’) Very Tired
@:-) Wavy Hair
[:-) Wearing a Walkman
B-) Wearing Glasses
]-I Wearing Sunglasses
:-1 Whatever
;^? Wigged Out
,-) Winking Happy
8<:-) Wizard
:~) Wondering
:-< Walrus
{(:-) Wearing a Toupee
8-) Wearing Contacts
:-{} Wearing Lipstick
{:-) Wears a Toupee
:-” Whistling
‘-) Winking
;-) Winking variation
:-)8 : Woman
,-} Wry and Winking
l-O Yawning
:-(0) Yelling
$-) Yuppie

keyboard character emoticons 1 keyboard character emoticons 2 list of emoticonsIf you know of any other great apps to use emoji with Android easily, please leave a comment below to share with everyone.

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