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Crown Molding Ideas For Ceilings Bedrooms Kitchens

We have 55 different crown molding ideas to help you come up with your favorite Bedrooms, Kitchens, and Ceiling decorating ideas or simple yet beautiful crown molding designs. Crown molding comes in a variety of styles, each with its own set of characteristics. Crown molding is a very low-cost method to give any area in your house an opulent look and real style.

Crown molding is frequently seen in bedrooms, kitchens, kitchen cabinets, laundry rooms, vaulted ceilings, hallways, bathrooms, children’s bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms.

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Basically all you need to do to add crown molding to a room in your home is to measure the area you want the molding. Then purchase the correct style and amount of molding to complete the room. It can be installed with wood glue and brad nails. Once installed you can paint it to match the rest of the room. Have a look below for some amazing crown molding ideas for any room in your home. The tools you may need to install crown molding is a Dremel tool, Miter saw, Wood glue, Paint, Caulk, Paintbrush, Caulking gun, and other miscellaneous tools.

What size of crown molding should I use on my ceiling?
7 foot ceiling – 3″ or smaller
8 foot ceiling – 3″- 4″
9 foot ceiling – 4″ – 5″
10 foot ceiling – 6″
17 foot ceiling – 8″ or larger

Crown Molding Cut Angles
The easiest way to cut the proper angles for crown molding corners is flat on it’s back with a compound miter saw.
For the two most common spring angles the miter and bevel angles are as follows:
38 degree spring angle – 31.6 degree miter – 33.9 degree bevel
45 degree spring angle – 35.3 degree miter – 30 degree bevel

Looking for a super easy way to install crown molding? Why not try Peel and Stick Crown Molding that makes it easy to cut and install. To get the size you need, simply use a normal pair of scissors to cut to size! There is no nailing or gluing involved, it simply sticks to the wall with a super strong adhesive! It makes the job so much easier and looks ultra professional!

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How to easily install crown molding on your ceiling

Crown Molding Ideas!

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Crown Molding Ideas_49

Crown Molding Ideas_50

Crown Molding Ideas_51

Crown Molding Ideas_52

Crown Molding Ideas_53

Crown Molding Ideas_07

Crown Molding Ideas_14

Crown Molding Ideas_16

How to cut crown molding the easy way

If you know of an easier way to install crown molding, please leave a comment below to assist our other DIY readers.

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  1. Miranda Lynn DeRoos

    Thank you so much for all the great information! I have been scouring the web looking for the appropriate crown size for my ceiling height! You did a great job putting together a variety of crown ideas. Modern, traditional, and contemporary:-)

  2. I loved looking at these crown molding ideas!
    Crown molding is a great way to finish a room and really pull everything together.

  3. Deanna R. Jones

    These are great pictures for custom moldings. I really like the moldings in the picture with the blue room. The ones on the ceiling look really nice, but the door moldings look so simple, but so exquisite. It must take a lot of work to create each individual corner piece in the doorways. Thanks for posting these pictures.

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