How To Recycle A Wooden Crate Into Furniture

Here is a very creative way to recycle a couple old wooden shipping crates into unique furniture. These are not pallets but a wooden “box” used for shipping things. Instead of putting it in storage where it may never be used again, it was cut apart and made into some very practical DIY wood furniture. If you want to do it yourself, you will need a few shipping crates (wooden pallets will work also), a drill, a level, wood clamps, wood glue, a saw (electric is best), and of course fasteners such as nails or screws. Have a glance below and see a brief example of how to make furniture from a wood crate… And if you are looking for ways to make things from pallets, here are many Pallet Furniture Plans for ideas.

Wooden Shipping Crate Turned Into Furniture_2_exposureHere are the 2 crates that will be used to recycle and turn into some very unique furniture.

Wooden Shipping Crate Turned Into Furniture_1_exposureAnother view of one of the shipping crates with the tools that are needed sitting on top.
NOTE: The shipping crates are in very good condition making this job much easier.

Wooden Shipping Crate Turned Into Furniture_3_exposureThe wooden crates are cut apart and disassembled to begin building the furniture.

Wooden Shipping Crate Turned Into Furniture_4_exposureThis unique wooden bench is being made from the recycled wood taken from the shipping crates.

Wooden Shipping Crate Turned Into Furniture_5_exposureAs you can see, all of the wood from the wooden crates is being recycled to make this DIY bench.

Wooden Shipping Crate Turned Into Furniture_6_exposureHere is the completed bench made from the 2 wooden shipping crates.

Wooden Shipping Crate Turned Into Furniture_7_exposureA table, chair, and a bench was created from just those 2 shipping crates.
This is a fun and unique way to recycle wood that may not be used again or thrown away!

Images: Pinterest (Recycled Furniture Ideas)

Here is a way to build a sofa (couch) made from wood pallets

Have any pallet or crate recycling ideas? Please leave a comment below.

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  1. I love the idea of using a shipping crate instead of a pallet. I’ve seen a lot of pallet furniture, but like your bench better because there are no spaces between slats. I will have to find some old crates because we’re looking for new patio furniture, and I’d rather just make it ourselves. Saves money, saves the earth through recycling! And your looks just spectacular on your porch!

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