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How To Weatherproof Your Front Door The Fast Easy Method

It does not matter if it is Summer or Winter, weatherproofing your front door will help keep out bugs and extreme temperatures. Here we will share some tips on how to add weather stripping to your front door. Weatherproofing will help you save money on energy bills and keep insects at bay. If you have $35 dollars and 20 minutes, you can DIY!

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For a complete but inexpensive way to keep out the Summer heat or Winter cold, adding a self stick weather rubber foam strip around your doors edge will create a tight seal around your door. This tight seal not only keeps extreme temperatures from entering your home but will keep out the bugs too! You can also add a double draft door sweeper. This simple weatherproofing piece slides on the bottom portion of your door to keep air and bugs from entering from the bottom. Adding these 2 items will cost you around $35 dollars and will take about 20 minutes to install yourself. The video below shows just how easy it is to DIY.

How to Weatherstrip Doors – DIY Weatherization Solutions

If you are not sure which type of weatherstripping product you should purchase, here are multiple weatherstripping products with reviews and prices. Choose the best product to weatherize your door and save money on energy costs year around!

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Do you have an even easier way to weatherproof a front or exterior door? Help everyone out and leave a comment below.

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  1. DIY Project Help Tips

    David George,
    There is not much you can do if the door is metal and the cold air permeates the door and enters your house. You could coat the inside or the outside of the door with a vinyl sheeting type of material to block the cold. This may not be pretty but can be a temporary solution. They do sell door weather kits that can add a layer to your door to help with keeping the cold out. If you live in a cold region, a metal door is not the best to have for a front door. You may want to look into a heavy duty wooden door replacement. Wood blocks the cold better than metal.

  2. Thank you for the great ideas. My front door is the house’s original metal door. The metal allows the cold to permeate the door. I know the door is filled with a foam filler but is there anything I can do so the side of the door that faces inside the house doesn’t feel cold?

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