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How To Store A Ladder On The Garage Ceiling Like A Pro

Is your new ladder in the garage, taking up too much space and always in your way? Why not store your new extension ladder on the ceiling so it is never in your way again? For around $50 dollars you can buy the wood, brackets, PVC pipe, screws, rods, and wall anchors needed to store your ladder on the ceiling. See below to find out the easy way to organize your garage and store that ladder and get it out of the way for good!

Ladder Ceiling Storage Supply List:
2 – Threaded rods (20 inches long each)
4 – “L” brackets (5 inch)
2 – PVC pipe (18 inches long each)
4 – Pieces of wood (2×4’s at 18 inches long each)
Misc – Bolts, nuts, washers, screws, anchors

ladder storage ceilingDIY LADDER STORAGE!

How To Store A Ladder On The Ceiling_1Here are the 2×4’s cut to 18 in., the metal rods with PVC pipe, and the metal 5 in. “L” brackets.
The wood has a 1/2 in. hole drilled into it for the metal rods to go through.

How To Store A Ladder On The Ceiling_4Find the wood studs in your ceiling so you can safely bolt / screw the brackets into the ceiling.
Use a stud finder to find where the studs are located so you may secure the ladder rack safely.

How To Store A Ladder On The Ceiling_5Here is one side of our DIY ladder rack bolted and anchored into the ceiling.
Our ladder is 16 in. wide, so the brackets are secured 18 in. apart to leave enough room.

How To Store A Ladder On The Ceiling_6Here is the complete DIY rack in place in the garage ceiling and tightly secured to the wood studs.
The PVC pipes are so the ladder will “roll” out of the rack when removing it for use.

How To Store A Ladder On The Ceiling_2Here is the ladder in place in our DIY rack on the garage ceiling and out of the way.
If you have a garage door opener, make sure the ladder will not interfere with opening and closing.

How To Store A Ladder On The Ceiling_7It is best to use a bungee cord or rope to hold the ladder in place so it does not roll off.
One piece of rope or bungee cord is sufficient to hold it in place.

Have a better way to store a ladder in the garage or ladder storage ideas? Please leave a comment below.

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  1. I used three L hooks screwed into the ceiling joist. I placed them where there wasn’t a rung on the ladder and I lift the latter over the hooks. I have a 20 foot ladder. My garage ceiling is only 7 feet so I have no problem reaching the hooks that hang about 4 – 5” from the ceiling. The hooks only cost about a dollar each.

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