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DIY Coffee Can Survival Kit – Survival Supplies List

This DIY survival kit can be made with inexpensive supplies and a simple metal coffee can. Make sure the coffee can you are using for your survival kit is modified to be a wood stove also. This simple but efficient survival kit is best for if you break down in an uninhabited area while driving your car. This kit is also ideal for a day trip for hiking, camping, or exploring outdoors. We have a list below of the recommended survival gear to put into your kit.

diy survival kit

Here are 20 basic items you should include in your DIY Coffee Can Survival Kit:

  1. Large Metal Coffee Can (Optional: Make holes in it for cooking or boiling water)
  2. Nylon Rope (30 feet)
  3. Mirror (plastic so no breakage)
  4. Box Matches (3 boxes)
  5. Fire Starter Device (besides matches)
  6. Poncho (bright orange for visibility)
  7. Mini Flashlight
  8. Toilet Paper (1 roll)
  9. Candle (wrap tin foil)
  10. Paper and Pencil
  11. Fishing Line (30ft +)
  12. Fishing Hooks
  13. Multi-Tool With Spoon and Knife
  14. Small Plastic Compass
  15. Protein Bars
  16. Plastic Whistle
  17. Money (2 quarters, 2 dimes, 2 nickels, $20 bill)
  18. Garbage Bags (2 large size bags)
  19. Mini First Aid Kit
  20. Soup Packets or Bouillon Cubes (2+)

Most of the above items will fit in a large metal coffee can. You could also use metal containers available at outdoor stores or elsewhere. To make it so the items do not rattle inside the can, crumple some wax paper and put it around the items. The wax paper will stay dry and also is a great a fire starter if needed. To save weight the contents can be placed in a large nylon outdoor bag instead of the coffee can.

survival kit for carThe above chart shows a few items to always leave in your car in the winter

Here is a complete survival supplies kit list with 50 items to make a complete DIY kit yourself:

  1. Hiking Backpack
  2. Lighter
  3. Space Blanket
  4. Plastic Freezer Bags
  5. Crowbar
  6. Can Opener
  7. Chemical warmer packs
  8. Energy Bars
  9. Waterproof Matches
  10. Emergency Candles
  11. Hiking Tarp
  12. Water Storage
  13. Water Filter
  14. Camp Axe
  15. Shovel
  16. Flares
  17. Cell Phone
  18. Water Bottles
  19. Flashlights
  20. Multi-Tool
  21. Pocket Knife
  22. MRE’S
  23. First Aid Kit
  24. Compass
  25. Signal Mirror
  26. Tent
  27. Riffle
  28. Ammo
  29. Eating and Cooking Utensils
  30. Whistle
  31. Hiking Boots
  32. Water Purification Tablets
  33. Paracord
  34. Hiking Hammock
  35. Machete
  36. Plastic Paint Tarp
  37. Salt
  38. Mylar blanket
  39. HeadLamp
  40. Fishing line
  41. Sleeping Bag
  42. Canteen
  43. Sewing Kit
  44. Map
  45. Duct Tape
  46. Plastic Tubing
  47. Scissors
  48. Sunscreen
  49. Extra Socks
  50. Gloves

Do you have suggestions on items to add to our survival supply list? Please leave a comment below if we have left anything out!

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4 thoughts on “DIY Coffee Can Survival Kit – Survival Supplies List”

  1. A small bottle of mild dish soap for clean up. Dishes if you have them and, or you. You also might need small towel for drying or you could just air dry.

  2. Ken Gillespie

    Instead of coffee cans, stop by your local paint store and get a quart or gallon size unused paint can and lid. It seals water tight and gallon size has a handle. Also, pick up a paint opener tool and generously silicone it to the lid to provide access to the kit. This provides a sealed, water-tight, sturdy container for your kit and has an indefinite lifespan.

  3. If you use a metal coffee can & spray the inside with plasti-dip (making sure there is a good metal on metal seal) it will safegaurd your electronics against an emp. Also paint cans usually have handles which is handy, and they stack well. Lining the can with a hefty trash bag gives a little protection for your belongings & is a good way to store the bags.

  4. I include two maxi feminine pads o my First Aid kit. They can be used as a sterile dressing to cover a laceration before applying pressure..

    It’s what I do…

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