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DIY Wooden Window Bench Seat With Storage

Here is a great do it yourself built in bench for a kids room or a master bedroom. A DIY window bench seat with 3 over sized storage areas underneath. This woodworking project cost around $150 dollars for the wood that was purchased at a local Home Depot. This is an intermediate project, meaning it will help if you have carpentry skills to build it. If you have a large window with some empty space underneath, this is a great addition to make the room extra special. See below for a step-by-step guide on how to build one yourself!

window bench seat

Materials needed to build this DIY Window Bench Seat:
1Box of nails
1Bottle of wood glue
1Box of wood screws
1Can of paint (that matches existing walls)
1Paintbrush or roller
1Wood for bench (measure the space of the bench area by L x W x H and purchase the wood)
Misc power tools, hand tools, and other items will be needed to cut and secure the wood together.

DIY Wooden Window Bench_01The area under the window in the bedroom was measured and the wood needed was purchased.
Cut this piece to size and nailed together using an electric nail gun.
This is the bottom frame section that will become the base of the bench.

DIY Wooden Window Bench_03This is the top frame portion of the bench that will be the top of the sitting area.

DIY Wooden Window Bench_04The top and bottom sections were installed under the window using a nail gun.
The plywood was also nailed into bottom portion.

DIY Wooden Window Bench_05Once the top and bottom frames were in place the inner
sides were attached to form the storage areas.
(Some areas were attached with wood screws and some were attached with nails)

DIY Wooden Window Bench_06Wood glue was also applied and wood vises
were put on to hold it tight as the glue dried.

DIY Wooden Window Bench_08An extra piece of wood was added to the front to make
the seating surface hang over the storage area.

DIY Wooden Window Bench_09After the wood glue was applied more vises were
attached to hold everything together while drying.

DIY Wooden Window Bench_10Once the bottom and top frame, inner sides, and front wood trim was in place
the top plywood portion was installed on top and nailed and glued to hold it in place.

DIY Wooden Window Bench_11Once the glue was dry and the bench was completed,
it was painted the same color to match the walls.

DIY Wooden Window Bench_02When the paint was fully dry, 3 large storage baskets
were put into the built in storage areas underneath.

DIY Wooden Window Bench_12Here is the DIY bench project completed.
An amazing addition to any room for around $150 dollars!!

Once your bench is completed, here is a great way to make your own bench seat cushion!

Have an easier way to build a window bench seat? Please leave a comment below.

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  1. I would like to construct this basket storage bench however the details above are a bit lacking…
    If possible could you provide the sizes of all the lumber used? Obviously I will make this custom to my room but the sizes of the lumber and which goes in which step would be very useful information.

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