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How To Fix Sagging Furniture Cushions

Instead of buying a new couch, love seat, or sofa, why not fix your sagging furniture yourself? If you use your couch or sofa chair daily, over time it will start to sag. This creates an ugly uncomfortable used looking piece of furniture. Fixing it yourself takes no skill at all. It is incredibly easy and can be done by anyone. There are 1 of 2 ways to fix your sagging furniture. Refill the cushions or buy a furniture fix kit that makes your furniture stop sagging and sinking.

fix sagging furniture

Method 1: The easiest way to fix your sagging cushions is to refill them with the same material that makes them fluffy. This product is called poly-fil and comes in large bags. You can also use foam and cut it to size if needed. Most couch or sofa cushions have zippers on them. If you unzip your couch cushion you should find a fiber material that has become compacted.

You can remove the poly-fil material and try and decompact it. Once it is loosened up, put it back in the couch cushion. Add some extra filling using the poly-fil to give your furniture cushions a new fuller look. Add as much of the filling material as you wish. You can make the cushions look very large and tight if that is the look you are going for. Fill the cushion enough so it is comfortable to sit on but also looks full and new.

couch sagging

How to fill your couch or sofa back pillows

sagging couch fixed

poly-fil works to fix sagging furniturePoly-Fil is the perfect solution for fixing your saggy couch cushions

Method 2: Another way to fix your sagging or sunk in furniture is to use a kit. These furniture fix kits are made to go under the couch or sofa cushions assuming the springs in your sofa are worn out. So if filling the bottom couch cushions with poly-fil is not enough, then consider using a kit for extra bottom support.

These kits lay on top of the couch inner springs that are supposed to provide support when sitting. They wear out over time and you are stuck with a couch that when sat on, sinks down too far. These furniture sag fix kits will make it so the support your couch once provided is renewed.

fix sagging furniture cushionsFurniture Fix Kits Fix Sagging Couches


furniture fix kit fixes sagging furnitureHere is what the furniture fix kit comes with, these pieces go under your couch cushions.


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If you know of an easier method for fixing a sagging or sinking couch, please leave a comment below to assist our other readers.

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3 thoughts on “How To Fix Sagging Furniture Cushions”

  1. Poly-fil is the most useful thing you can order online. It saved my life. I was trying to fill 2 cushions with feather. But it was a disaster. Finally I found your blog. Thank you.

  2. I have an l-sectional at home that I absolutely love. I rented my home out some time ago and I realized later on that the cushion lacked “cushion.” I have been wanting to figure out how to replace the cushion or even repair it. This is such a no-brainer. I would have never come up with the idea to fix the sagging cushion by filling it up with poly-fil. This method will have to be employed here in the next upcoming days.

  3. My grandma (pretty industrious woman) went to the local hardware store/lumber yard and got a piece of 3/8″ plywood. She cut it to length, and cut it about four inches short of the depth. She then put it down under the cushions.

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