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Build A Custom Outdoor Table With Metal Plumbing Pipe

If you are looking for a unique outdoor table, why not build one yourself. Tables made from heavy duty metal pipe are expensive. You can build one yourself and customize it to your sizing needs for a fraction of the cost. See below for how to build a custom outdoor table using metal plumbing pipe and wood.

DIY Metal Pipe Table_9First, for the top of the table, you will need 4 pieces of 2 x 8 wood cut to your custom length.

DIY Metal Pipe Table_3Next, you will need threaded metal pipe for the frame and the feet of your table.
The amount you will need to purchase will depend on the size of table you are building.

DIY Metal Pipe Table_2Begin threading together the metal pipe to form the frame and 4 legs.
(The length of the pipe will depend on the chosen length of your table.)

DIY Metal Pipe Table_4Your metal pipe table frame should look something similar to the one above.
(There is only one metal pipe in the center as the wood will be bolted to the pipe on the edges.)

DIY Metal Pipe Table_1The wood should then be cut to size and stained on one side (bottom side).

DIY Metal Pipe Table_5The wood and metal pipe is drilled to create holes and bolts are inserted to attach the wood to pipe.

DIY Metal Pipe Table_6Once the wood is securely attached to the metal pipe, sand the wood to create a smooth surface.

DIY Metal Pipe Table_7Once sanded, apply multiple coats of your choice of stain color and let air dry overnight.

DIY Metal Pipe Table_8Put your metal pipe table in its place and you are finished!

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