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Air Conditioning Not Coming Through One Vent In My House

My central AC air conditioner system works very well. The air comes through the vents in the rest of my home. There is one room that the air comes through the vent but it is very weak and not cooling the room. One room is hot and the rest of the house is cool. The outside temperature is 90F degrees. The AC is on and running. What could be the problem?

AC not blowing through one vent

Be sure the air vent (damper) for that particular room is in the full OPEN position. Someone may have accidentally shut off the air flow or it may have been reduced by closing it halfway. If the vent is fully open, is the HOT room the furthest away from the AC unit? If so you may have an underpowered AC. You can try closing some air vents in closets, bathrooms, and hallways to see if that lets more airflow into the HOT room.


You may have something obstructing the air duct. It may have an area that has collapsed or maybe a connecting joint is leaking. If the duct is leaking air, the cool air may be leaking out and filling the crawl space instead of getting to the HOT room. Get a flashlight and try to look into the air duct through the vent. You can take a vent cover off by removing a few screws. Look into the air duct and make sure there is nothing blocking the air flow. If the duct has dampers you can try moving it to be completely straight with the duct. This may help with getting more air into the HOT room.

inside home ac air ductThe inside of your home air ducts may look similar to this

To check the complete air duct that runs through your home, you should call an AC mechanical repair person. They will come out and put a special camera into the air duct to search for problems such as leaking air or damaged joints.

how does an ac work

If you suspect there may be a problem with your main home AC cooling system, you can call an AC service company. When an AC is not working as well as it did, 90% of the time that means it needs to be recharged with coolant. AC (Air Conditioning Repair) companies will usually charge from $100 to $150 US dollars to come out and check and recharge your home AC.

If you know of other reasons one room is HOTTER than the rest of the house in the summer months, please leave a comment below.

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8 thoughts on “Air Conditioning Not Coming Through One Vent In My House”

  1. Carly Collazo

    When we moved in the house there was ducktape on the metal where the ac goes… my husband took it off cause it was hanging alittle now the room right above it doesn’t work, could it have been holding the leak in?? Should we reducktape it??

  2. I have a same problem in one of the vent in my house. If I closed all other vents of my house then also there was no or very less airflow in room vent.

  3. DIY Project Help Tips

    This most likely means you have a leak in the venting somewhere in the home, possibly a hole or a tear in the metal venting sheeting.
    We would recommend to get a company out to inspect the venting system in your home to be sure.
    It may cost you some money to call a company for an inspection, but a leak in your venting system during hot summer months is wasting money anyway.

  4. I have a question. I have one room that barely blows air through the ceiling vent. I closed off two vents on the third floor room that has 4 cents. Air came through immediately to the one room. Does that mean I have a leak or I need air redirectors?

  5. I have same problem downstairs is nice and cool and when I go upstairs one of the bedrooms is hot. I check the vents and noticed it was push hot air out and I ran downstairs to check vents there…it was pushing g out cold air…what’s the problem you think I am having it ..unbearable

  6. DIY Project Help Tips

    There are HVAC parts that can direct the AC air into your living room so it stays cool.
    Check online for redirection or deflector air vents.
    You can also try closing the other air vents slightly and this will force more air to come out of the vent in the living room.

  7. If I take the vent off, I feel the air rushing straight past it. All the other vents are by duct dead ends, which helps redirect air through the vent. But the vent for the living room is right where the air is coming into the duct-work. Is there an easy diy fix to redirect some of the air through the vent before it rushes down the ducts to the rest of the home?

  8. It makes sense that an AC unit might need to be recharged. If the refrigerant runs out, it would definitely need to be replaced. I wonder if I would be able to figure this out, I’m pretty handy.

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