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Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working – How To Fix

If your refrigerator water dispenser is dispensing either no or slow water, here is what to check to fix it. (No or Slow Water from Dispenser) If your refrigerator is newly installed, make sure you push the water dispenser lever down for 3 minutes to get the water reservoir to fill up completely. Usually the water reservoir is located inside the fresh food section. Top mount refrigerator models do not apply because there is no water reservoir.

Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working

On most refrigerator dispensers whether it be a Whirlpool refrigerator, Frigidaire refrigerator, Samsung refrigerator, KitchenAid refrigerator, Haier refrigerator, Jennair refrigerator, GE refrigerator, LG refrigerator, Kenmore Elite refrigerator, or Maytag refrigerator, it should take on average 8 seconds to fill an 8 ounce glass of water.

If your refrigerator has no lights on the control panel and no water or ice, check power to the refrigerator.

If all of a sudden your fridge is not dispensing water:
Be sure the water line valve in the wall to the refrigerator is turned on or open. Usually a saddle valve or similar will be used to connect the fridge water supply line to your home water supply. This valve needs to be completely open so the refrigerator receives water. You should also check the water inlet valve on the back of your fridge. This is electrically operated and can be tested with a volt meter to see if it is working properly. Also be sure that the water line behind the refrigerator is not kinked or bent. If you recently pulled the fridge out, you may have bent the water supply line when you pushed the fridge back in place. It is also possible that a water line has become frozen inside the fridge and that is why the water flow is restricted. Check all water lines for ice and or restricted sections.

NEED FRIDGE DISPENSER PARTS? Here is a Replacement Dual Water Valve Kit = Quality Replacement Dual Water Valve Kit for Refrigerators with Water Dispenser and Ice Maker. Fits Whirlpool, Kenmore, Maytag, KitchenAid, Amana, Admiral, Magic Chef, Norge, Roper. (Installation Instructions Included in Kit).

Troubleshooting Why the Refrigerator Water Dispenser Is Not Working

You may also have a clogged water filter. This filter is either built into your refrigerator or it is “inline” of the water line behind your refrigerator. A clogged water filter will cause no water at all or very slow water dripping from the dispenser. Change the water filter and this will most likely solve your issue. Refrigerator water filters need to be changed every 6 months. Once you have replaced the water filter, test the dispenser. If the water flows as it should, then you have fixed the problem.

If the water dispenser is not working, but you know it is being supplied with water and has power, then a defective switch in the dispenser is most likely to blame. You may need to take the dispenser apart and troubleshoot the valve and or switches in the dispenser. You may hear a clicking noise or a humming noise if a switch or valve is defective.

If the water dispenser drips water constantly then you have a water valve problem. You can look up your refrigerator model online and find the switch or valve that you need to replace and DIY.

If there is a slight dribble of a few drops of water after using the dispenser, this is normal and due to a delay in the system.

If the water dripping from the dispenser is a big problem, you can purge the complete water tank and water line system. Use a large cup and press down on the dispenser for 3 minutes. This will remove trapped air that can cause the water dispenser dribble. You should also empty the recess grill (water catch) and clean out underneath it to prevent water dripping out and making a puddle on the floor.

refrigerator dispenser parts breakdown

Common refrigerator water & ice dispenser parts breakdown

NOTE: The water and ice dispenser in the door will not work if the refrigerator door is open.

Remember, when troubleshooting a water no flow issue with your refrigerator, disconnect power and turn off the water supply for safety reasons.

If you know of other reasons a refrigerator stops dispensing water or ice, please leave a comment below to assist our other readers.

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  1. Fisher & Paykel fridge
    RF610ADUX1 french doors with water
    The water & ice stopped working from the fridge door, this all happened after a kitchen reno. The plumber hooked the water up he didn’t install a pressure reducing valve. This in turn overloaded the fridge solenoid valves, the fridge display showed water working but no flow. The F&P service man($170) installed a 600kpa Apex pressure reducing valve after the isolator and before the filter and now all ok. Bunnings also sell the new water filter for this fridge.

  2. I have a Samsung RF31FMEDBWW Change the filter yesterday water and ice worked fine. Today water is intermittently working. Tried changing filter again still no difference.

  3. Teresa D. Tobin

    We have a GE side by side refrigerator. The water dispenser just stopped working. ice maker works. I turned up the temp. to 1 for a day or so, but nothing has changed. I took a blow dryer to the tip of the dispenser for a bit, but still nothing. What else can we check before having to call somebody in?

  4. We have a whirlpool refrigerator. It’s about 15 years old. Recently the water dispenser shoots water whenever the door is open. Dispenser works fine when door is closed so I don’t think it’s the switch. I can5 fin$ anyone else who has experienced this problem. When I jiggle the hose under the door I can mimic the problem. Any ideas?

  5. Paul J. Schreiber

    Chris, did you ever solve the “continuously puts out water” , problem ?
    I have a Maytag, Side-by-side that is doing the same thing.

  6. Carlo Angeles

    Our Fisher & Paykel water dispenser used to work before. Then recently, water stops coming out. I tired to check all the lines, filter, water inlet valve and all seems fine. Then all of a sudden water started to come out again. The next day, i tried dispensing water but no water again. Later, I tried it and all of a sudden water came out. But during the last week, no water came out again. I tried patiently to test it daily but it seems no water is coming out for good. I replace the filter with a genuine F&P filer hoping that water will come out. Unfortunately, the water dispenser is still not working.

    However, the ice maker is working which means water is getting into the the fridge unless there is something else wrong. What could be the reason for this? Appreciate your help.

    thanks and regards,


  7. Have the same issue with my Kitchenaid side by side. Just replaced the ice maker, now has the problem with dispensing water after ice maker dumps ice and refills. Did you find a solution?

  8. I have a GE GSH22JSXA SS Side by Side, I have no water or ice. I have changed out the dual inlet valve and still no water. I pushed water dispenser for 3 minutes and nothing happened. Any suggestions?

  9. I have a whirlpool gold french door fridge with the big freezer drawer on bottom. One day the water no longer dispenses out of the door. It makes a slight click when you try to get water. However, if I turn on the kitchen faucet, leave it running and attempt to get water from the dispenser again, it comes right out.. Must be water pressure related or something? I have no idea. It is an intermittent problem and usually occurs when no water has been used in the house for a couple of hours. I’m thinking of replacing the valve, but everything I read talked about issues with low water pressure, not high pressure, so I don’t know. Thoughts?

  10. I replaced the filter in a double door top with a freezer drawer bottom (Kenmore) but the warning on the door keeps telling me to replace the filter. Help, please!

  11. I have a GE Cafe model CYE23TSDCSS, french door bottom freezer. Water flow out of the dispenser has slowed to about 1/3 of the usual rate. I checked the cold water holding tank and water line coming into the fridge and everything looks good. Could this be a problem with the flow meter?

  12. I am replacing the water dispenser lever due to old one so scratched on my lg French door refrigerator. I have the replacement lever. Are there any instructions on how to remove old water lever. Do I have to pull out the whole dispenser panel or does it just pop off. Thanks
    Model lfx31925st

  13. I have a Kenmore side by side with a bottom freezer refrigerator, model #253.70313213. The water dispenser and ice tray recently stopped functioning. No water would be supplied to either feature. I replaced the valued in the back and still did not feed water to either feature. There are 5 lines in the back of the fridge and literature is vague at best with no info about the lines or valves. I found 2 lines going to the filter in the fridge. If I hit the water dispense I get water flow into and out of the filter, but that’s where it ends. This third line is giving me trouble. I get air out of the water line and ice line so I don’t believe either is blocked by calcium or ice. I don’t believe I have any other electrically or switch failure since I can see the water flow when I disconnect the lines. But there is three lines going into the back of the fridge, water, ice and an unknown that I don’t know what or where it’s connected to. I would rather not take apart the inside of the fridge if at all possible. Anyone out there that can help?

  14. Hello,
    I have a Frigidaire Gallery with the freezer door on the bottom. Model # LGUB2642LF9. It has a water and ice dispenser on the door and a second ice maker in the freezer section. There is no water being dispensed through the door or into either ice maker. My husband has checked the motor and water lines at the back of the refrigerator. There is no problem there. When he removed the filter and hit the water dispenser button water shot out of the filter holder. We tried a brand new filter but still no water. What would you suggest?

  15. My Kenmore refrigerator water dispenser continuously puts out water.
    Had to turn the water valve behind frig. off.
    I move the Micro switch from the water dispenser to the ice dispenser and it worked.
    So maybe the microswitch is not bad.
    I interchanged them two times to be sure that they both worked so it appears that is not my problem.
    I was thinking maybe the water pump I replaced a year ago is bad and stuck open for just the water dispenser.

  16. My water supply is frozen at the site of the water filter. Even the filter is frozen. Not sure what to do…

  17. I have a GE Profile Performance side by side refrigerator that suddenly stopped dispensing water. Sort of. The ice maker still makes ice and the ice dispenser still works. When the water dispenser is pressed, the light comes on, but only about a teaspoon of water comes out and then it stops. If I wait about an hour, I can get another dribble of about a teaspoon. I replaced the filter and that didn’t help. I then installed the filter bypass just in case I had a faulty filter. Still nothing. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

  18. Jerome d Cole


  19. I have a Maytag Model : MFD2561HES 25 Cu. Ft. French Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator
    when I replace the old filter to a new one there was no water coming at all . Purchased several filters same
    issue no water coming . I do not think the Water inlet Valve is bad , cause with the old one still working
    its slow but working . I’m sure I got the correct filters I have this refrigerator for many years.

  20. DIY Project Help Tips

    Steve in NC,
    Try putting the old water filter back in and see what happens.
    If it works fine then you need the exact water filter replacement.
    If not then you may have an issue with water hammer and need to fix the issue.
    This article may assist you from what you have described as your issue.

  21. I have a Samsung RF4287HARS ‘French Door’ refrigerator.
    All was working fine till we replaced the filter.
    It worked for a few seconds.. then a loud noise came from behind the fridge, like a short burst, or rapid hammering; then just a trickle then nothing.
    I’ve used three different filters now, same thing.
    All three of the new filters (including the Samsung filter) do look slightly different than the old one we took out.
    Water inlet valve?
    Water filter housing?
    Air in the water line?
    Maybe something else completely?

  22. My Frigidaire ice maker water dispenser pours water out of dispenser when the ice maker calls for water. It will also pour water into the ice maker when ice water actuator is pressed. What can be causing this?

  23. Recently we lost power due to a storm. When the power came back on we no longer have water or ice being made in our side by side fridge. Everything else works as it should. Ive replaced the water inlet valve still nothing.

  24. Which motherboard you repair, the one on the back of the fridge i think is the power supply board, or the ones that are inside of the cover of the water\ice dispenser are display board or control board?

  25. I have the KitchenAid refrigerator with the same issue, the dispenser panel has no lights on LED or any buttons, etc. I opened and checked the main 3 wires power input behind the dispenser board, they have ~48/49 VAC, not sure if that is expected voltage or not. I troubleshoot the switch between door and internal light, it has continuity, I even swapped the wires and still see nothing. I checked all connectors are good so I am not sure what else to look for.

  26. Stuart, did you ever know what was the problem due to and how did you fix it?
    I am having similar issues in my Samsung RF28HMEDBSR model as you described!

  27. We are having similar problem. Just a slow trickle comes out and just changed filter about 1 mo ago. I looked at the clear plastic water tubing in back of frig and discovered it was brown, instead of clear. We have heavy iron and minerals in our water, even though we have a water filter on house. I am suspecting iron buildup is clotting water line.

  28. I was troubleshooting my ice maker. I took it out to inspect it, put it back in, then I pulled the fridge out from the wall. The ice maker is now working fine. In a cruel twist of fate, just as my ice maker seemed to start working, my water dispenser is not working now. I tested the water inlet value and have continuity. I feel pretty confident that I have water coming in (the ice maker is filling up with water). There doesn’t appear to be a water hose kink. I’m stumped. Any ideas?

  29. My water dispenser has stopped. I did decrease the temp due to all the food in the fridge from thanksgiving.
    I think the line might be frozen.
    How can I check for sure?
    If I increase the temp back to normal will that help thaw out?
    I have a Kenmore Elite model 795-7834.

  30. I have a Whirlpool gold french door refrigerator that was working normal until my son tried to pull out the water pusher thing instead of pressing it to get water.
    Now neither the ice or water dispenser is working.
    How can i fix it?

  31. My Frigidaire side by side is one year old.
    I changed the filter at 6 months.
    Recently, I got the message to replace again.
    Then I had no water.
    I replaced the filter yesterday and today I still have no water.
    Everything worked fine a week ago.

  32. I have a Samsung Model SRS611DLS, water dispenser all works but water is not as cold as it used to be, coming through the same temp as a normal tap water in the house. Anything I can check?

  33. Thank you for your advice. Took me all of 45 minutes to thaw the line. Hair dryer + the thin wire you use to hang pictures to loosen any ice blocks + my air compressor to blow out. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

  34. We have the exact same thing happening with our our Kitchen Aid French Door bottom mount. Just curious if you were able to fix it and what you needed to do?

  35. We have a french door Maytag with freezer on the bottom and an indoor water and ice dispenser. The water dispenser is still working fine, but after running out of ice last night, the ice maker is no longer making ice. Clearly there is still water coming into the fridge, as we are getting chilled water out of the dispenser. Any thoughts? Yes, the ice maker is turned on.

  36. I have a GE Profile Arctica. Today I changed the water filter as I have done many times before, running 3 minutes’ worth of water through the new filter to clear out the carbon filings, etc. Flow was fine. No problem.

    Then a few hours later I go down to get a glass of water from the dispenser, and when I press the cradle no water comes out. I can HEAR water flowing, but it doesn’t come out of the dispenser. Then I look down and notice that water is flowing on the floor from under the refrigerator!

    The ice maker seems to be receiving water just fine, the lights on the dispenser work as usual. I pulled out the fridge and inspected the back and everything seems fine back there. The water lines are obviously not kinked if water is flowing. I looked inside the fridge for a frozen or cracked reservoir, but it’s dry in there. I have no idea why the dispenser decided that the floor was the place to put the water, but there it is.

  37. I replaced dispense solenoid and repaired mother board that went out partially. The dispenser solenoid was shortening motherboard. You can check it with multimeter for resistance. Good part should read 40 oms or so, bad one no resistance, zero.. I hope this helps.

  38. I have this EXACT same problem, however mine is a Kenmore fridge. And the bulb is not a socket-type bulb it is on a small square. But the water and ice won’t dispense and the light won’t come on. Puzzled! Please help.

  39. I have a LSC26905TT LG side-by-side fridge. The water & Ice will not dispense. The ice maker is filling the trays and dumping into the holding bin. Also the bulb next to the dispenser on the outside of the fridge will not illuminate despite replacing the bulb with a new one. Each of the settings options available on the door indicates that it changes. i.e. increase/decrease temp in freezer/fridge side, turn light on or off. Inlet vale is fine (replaced it anyway). Dispenser switch seems to be fine too. Does it mean main electronic board needs to be replaced? Can main electronic board malfunction like that and still operate the fridge?

  40. The EXACT same thing is happening to us. Did you ever get it resolved? If so how and how much $?

  41. DIY Project Help Tips

    Yes it should be just fine to keep using the current filter.

    Although… If there was any bad smell in the fridge for a long period, the filter may have absorbed it.
    It just depends how long the fridge was without power and had food in it.

    Replace it if you have a new one on hand, if not, replace as normally scheduled.

  42. We’ve recently been without power for a few days due to a bad storm… we discarded all food and did a thorough clean of the fridge. I just wanted to make sure it’s ok to continue using the current filter. We just changed it less than a month ago.

  43. I have a Maytag which is in a house I just purchased. The water dispenses fine but there is a replace filter light on. When I replaced the filter the light stayed on. I looked up how to reset the light and it worked. However, as soon as the replace filter light went out, the water wouldn’t dispense, and neither would the ice. The trick to resetting the replace filter light was to hold down the light and the lock button for the count of three. But that seems to make everything stop working. As soon as I made the replace filter light come back on, the water and ice started dispensing again. How do I get it to dispense and not show that replace filter light at the same time? The filter it uses is a UKF8001 and the fridge is a 22 cu ft bottom freezer.

  44. Kenmore Elite refrigerator won’t dispense water unless both doors are open (water dispenser is inside the refrigerator). I did notice one of the two bulbs inside the refrigerator is out. I switched the bulb places in hope that supplying the working bulb to the side where the water supply is would allow it to be dispensed. But it still doesn’t work. I’ll be replacing the bulb with a new one since it needs to be done, hopefully that’ll fix it.

  45. DIY Project Help Tips

    Neal Long,
    If the water pressure to your refrigerator is too low, the refrigerator water dispenser will sometimes not work properly.
    If you believe your complete water system in your home or just the water supply to the fridge is too low… you should put a water pressure gauge on the water line and see if that is the cause of the issue before attempting to take the refrigerator apart.

    If water pressure is okay, and you suspect there is a clog of some sort in your refrigerator water line… visually inspect the water tubes.
    Check for pinches or cracks. A blockage could be a piece of clear ice. A clog other than ice should be removed by a professional refrigerator technician as you may have to remove and or pressurize the water lines to fix the problem.

  46. I have a Frigidaire side by side. The unit continues to stop making ice and water. I can replace the filter and it will work for several months but there still is not much water pressure on the water dispenser. When we built our home the plumber never put a water filter on our home and I believe a line may be clogged on the unit. Any ideas on how to DIY?

  47. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is the water filer housing gasket missing?
    If so it will leak as it is not water tight.

    Also, this happens on many different refrigerators if you are buying the cheaper NON-OEM water filters.
    Be sure you buy the Whirlpool brand water filters as many of the cheaper water filters can cause issues.
    Try using a different filter and be sure the water filter housing is clean and free of debris so the filter does not leak or cause problems.

  48. We have a whirlpool side by side wrs325fdam02. Our predicament is fun stuff. The filter works just fine, produces ice and water, but only if there is pressure put on the bottom area where the filter is actually inserted. For a while we had a peice of cork taped to the inside door of where you place the filter, so it would push on the filter for us, but this only works for a few days at a time. Help would be great. Thanks!!

  49. DIY Project Help Tips

    It sounds like a board issue, or a wire harness is damaged or shorted out. You may need to take the from panel apart and visually examine the components for a burnt board, loose wire, damaged wire, bad micro switch, etc..

  50. We have a GE Profile PSS26MSRA side by side fridge and the water/ice dispenser stopped working. The green light over the water button will go out when the dispenser lever is pressed and no water comes out. The light will not work either. It stopped working all of a sudden, then a few minutes later worked fine (dispensing water) and then it stopped working again and hasn’t worked since. Any idea what could be the issue? We are thinking a sensor or something electrical, as the water line is fine.

  51. DIY Project Help Tips

    Make sure there is NOTHING blocking the water filter housing such as plastic wrap from new filter or ant other objects.
    Is the water filter OEM?

  52. I have an interesting problem. Recently I replaced the refrigerator water filter and when the filter is pushed in water will not dispense. I took out the filter and it works. Any ideas? Thanks

  53. DIY Project Help Tips

    Donald Jerkins,
    Are you saying that water and ice dispense without you touching the Samsung refrigerator?
    Have you recently replaced any parts on your fridge?
    Changed out the water filter?
    You can try resetting the ice maker and that MAY solve your issue – Samsung French Door Ice Maker Reset
    Let us know what you find.

  54. Donald jerkins

    Have a Samsung French door refrigerator and the ice maker and water dispenser come on by them self. What causes this? It is the Samsung model #rfg298hdrs.

  55. I have an LG side by side refrigerator and when I activate the water and or ice dispenser the damned thing won’t shut off until I open the door. Can you shed some light on the problem ? Thank you

  56. DIY Project Help Tips

    If you just replaced the water inlet valve on your refrigerator and no water is dispensing, check that the water valve that supplies the fridge is ON.
    Be sure the wire harnesses are securely attached to the water inlet valve.
    You may also have a faulty brand new valve… Can you tell us the model number of your fridge and what the part number is that you replaced?

  57. My water dispenser was dripping so I replaced the water inlet valve and now I’m not getting any water at all. How do I fix that?

  58. DIY Project Help Tips

    What model number is your fridge and where exactly is the water coming out? How much water? Is it dripping from the dispenser itself? Try and remove the water filter and reinstall. You may have a pressure issue in the water lines. Possibly the valve that dispenses water is faulty. If the issue continues, call the company you purchased it from.

  59. My water dispenser is not one that is plumbed in, the fridge freezer is brand new, delivered yesterday! When I got up this morning the dripping dispenser had left a puddle on the floor, any ideas why?

  60. Thanks for the reply! For some reason, it magically fixed itself today. I’ll wait to see if it’s an issue again in the future and do as you say. I tried googling it and some websites suggested either replacing the solenoid assembly or the microswitch but it wasn’t for this specific issue and I’ve no idea what either of them actually do, although I suspect the solenoid assembly replacement might be for the door flap either not closing or opening properly and that wasn’t my issue.

  61. DIY Project Help Tips

    You may have a control board issue in the dispenser, a loose wire harness, or an issue with the valves. We would suggest to remove the front panel and check the components behind or in the dispenser. Remember to unplug the fridge when you do this. If you have to pull the fridge out to do any repairs, be careful of the water line so you do not pull it out of the wall if it is not long enough.

  62. Our GE side by side fridge’s water dispenser is dispensing ice cubes instead of water when we press the water button. Earlier it did sound like ice was dispensing from the ice maker but it still dispensed the water when we pressed the water button but now it’s quit dispensing the water completely. Any idea what the problem is?

  63. Ralph,
    This sounds like you have a frozen dispenser water line.
    Due to the age of the fridge, the insulation inside the freezer door starts to break down and no longer keeps the inside of the door above freezing – unfortunately, right where the water line runs for the dispenser.
    You can confirm this by trying to insert a zip tie (8-10″ long) fully in to the water dispenser line (where the water normally comes out). You should be able to fully insert the zip tie. If you’re not able to do so – you have confirmed that you have ice blocking the water from flowing freely.

  64. I live in south Florida where there is a lot of calcium in the water, both city and we’ll water. My water was dispensing very slowly then not at all. My ice maker was still making small amounts of very small cubes. I changed the filter twice, no help. I finally disconnected the water supply to the fridge at the wall valve. There was a small calcium deposit right in the connection point that was about 98% blocking the water to the fridge. I soaked it in vinegar for 30 minutes, then used a small pick file to remove the deposit. I reconnected the supply, and the water dispensed out of the door like it was brand new! It took 2 wrenches, a flashlight, a small pick file and about 2 hours to complete from start to finish including soak time and cleanup. I hope this helps others.

  65. DIY Project Help Tips

    You could have a clogged water line or the dispenser is not working properly. What is the model number of your Maytag Gold Fridge Freezer?

  66. Hello I have a maytag gold bottom freezer with 2 doors on top ice and water in the door , the ice maker is working fine . The water is making a bad humming noise and the water is barely flowing out . I have replaced the water filter and it is still happening. Thanks for any help

  67. DIY Project Help Tips

    Ralph Chan,
    If the water dispenser works only at certain times (such as at night but not when opened frequently) this may be because of a timer issue or a vacuum seal issue. Also, you may have a bad door switch that stops the water from dispensing when the door is sensed to be open. Use a meter and test a few of the parts to be sure they are operating properly.

  68. GE profile 9 years old. Water dispenser stopped working except late at night, then stops in the morning. Has done this on 3 nights in a row. Seems that when the refrigerator is not opened for a while the water dispenser works but when the refrigerator is entered in the morning the water dispenser stops. Late at night the flow is very good and I have let it flow upwards of a gallon!!! What can be the problem please??

  69. DIY Project Help Tips

    You either have a bad display board, a wire harness is disconnected or other. Have you made sure the panel is secure and attached electrically? Usually this issue is simply a bad display/panel board, but check to be sure before you order a new one. (Unplug the fridge when you check)

  70. I have a whirlpool model number ED5PBAXVY00. The water/ ice dispenser panel no longer lights up or shows any of the icons, it is completely turned off. It doesn’t dispense ice or water.

  71. DIY Project Help Tips

    You may have used a non OEM water filter. If you still have it, reinstall the old water filter and see if that gets the water dispenser working. Let us know what you find…

  72. We have a Bosch B20CS50SNS. The water dispenser which was working fine stopped working after I cleaned the water dispensing area. When I press against water dispenser switch, it makes a noise as if the water is flowing in but no water comes out. We recently replaced the filter. Any idea on what’s stopping the water from dispensing?

  73. We have a few years old GE side by side freezer on bottom fridge that came with our house. Our problem is that filters never seem to last a long time before the water pressure drops to a trickle. As soon as you put in a new one, it works great, but only for awhile. We’ve tried different brands, but same problem. The longest we’ve gotten out of a filter was 4 months and as short as 2 weeks. The change filter light never even goes on. This becoming an expensive problem. Help!

  74. replaced filter in Frigidaire refrigerator, ran water for 3 minutes as instructed. After pushing in water button an “order” light comes on. What can I do?

  75. I have Samsung RFG298HDRS that keeps getting air blockages in the water line. It started about 6 months ago when I changed the filter and the water flow would become very slow and/or completely stop with some hammering. I have tried multiple OEM filters (3-4) and sometimes the water dispenser will work for a few months (or sometimes days) and then the problem reoccurs or in my current case I just installed a brand new OEM filter and the best it will run for is a few seconds. Removing the filter and running the water for a while to get air out (none comes out the line) does not help at all. With the filter removed, water pressure is fine. Both ice makers are also working fine. Could it be a seal associated with the water filter attachment that is broken allowing air in or something else? Thanks

  76. Yes the fridge is cooling and you do hear the motor running when trying to dispense the water and ice. The water is turned on. I will try and remove the filter and insert the bypass plug next.

  77. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is the fridge cooling? It may have gone into demo mode. When you press the dispenser to get water or ice, do you hear the motor running to try and dispense? Is the ice maker and the water dispenser getting water? The water is turned on and supplying the fridge, right? What is the model number of your GE fridge? There may be a simple way to get the fridge back to normal if it went into demo mode using the control panel and holding and pressing 2 of the buttons for 5 to 8 seconds. Have you tried removing the filter and inserting the bypass plug that came with your fridge?

  78. Moved into a new house with a brand new GE side by side refrigerator. Refrigerator worked perfectly dispensing water and ice. Lost power to the house for 6 days and now the new fridge dispenses no ice or water and also does not make ice either. Could the power outage have done something to the filter?

  79. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the issue happened when you replaced the water filter, try using a BRAND NEW OEM Refrigerator water filter.

  80. Thanks for those comments. I tried holding down the dispenser switch for 2 minutes. It’s humming away, like it tries to put water through but not a drop comes into the filter.

    I don’t see a Lock or Lock Controls button on the control panel.

    If I hear the dispenser hum, does that mean the switches are working and harness is secure?

    This problem only started when we switched filters. This model tells you to switch filters by stopping the water flow somehow. Normally you put in a new filter and the water flows normally right away. Not this time.

  81. Symptom:
    “Ice Maker works fine but water is not dispensing”

    I traced this same issue down in my Kenmore side by side. The issue I found was the line from the “fill tank” behind the crisper drawer leads directly under the freezers coldest part of the cabinet. It’s actually inside the cabinet frame of which can not been seen. This is where it freezes.

    Problem: Frozen line exists somewhere in the line – may or may not be able to be seen.

    To Test:
    – Get a catch pan for water.
    – Disconnect the clear plastic waterline coupling in the front of the refrigerator directly under the freezer door (again on a side-by-side) and put water collection pan in place to catch all water. Note water may actually feel ice cold… again a good indicator of a frozen line somewhere.
    – Check for free water flow at this point (assuming water flow is on and fridge is plugged in)
    – Press the Water dispenser lever. (pressing the lever will activate the water dispensing of the fridge)
    – No Water is caused by the waterline frozen between the Fill tank that runs in the frame of the refrigerator. (Be careful not to try and run the water dispenser to much as it could apply to much pressure to the fill tank causing it to rupture leaking in the fridge itself).

    – Defrost the freezer or whole fridge if possible. The lines will warm and thaw easily.
    – Test line in the above process until line flows.
    – Then reconnect water lines and Enjoy!

  82. I have a Kitchen-Aid with an “in the fridge” dispenser.

    My dispenser stopped working, so I put in a new filter and still no water comes out. No water goes to the filter.

    Have replaced several filters in the past with no problem.

    I tried doing what the manual suggested: pressing the reset button for 3 seconds. That got the Reset light blinking, then it went out as it’s supposed to do. Also pressed the door light switch 5 times in 10 seconds.

    Also, tried a second new filter. No difference. Also tried putting the old one back in. No water.

    Also shut off house water and turned back on. Also, unplugged fridge and re-connected.

    Still no water going into the filter. It was working 2 days ago. When it stopped working we assumed it just needed a new filter.

    Anything else you can suggest aside from pulling it out and disconnecting the water supply? That is very tricky because of the way it is installed in an enclosure.

  83. DIY Project Help Tips

    It sounds like there may be a pressure issue in the water line… Air may be trapped in the water system. Press and hold the water dispenser arm for 2 minutes.

    OR… Dispenser is LOCKED. Press and hold the LOCK or LOCK CONTROLS pad for 3 seconds.

    If these are not the issues, you will need to trace the water line back and troubleshoot what is causing the water to not flow through the refrigerator to the dispenser.

    Have you taken apart the dispenser to make sure the wire harness is secure and that the switches are working?

  84. We have a GE Profile side-by-side, model PSCS3RGXSS. When running gallon 4 after changing the filter, the water suddenly stopped dispensing. When the dispenser lever is pressed, it no longer makes the humming noise it used to when dispensing water.

    Some troubleshooting we’ve done:
    Checked that the saddle-type shutoff valve on the water line connection (in the basement) was open all the way (turned all the way counter-clockwise). Closed and re-opened it (in case sediment was in the way at this connection).
    Verified that the line to the refrigerator is not kinked.
    The ice-maker is still working. Ice cubes are of the expected size.
    We have the water filter bypass plug in, but still no water at the dispenser.
    When we disconnected the connection under the freezer door, no water comes out of the line when the dispenser lever is pushed. (We thought we’d be lucky and have a frozen line in the freezer like most other posters, but no such luck – water is not getting this far).
    When we remove the bypass plug, there is an audible pressure release, and some residual water in the plug and that connection area.
    It seems that the water is getting to the filter/plug location.
    When we press the dispenser, there are 2 audible clicks – one at the dispenser and one lower down on the freezer door – but again, there used to be a mechanical, humming type sound when the lever was pressed that we are not hearing anymore.
    We could use some help with next steps.

  85. We have a KitchenAid side by side with bottom freezer. All of a sudden, water and ice aren’t being dispensed. Connections under hinge in door look ok, water line is clear. Also, periodically, for no reason at all, the light and alarm telling us a door is open will go off when all doors are closed. Switch maybe, or bigger problem? We just put $400 into this thing a few months ago because their faulty design was causing ice build up around the ice maker. Their stuff is junk & I’m so frustrated.

  86. DIY Project Help Tips

    It should just slide off, you may need to twist it to remove it as it may be on tight. Does it have a clamp?

  87. Trying to replace my water reservoir in my whirlpool fridge. So far so good, but the hose refuses to come out of the inlet valve in back. How can I free it.

  88. A little more information. Looks like both the ice maker and water dispenser are working together no matter which one is activated. Kenmore Elite 25344383402

  89. Yes that is correct. When I manually shut off the ice maker the water dispenser no longer randomly emits water. With the ice maker off the water dispenser will still emit water when the paddle is pushed. Kenmore Elite 25344383402

  90. Yes as close as I can tell they are at the same time. Its a little bit after the ice dumps that the water dispenser opens. Can’t tell exactly without opening door which will stop ice maker. It’s a Kenmore Elite 25344383402

  91. DIY Project Help Tips

    Michael Devin,
    Are you saying that when the ice maker is filling with water, the water dispenser dispenses water at the same moment? Please explain in detail and supply the model number of your refrigerator.

  92. When my ice maker fills the water dispenser is also triggered for a few seconds. I have replaced the solenoid/inlet valve and installed a filter by-pass. Whats next?

  93. It turns out it was the valve. The inlet valve and the supply valves are all one piece. It cost nearly $100, but the DIY was well worth it. I changed it a week ago, and everything is working well. Thanks for the help.

  94. DIY Project Help Tips

    Jimmy Gillespie,
    You may have something clogged in the water line or there is a blockage at the filter housing. Check to be sure there is nothing that got jammed in the filter housing when you replaced the filter. Is there any type of knocking sound when you use the water dispenser? Do you have the filter fitting that goes into the filter housing in place of the filter to bypass the water filter? If so use that and see if the water dispenses as it should. Let us know what you find.

  95. Jimmy Gillespie

    My water dispenser shoots out about 1-2 oz of water then stops. I have changed the filter by putting a brand new one in and it just shoots water out at a normal rate for about 2-3 seconds then slowly comes to a complete stop. What do you think is wrong?

  96. Well I thought I had it solved. There was a kink in the water feed line that was causing low pressure. Thought low pressure was upsetting the system. Ice maker working fine now but every time the ice maker calls for water the water dispenser in the door emits about a half cup. Something in the system is triggering the water micro-switch momentarily. Hope it’s not the motherboard. Help

  97. DIY Project Help Tips

    The microswitch that gets pressed when you put a cup to the dispenser may be faulty. You can use a multimeter and test it and check the small control board while you have things apart.

  98. I have a Kenmore Elite Model 25344383402. The water dispenser on the door randomly runs for abort 5 seconds. I changed the filter and bled the system – no change. It doesn’t just drip, it runs like your filling a glass.

  99. U all may try this. There is also a switch close to the dispenser that sends the signal to the water pump. This switch is on a plastic base that if u have kids, like I do, press to hard and eventually break it. U can send for this base or do like I did place a couple of tie-raps to hold the switch in place. Hope this helps.

    Skill level is like 5 out of 10

  100. As I was getting ready for bed, it hit me: disconnect the line that runs from the filter housing the to valve at the valve. I did that and blew air through it pushing the water out. Maybe it already cleared when I saw the black goo. I also tightened a screw for the water line, and I don’t hear the rattle.

    I will keep an eye on this further. If the valve needs to be replaced, I can do it pretty easily. The valves for the intake, output to the ice maker and output to the water dispenser is all one assembly.

  101. I forgot to add that the water has been running fine since the one time I identified after I put the old filter back in, and, while I do have the rear cardboard panel off, I do not hear the rattle any longer.

  102. I removed the filter and was disconnected the water line that supplies the dispenser from the valve. I blew into that line easily, and water came out of the dispenser. So, I removed the water supply line and tried to blow into it, but nothing happened. It hit me that this line goes directly to the filter housing. If must have a shut off mechanism or a bypass mechanism in the filter housing; if it did not, then every time I replace a water filter, water would come shooting out of the filter housing.

    So, I don’t think I know what the filter element is. Can you clarify? I did a Google search for Kenmore Elite 106.57799700 water filter element and came up empty.

  103. DIY Project Help Tips

    Could mean you have a bad water inlet valve. Try what we suggested before and if that does not work, take a look at the valve and be sure the water lines are secure as sometimes when water if pumped into the water lines, the water lines will hit the side of the fridge in rapid succession and create that weird knocking and rattling noise. Get some plastic cable ties and secure the water lines to the frame of the fridge so the rattling stops.

  104. Thank you, I will try this tonight, once I can figure out where the filter element is. I did notice a small amount of black gunk that came out when I removed the new filter.

    I have noticed that, when I release the dispenser button from having received water, I hear a rattle, lasting 1-2 seconds, coming from the back of the refrigerator, where the water intake, valve and solenoid are located. Would that be consistent with your conclusion or might it mean something different?

  105. DIY Project Help Tips

    Sounds like you have a pressure build up in the water lines. There may be gunk in the line somewhere. Shut the water off, remove the filter element, and blow air in the water dispenser. If that doesn’t fix it then remove the line after the shut off, and blow air in it before the filter. This should fix the issue and water should flow from the dispenser as normal. If this does not help, let us know and we can go from there.

  106. DIY Project Help Tips

    It may be possible that you have a mechanical failure inside the water valve. You may want to replace it or test it to see if that is causing your problem. Also, if the water filter is partially blocking the water flow the fluctuating water flow can cause the tubing to move and rattle against the parts in the refrigerator causing the chattering sound. Something like this might be happening in your refrigerator. It is uncommon for a blockage to occur inside the water tubing. The water valve opens and lets the water pressure of the house plumbing push the water through the tubing to the dispenser. A new or different brand of water filter might solve your problem. Try removing the water filter and with the filter removed the water should bypass the filter and flow at the normal pressure. Do some troubleshooting to see if it may be a combination of the water valve and the filter.

  107. I have Kitchenaid Refrigerator (bottom freezer) that started making a loud chattering sound when dispensing water. Amount of water coming out is greatly reduced. A new filter fixed this once for a few months. 3 more filters have not. Different brands tried. It makes ice just fine, no chattering. I turned water supply valve to about 1/2 and it stopped chattering but water dispenses slowly. Still chatters 50% of the time now. Someone said the filter head needed replacing. I know ice makers use a restricting orifice to limit water fill amount. What is your idea, please?

  108. I have a Kenmore Elite model 106.57799700. I changed the filter as scheduled using an OEM filter. According to the directions, I began to drain 4 gallons of water, one gallon at a time. As I was draining the 4th gallon, water ceased to flow through the dispenser, but the volume counter on the dispenser display continued to count up. I stopped pressing on the control and tried pressing again. I heard a click coming from somewhere in the refrigerator, and no water would flow. I heard no other sound. I tried again later that evening, and water began to flow. Even later that evening, I tried using the water dispenser, but no water would come out, and I kept hearing the clicking sound.
    The next morning, I tried again with no flow and the same click sound. Thinking the filter might be defective, I put the old filter back in, and tested immediately, but no water came out. I tried again 20 minutes later, and the water started flowing. I tested the dispenser repeatedly through the day, and water was flowing. That evening, I tried to fill a glass, and no water would come out. 30 minutes later, I tested again, and the water was flowing.
    Each time that water did not come out, the only sound I would hear was the click as I pressed on the dispenser control, and the volume counter would count up.
    Do you know what the problem would be?

  109. Bought a used Frigidaire Superba side by side, hooked up the water. Ice maker works fine, will not dispense water. Changed the filter but didn’t help. When I push the dispenser lever it makes a click but I don’t hear the whirring sound. Where should I go from here?

  110. DIY Project Help Tips

    Check that the water filter is not clogged or install a new one. Some refrigerators use an electronic control to supply power to the water inlet valve. If you have verified that the water inlet valve is getting power and the actuator and switch are operating properly, then you may have a defective electronic control. If you have ice build up in the freezer, read here to find out more.

  111. My Whirlpool side by side dispenses water but stops suddenly. Just click. Stop. If you push down again nothing happens. If u wait ten minutes and come back it will work again but only dispensed about the exact same amount then click. It’s just shutting itself off. We recently had quite a bit if ice in the freezer so maybe that affected somehow? Can you tell me a few things to try or look for? thanks.

  112. I have a Samsung RFG297HDRS. The fridge no longer dispenses water or ice. I removed the cover at the top of the fridge and checked the door-open switch with a multi-meter and the switch is working fine. The ice maker still produces ice, because i use the ice for drinks and can hear it refill and there is fresh ice at the top the next day. So i am getting good water flow. The system worked intermittently for a few days (sometime it would work) but now it is completely dead. So i suspect it is the switch under the actuator on the door, but I can’t find anything online on how to take the cover off to test this switch. Any ideas from you guys?

  113. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you give us the model number of your Whirlpool fridge? If the power went out sometimes a fridge will display an error code telling you so… Can you reset it using the control panel? If not… Remove the ice bin and check that the ice chute is clear of ice that may be stuck. Dump out the old ice and replace the ice bin. See if this may reset the fridge to get the display working again.

  114. I have a Whirlpool Gold Side by Side with the freezer draw on the bottom. The power went out last night and when we woke up the refrigerator was working but the ice/water dispenser will not light up or work. Periodically the light will come on flash then shut off…

  115. DIY Project Help Tips

    When you say your water filter is clogged with water… The water filter is meant to filter the water that you drink or use for ice cubes, there will always be water in the filter. Are you saying you have hard water and the minerals are building up in the filter therefore causing the filter to clog?

  116. Thank you. My water filter works fine after I replace it. The problem is it gets clogged with water after a few months and the flow of water slows down. The filter company has told me it is not normal for the filter to get clogged with water. Do you have any remedy for that?

  117. I have a Frigidaire and after about 3 months of using a new filter my water filter gets clogged up with water and slows the flow of water out of the dispenser. This is the 2nd filter i have replaced and it has happened twice so I cant blame the filter again. What causes the filter to get clogged with water and slow the water flow after 3 months? I can remove the filter shake out the filter and it works normally for a few times and then gets clogged with water again.

  118. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the lever is locked, it might be broken and therefore cannot be depressed. You will have to take it apart and see what you can find. Once you identify the broken or loose part you can repair it or order a replacement part online.

  119. DIY Project Help Tips

    Check the water dispenser to be sure there are no frozen or crimped water lines. If the dispenser hums then it is getting power just not water.

  120. The ice maker works fine, I hear a humming when I press the water lever, also over the Thanksgiving week things were freezing in the fridge or close to freezing we did lower or higher the temp.

  121. DIY Project Help Tips

    Yes the water filter may be clogged and that is a simple fix so try that. If the ice maker continues to not produce ice, you will need to troubleshoot the ice maker and or dispenser to find why it does not dispense and or make ice. Be sure there are no crimps in the water line. Be sure the inlet valve solenoid is working properly to get water supply. What is the model number of your Electrolux fridge?

  122. DIY Project Help Tips

    Yes the inlet valve may be stuck in the open position therefore the water is coming out. A new inlet valve should fix your issue.

  123. DIY Project Help Tips

    Which valve are you referring to? The one in the back bottom of the refrigerator or the valve that is in the dispenser? And yes there may be a clog in the water line itself. You can remove the lines and force air through it if you suspect a clog or replace the water lines with a refrigerator water supply kit.

  124. There is no water getting to the valve. I removed the valve and still there is no water. The fridge is fine. Is there a chance that I have a clog in the water line? Could I have an air lock in the line?

  125. DIY Project Help Tips

    Jerry Spadafore,
    There may be a clog in the line if the water stopped flowing. Did you remove the valve or the filter? If you remove the valve it most likely will not work. Have you made sure the valve that supplies water to the fridge is actually supplying water? Is the valve fully open? Is the line crimped? Is the ice maker or water dispenser turned on? Is there a clog in the solenoid valve? Have you tested the valve to be sure it is opening?

  126. My water line to my fridge no longer supplies water. I removed the valve and still no water. There is water through the house. What is the problem?

  127. Kenmore side-by-side fridge. Pulled out water filter, water started shooting out. Once i got filter it, water in door and ice make stopped working altogether. Pulled the back off, inlet valve still makes humming noise when dispenser lever on door is pressed. Don’t know what the FloodSafe valve looks like to try to “reset” it. I ordered a new inlet valve. Am I on the right track?

  128. I have a side by side Electrolux refrigerator. One lever on the dispenser controls both water and ice, my problem is no water comes out but the ice dispenses. Moved all ice from tray and its not making new ice. Could it be clogged water filter?

  129. So I have an issue and I can’t find anyone online who’s had the same. I have a Kenmore Elite French-door with freezer on the bottom. The lever for the water dispenser will not depress. It feels like it’s mechanically blocked or locked. It worked this morning before I went to work, but didn’t when I got home. Two recent things that could contribute. I recently moved this fridge from one house to another. It’s worked for more than a week in the new location, so that seems unlikely. I did have maids clean the house today while I was at work. Could they have bumped something?

    Here’s what I’ve tried:
    – Locked and unlocked the child lock several times.
    – Unplugged and replugged the fridge twice (once for 5 minutes, another for 10 minutes
    – Disconnected and reconnected the electrical connections near the door hinge
    – Checked to ensure the little buttons that indicate the doors are properly shut twice (though, when my doors are open, the lever will depress without dispensing water, so that’s not likely the issue).

    Any ideas for me? Seems likely that the maids just bumped something…but I’m at a loss!

  130. DIY Project Help Tips

    When you depress the water dispenser on your Amana Refrigerator, ice comes out and not water? Are we understanding you correctly? Please explain in more detail so we can assist.

  131. I have an Amana ac2224gekb side by side fridge. It makes ice good but when i want water, or crushed ice, it will only dispense ice cubes when any button pushed.

  132. DIY Project Help Tips

    Check to be sure everything is properly connected where the water goes into the dispenser. Test the motor/solenoid to be sure it is working properly. Make sure there are no water line crimps that may be causing the water to not flow.

  133. My ice maker works just fine, but water dispenser suddenly stopped working. It will make a humming noise, but no click and won’t dispense even a drop. Filter was replaced 2 months ago so I know the filter is fine. I took the filter out and attached the bypass cap, and still no water. No controls for the fridge have been adjusted (including the temperature for fridge and freezer). Any ideas?

  134. I have the same exact issue with my Kenmore. Ice maker works normally, but dispenser just making a humming noise and won’t dispense even a single drop. Have you figured it out?

  135. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the light comes on when the dispenser is depressed, it usually means the microswitch is in working order. Recheck solenoid, recheck connections… Was the issue you were experiencing before the dispenser board change the exact same issue after you changed it?

  136. Thanks for the reply. I’m not actually sure the solenoid is good as I only testing it (wires disconnected) at around 25 ohms (not open or short) which another post said was O.K. When considering the micro switch I assumed if the light came on when the dispenser was engaged; it functioned correctly, unless it has multiple outputs?. To be exact I only replaced the dispenser board not the main board in the back. The immediate problem is I don’t hear the solenoid valve click on when I engage the water dispenser.

  137. DIY Project Help Tips

    If you have checked the solenoid valve and it is operating correctly, you replaced the board, and the water line is not frozen, the most likely issue is a microswitch in the water dispenser. Your GE fridge should have a microswitch that triggers the water flow when a cup or glass is depressed to it. Have you checked the switch and the wire harness connections within the dispenser? If no water out of the coupling at bottom under the freezer door, have you disconnected it to check for a clog or blockage?

  138. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the dispenser on your fridge stopped working right after you changed the filter, there may be a gasket or seal on the water filter housing that is not in place or off center. Try tightening the water filter too as sometimes the filter will not let the water dispense properly if the filter is not the exact tightness. Check to be sure there is nothing stuck in the water filter housing which could be blocking water flow. It is too much of a coincidence that the dispenser stopped working after filter change that a switch is the problem.

  139. I changed the filter in my JennAir and now I can’t get water to dispense. If I activate the water, it will come out for a second or so and then stop. No water will come out again unless I stop trying to get water for a few seconds and then try again. Then, again, I get about a second of water. I can hear the motor running but no water comes out. I tried the old filter and running it without the filter and I get the same results. I also tried the 5 seconds on/5 seconds off to flush out air and this didn’t work. Does this sound like a switch problem? Thanks!

  140. I have a different spin on the issue with my fridge, GE GSL25JFXL LB. Ice works fine but no water. It’s not a frozen line as I’ve defrosted the whole unit completely and still no water. Replaced the board in the dispenser area, no water…..ohmed the solenoid valve in back right bottom and it ohms somewhere around 25 ohms so not open or short. Light works when you press for water but I’m not hearing a click like the valve is operating. Water to the back of the fridge is fine but no water out of the coupling at the bottom under the freezer door when pressing for water. I’m thinking main board? Great work to everyone here, best information I’ve read yet. Any idea’s. Thanks!

  141. DIY Project Help Tips

    Have you checked to see if the filter or gasket may be off center when you put the filter on? Is there a gasket or rubber seal on the filter assembly that is getting crimped? If the filter is too tight or too loose it may not dispense water properly. Try tightening the water filter and see if that helps. Are you using an LG fridge water filter? Sometimes aftermarket refrigerator water filters do not work well. If the water filter on your LG fridge is installed properly and you are using the correct type, check the water lines to see if there is a blockage. How long does it take to dispense an 8 ounce glass of water?

  142. I have an LG side by side fridge with a water and ice dispenser. I have a very slow water flow when dispensing water. At first I thought it might be the water filter so replaced that and still same slow flow. What else can I check?

  143. Sheila Pennewell

    Wanted to leave a note that the information from Kim and your replies helped. Had almost exact symptoms on our Maytag Fridge where the light would not go off in front and the ice and water would not work. I went and pressed the lock button and it came on and then pressed the features. The light went out finally and the ice and water features worked again. Thank you for your advice to her and her comments helped solve mine. We were thinking it was going to cost about 200 for something inside after my hubby completely tore it all apart. Thought we broke the entire system. Just a happy person and hope your site can and will help others.

  144. I have a GE side by side fridge and all of a sudden it just stopped dispensing water but still making ice. I just put a new filter in about 4 months ago but i changed it again thinking that’s what’s causing the problem. Did not work. Pulled the fridge out and water line/tubes aren’t bent. What’s next??

  145. DIY Project Help Tips

    Have you tried a different filter? The new filter may be defective. The housing should not have anything to do with it. There is pressure in the lines possibly. Try a different filter and if the problem persists, you need to begin troubleshooting the water line and dispensing system.

  146. I have tried reinserting the filter multiple times but no luck. Would replacing the filter housing resolve the issue?

  147. DIY Project Help Tips

    You may have a blockage in the water line that causes pressure and therefore dispenses water randomly. Try installing a new filter or remove the current one and reinstall tightly making sure it is properly aligned. Once you reinstall the filter, run the water dispenser for about 2 minutes to release an pressure that may be in the water lines that causes the leak.

  148. DIY Project Help Tips

    To fix the issue with a refrigerator not dispensing water after changing the water filter, unscrew the filter and screw it back in again but tighter than before. Also, the filter may not be lined up properly. Make sure it is tightened all the way. You may have a filter that is a little misaligned and this causes the water to not dispense correctly.

  149. Whirlpool ED5FHAXVY02 will not dispense water when filter is installed but will dispense water with filter removed (brand new filter). Which parts needs to be replaced? Thanks!

  150. My Samsung refrigerator water dispenser drips randomly. It’s a fast drip and stops when we remove the filter or change it. Not sure what the cause is.

  151. RR, Ignore my last post. The light went on that I must not have put something back correctly and redid everything. I knew I was successful when I shot water all over everything, but I have success! I can control the lock out and dispense ice and water! Thank you so much for your patience and assistance. Your site is an appreciated and valuable resource. Thanks again!

  152. RR, Checking the connections helped, I was able to turn off the lock out and change the ice settings. I can get ice, but not water. I don’t have a multimeter, but will get one today, if that is the next step. Thanks again, Kim

  153. DIY Project Help Tips

    have you made sure all the wire harnesses and connections are tight and secure? Do you have a multimeter?

  154. Sunday morning it was working just fine, it would dispense crushed ice and water. At some point Sunday afternoon the lock out light came on and the filter light went from green to yellow. The ice light also switched from crushed to regular cubes. While it is making ice inside, the light panel will do nothing. The lock out light won’t go off and none of the others will changes. I’ve unplugged, as you suggested, I’ve pressed the lock out button and held it for up to two or three minutes. I’ve checked the door switch inside, making sure that it popped in and out easily. Nothing happens when I press on either of the dispensers, no click or hum, nothing. I had the model number incorrect, it is EC3JHAXRL00 Whirlpool. Any insight is appreciated.

  155. DIY Project Help Tips

    Okay so trying to reset did not work…. Can you give us a run down on what exactly is happening on your fridge right now? Please be detailed in your description and we can try and assist further.

  156. DIY Project Help Tips

    Unplug the refrigerator for 5 minutes and see if that resets the control board. Can you supply us with the model number of your Whirlpool side-by-side fridge?

  157. We have a Whirlpool side-by-side. All of a sudden the lock-out light is on and it won’t dispense ice or water. I can’t get the light to turn off, or any of the others to change. I’m guessing it is the circuit board, but am hoping there might be some trick to get it to reset.

  158. DIY Project Help Tips

    Check the parts list for your Electrolux Frigidaire side-by-side fridge and see what type of proper OEM electrical connector should be going from the actuator to the power supply. Many times the manufacturer will replace a wire harness and when you replace a certain part, a new wire harness is needed.

  159. I just replaced the actuator for the water dispenser on my Electrolux Frigidaire side-by-side following a You Tube Video and everything went smoothly except that I do not have a wire harness connected to the the face panel. Instead, a have sort if a flat ribbon holding wires. I had to remove and reinsert it to do the actuator replacement. I have no power going to the unit after putting it back together. Any idea why this is?

  160. My ice maker works fine but my wayer dispenser does not . Could that be the water inlet valve ? I have a Frigidaire

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