Asko Dishwasher Error Codes – How To Clear – What To Check?

If your Asko dishwasher is displaying an error code, below we have the solutions for what part needs to be checked. These Asko dishwasher error codes also tell you what parts need to be replaced or have become defective. Use the error code list below to help you to identify your Asko dishwasher error and fix it yourself.

Asko Dishwasher Error CodesAsko Dishwasher Error Codes

Asko Dishwasher Error Code F1
Fault Condition = Water heating fault, selected temperature not reached within 60 minutes
Incoming water temperature too cool
Check and Repair = Heating element is burned out OR the thermostat is bad

Asko Dishwasher Error Code F2
Fault Condition = High water level
Check and Repair = Clogged or defective water pump OR faulty water inlet valve

Asko Dishwasher Error Code F3
Fault Condition = Thermistor fault
Check and Repair = Open thermistor OR loose wiring to thermistor

Asko Dishwasher Error Code F4
Fault Condition = Water fill error with dishwashers with level controlled fill
If the lights are blinking and pump is running but the controls are non functional, this means the fault is from an OVERFILL

Asko Dishwasher Error Code F10
Fault Condition = Overfilling
Check and Repair = Shut off the water tap and check float and pump

Asko Dishwasher Error Code F11
Fault Condition = Drainage error
Check and Repair = Make sure no objects are stuck in the drainage hose – Check that the drain pump is not blocked – Be sure there are no blockages in the drain hose

Asko Dishwasher Error Code F12
Fault Condition = Water Inlet Fault
Check and Repair = Check that the valve for the water is open – Be sure the filter in the machine water intake is not clogged

Here is the procedure to fix error code F4 on your Asko dishwasher:

  1. Remove power to the unit
  2. Take off the lower access panel
  3. See if the tray under the dishwasher is full of water
  4. Remove the water with a towel or similar
  5. Check the float, this float stops the water flow, be sure it is not blocked
  6. Check to be sure the pump is working
  7. If all is good, test your dishwasher
  8. If there is no leak into the dishwasher pan then check that the draining hose under the sink is not leaking
  9. Be sure the drain hose goes up to the top and under the counter top and down to the drain. If not the water from the sink drain will flow into the dishwasher and cause an OVERFILL

If your ASKO dishwasher is showing a different error codes form the ones above, please leave a comment below and we will be happy to help you fix the problem.


95 thoughts on “Asko Dishwasher Error Codes – How To Clear – What To Check?”

  1. Contacted Asko and three lines in three columns means door not closing properly. Check door closing to activate door closed sensor/switch

  2. I think they gave me a new machine. If I remember correctly they tried to tell me the mother board was bad (on a BRAND NEW machine) and it needed to be replaced. I said no way so they gave me a new one. Good luck and if u can get a refund get a Bosch that’s what I’ll get next

  3. Hi Jessica, did you ever work out what the issue was with your dishwasher as ours has the same problem and can’t find information on it anywhere, thanks

  4. Our asko dishwasher when turned on won’t turn off and not reacting to button presses. It displays error code F52.

  5. Michael Doellefeld

    Thanks so much guys! Your great advice helped me fix my dishwasher, fantastic site you have, really appreciate your comments, because they worked!

  6. We have an Asko D5457 dishwasher.
    It has 3 lines in three colums on the right display.
    It won’t start.
    What can we do?

  7. Same thing happened to our last night after a power outage. Did you find a way to fix it and restart the dishwasher?

  8. I have a 40.2 series that was flashing F11 code. I cleaned out the drain, which had an almond blocking it, and the code cleared and the machine worked. However, now when it finishes a cycle the machine will not turn back on unless we unplug the power for a while which I suppose resets something. Not sure what is going on.

  9. Hey my dishwasher DF1664 is showing s:01 after a recent power outage. I’ve turned off the circuit at the breaker, but nothing. Can you help?

  10. I have a D5434 Dishwasher. It has three lines on the display in 3 columns. What error does this indicate? The unit doesn’t do anything when start button is pressed.

  11. Hi Torben, I have the same problem like yours on my Asko D3630. I need help, How did you you fix it? Appreciate your feedback.

  12. I have an D5434 model dishwasher and the display panel is displaying 9 dashes before going back to the wash cycle time.
    The cycle won’t begin after pressing start the dashes just display again.
    – – –
    – – –
    – – –

  13. My asko D5636 dishwasher shows D12. I unplugged it, and plugged it back. Still beeping and shows D10. The control panel isn’t work, I can not do anything. The drainer line is clear. Water isn’t coming in, but the pump is running. I need to plug out, because it’s kept beeping and the pump is runn ing. Please give me some help, what I can do.

  14. we have the asko dishwasher.Dw40.1.
    it is showing F54 and says press any button to reset.
    it does not reset and the little water pump comes on straight away and will not turn off

  15. We had a big storm and the power went on and off and after that my dishwasher is stuck on s:03. We have tried everything. Any ideas? Still makes noises but won’t do anything else.

  16. have an Asko DBI664 which is showing error code S:01 on the display.
    Have turned off the main power and back on with no change.
    Have tried to use the power button on the control panel, just beeps and no change.
    Any thoughts on this

  17. S:02 code.
    Screen stuck but beeps when buttons are pressed.
    Turned off at circuit breaker.
    Still stuck on S:02

  18. Dishwasher always goes into F12 fault after a blackout
    Tech comes and reprograms the washer and works
    Is there a backup memory battery in the control panel

  19. Jean-Marie Langis

    Nous avons le lave-vaisselle, Asko D3122XL
    Pour les cycles (gros, moyen, petit).Le lavage se fait jusqu’à la moitié du cycle, ensuite il se vide et arrête complètement. Lumière rouge s’éteint. Il ne complète pas son cycle.
    pour le cycle de rinçage seul, celui-ci se fait entièrement.

  20. Hi were you able to fix this error F10 yourself. or did you have to call in a technician. I have exactly the same problem. I unplugged and plugged it back in. But the machine/ pump is running with F10 error. There is no water at the bottom in the machine.. Grateful for your advice.

  21. There is a teardrop showing on the touch panel and nothing happens when I push start.
    The power will turn on and that is all and there are no error codes.

  22. We have had our Asko D5122 Dishwasher for 10 years and absolutely love it. For the past few months, there has been a kind of burning smell coming from it during the wash cycle. We could never figure out what it was. The dishes were still coming out clean, it didn’t seem to affect the performance of the machine. Now for the last few days, our dishes are not dry at all and no heat is coming from the dishwasher now. And anything greasy is not cleaned at all including the cutlery :( Would appreciate any suggestions

  23. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Try unplugging your ASKO dishwasher to reset the board and clear the 99 error code.

  24. I have an ASKO dishwasher model number D3350 and I have an Error code 99.
    I can hear the motor running but the display is locked on 99.
    I would appreciate any information you can give.

  25. Hi, I have an Asko D5646. Control panel is operating normally but when I switch it on, water is filling while pump clears it back down the waste. this goes on for about 1 minute then it beeps while displaying F40 error code. I have tried switching off and on again at the power point. I have checked for blockages. removed drain from sink waste. All clear.

  26. I have an ASCO dishwasher model no D3122SS
    It is working OK except the little door on the detergent dispenser does not open at all for the whole length of the cycle. Throwing the detergent block into the cutlery tray does not give results. What can I do.

  27. I have an Asko Diswasher Asko\Model#D5534 The LCD displays an opening door. There are no error codes. I have tried unplugging and plugging back in to clear it. Power button, program button all cause the LCD to show an opening door (animated).
    I have checked the door clear of obstructions, there is nothing blocking the door from closing all the way. Puzzling.

  28. Im getting an F10 error message. Over filling. How do i clear this. ive emptied out the water and no more is coming in but i cant use it until its clear. The water is trying to pump out even when its not turned on at the machine.

  29. Hey.
    My Asko dishwasher comes with error f12. But i takes water in and then it stand-by fore abort 20-30 sekunds and then f12 failure code comes. So if The f12 code means there is an failure on water intake but it takes water in – What Can The failure be then? I hope you Can help me.

    Best regarts Torben.

  30. recently purchased a new home with asko dishwasher D5131 (possibly 8 years old). Been working fine but now stopping after 2 minutes and flashing F7. Any ideas??

  31. Asko D5233 Dishwasher starts as normal then 2 minutes later cycle just stops. When I open dw the panel lights on Aut and Heavy wash (the big sized pot symbol) are flashing.

  32. I have an Asko Diswasher type DW 90.2. The LCD displays an opening door. There are no error codes. I have tried unplugging and plugging back in to clear it. Power button, program button all cause the LCD to show an opening door (animated).
    I have checked the door clear of obstructions, there is nothing blocking the door from closing all the way. Puzzling.

  33. So the dishwasher started but then sounded like it was interrupted stopped it all bars are lit up on top it stayed full and didnt drain dw90.2 xl

  34. I have Model No D3132. A visitor put my dishwasher on a normal wash, which went through. Now I have “E” showing in the end window and the time for the normal wash has changed to 1 hour 01 mins instead of 1 hr 47 mins. How can I get it back to the proper time for the wash cycle. thank you

  35. Hi there my dishwasher seems to rotate between time and Broken lines all adjustments seems to work but reverts back to rotating between time and broken lines ,any ideas please

  36. Hi my Asko dishwasher is showing F9 and the pumps works but no other function, can you assist and advise what it is.

    Thank you Joan

  37. I have an Asko 1485 dishwasher and all of the lights are blinking and there is what appears to be an 11 in the display. How do I clear that? Thanks

  38. Matthew Bryan

    Our Asko dishwasher when turned on has 3 lots of 3 vertical flashing lines. Nothing works.
    Have tried unclogging drains to no effect.
    You can scroll through different wash cycles but when you press start button, same 3 lots of 3 vertical lines start flashing again.

  39. jeanmarc bronoel

    Had a Asko dishwasher installed today. Model DBI664PHXXLS.
    After 15′ in the cycle, a red light is blinking, error code F56.
    Tried several times to restart the cycle, it always ends up with F56.
    Brand new $1500 dishwasher not working …

  40. Susan Polmear

    I have moved into a house with an ASKO D5434 dishwasher, purchased in June 2015. It is connected to a power plug, which is operational with other items, but the screen on the dishwasher screen is blank with no light or codes shown. What is required to get the dishwasher to access the electrical supply?

  41. My Asko dishwasher will not turn on shows door open symbol ~ we have rebooted it and shows the same

  42. My Asko dishwasher is showing broken lines not a code. It was previously showing the F11 code for drainage error.

  43. No error code dishwasher showing 1 and seems to be stuck in cycle when I turn off and on it will not respond to any buttons pushed? Help???

  44. I have a Asko dishwasher 18-95.
    We have recently moved in the house and noticed that the light in the dishwasher inside is constantly on.
    Is this normal?
    When looking to the side of the dishwasher, it looks like the side light is also on.

  45. Hi I have an ASKO D3122 Dishwasher the power lights are on but the program panel won’t work.

  46. ASKO DISHWASHER no warning codes displayed, but a red light is flashing on the lower right corner.
    I filled the rinse aid dispenser, but is still flashing when dishwasher is running.

  47. My problem is on a Asko DW20.4 dishwasher.
    I’m getting a water outlet fault.
    I’ve cleaned out the filters and the impeller turns freely can’t feel any blockage there.
    What is your thoughts on this?

  48. I have an F12 error code. Water is in the bottom of the machine and won’t empty. Also won’t compete a cycle now. How do I fix the problem please?

  49. I have an F2 error code on my Asko D3335.
    There is water not draining.
    The float switch is fine.

  50. My Asko D3530 won’t clean bottom tray. Top cleans perfect on normal cycle but bottom won’t even rince food off dishes. Arms are clean and clear of debries. No codes.

  51. Hi Rick, same problem here.

    I can almost never complete my cycles anymore. I checked the hose, seems ok. I have not dismantled the pump etc, but I doubt this is the problem as it does know how to flush 100%, since it works at the beginning of the cycle.
    Seems like something is informing the computer that the pumping is not done 100% at a certain point in the cycle, although the levels are ok.
    Have you found your solution?
    PS: this is why I have those computer based interfaces. If this would happen in the old Dial systems, I’d hack my way though by emptying with the start-flush, then push the cycle to the point of rupture.

  52. I have ASKO model 1502 for many years and I love it.
    Never had a problem until now.
    Nothing is lighting up.
    I have held the ‘start’ pad for 3 seconds and pressed ‘start’.
    Does not come on.
    No symbol lights.

  53. Asko D5434
    My dishwasher displayed error code F00 after completion. It was continually making the end of cycle beeps.
    I turned the dishwasher off and back on again and the code disappeared. I have not tried to use the dishwasher again. Can you tell me what this code means please?

  54. My Asko dishwasher, model D5634 is giving F11 error code. It is pumping out the water, I can see it and hear it in the disposal. There is a small amount of water left in the bottom of the drain screen but otherwise seems to drain completely. It won’t complete the program after the error. I’m pretty sure its not the hose or pump.

  55. The open door error keeps flashing (horizonta
    Lines ) but door isn’t open or blocked? There was water in bottom of machine when I first saw indicator light . I’ve cleaned all filters inside the unit….. not sure what else to do…. keeps saying door not shut lights ?

  56. Our Asko D5424 dishwasher comes up with three horizontal lines where the time should be.
    I can’t find this error in the manual…
    – –
    – –
    – –
    Like above but lines closer together.

  57. I have an Asko D3351 Dishwasher.
    Had gone through the wash cycle and has emptied, but it won’t stop trying to empty, and all the lights are on.
    No fault indicators.

  58. We have an ASKO Dishwasher model No D5424
    We set the dishwasher going on a load of dishes as usual and it progressed to 1 minute remaining on rinse
    and their it remained . The only way to stop it is to switch it off . None of the touch screen displays will work.
    If you switch the machine back on with the door open the screen displays 3 sets of 3 horizontal lines, on closing the door it continues to rinse . Can you help? Thankyou.

  59. Have an ASKO D3350 and am getting an F7 error.
    Trap wasn’t that gummed up, but cleaned everything out anyway.
    Can reach into the sump and spin the propeller easily enough.
    From what I can tell there are no blockages.
    Have even poured gallons of water into the unit then started a cycle to test drainage.
    Washer is empty within seconds.
    Will still run for 2 minutes (pump running the whole time) then stop and flash F7.

  60. Darren Partridge

    Hello, we keep getting an F11 error on our dishwasher.

    I have checked the hose and there doesn’t seem to be any blockages.

    I managed to do a flush with a rinse cycle followed by an empty full cycle with a dishwasher cleaner, but the moment I try do a load with dishes then I get the F11 error.

    We have had this dishwasher for 6 months. Our previous Bosch Dishwasher we had for 8 years and never had this problem.

    Any ideas?

  61. My ASKO dishwasher will not turn on it is making a clicking drumming noise but lights will not stay in To start programme. They flash on and off briefly.

  62. DIY Project Help Tips

    Edward Stopa,
    Asko Dishwasher fault code L simply denotes LED. There should be a number next to it. Is it just an L showing on the display or is there a number showing also?

  63. Asko dishwasher, Model 1503. In the display, fault code L is showing. What does mean, what does it take to fix the issue. Power is going to board, delay cannot be removed by holding down start switch for 3 sec.,then pushiing start switch. NO START

  64. My dishwasher will not start any wash cycle and is displaying a water droplet on the display what does this mean please? I have switched off at mains and water inlet is unchanged.

  65. DIY Project Help Tips

    If you already cleared out the trap and made sure the washer drain hose is not bent…
    Most likely the drain pump on your Asko washer if blocked or clogged with a foreign object.
    Unplug the washer and inspect the drain pump, you will most likely find something inside or in the lines near it.

  66. My Asko 6441 clothes washer won’t drain. I get an F3 message, and I’ve cleared out the pin trap, checked for kinked hose, and restarted several times. Any ideas?

  67. Asko dishwasher mod# D5538XLF1 Ser.#124802304439, keep getting a F12 code called Asko service for help. They said to change Control and may be pressure and micro switch. Changed all these parts which were very costly, still getting same code. The dishwasher will drain good and when I start the cycle it will fill o/k then it just stops won’t into next cycle.

  68. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you supply us with the Model number of your Asko Dishwasher?
    We can provide further help once we know which model Asko dishwasher you have.

  69. Asko dishwasher power comes on, program dial illuminates, cannot advance program to desired or electronic button and any buttons are unresponsive. The door is securely closed.

  70. Steve callinan

    Asko D5436wh dishwasher keeps faulting and wont start. Three dotted lines keep flashing up on the screen. Have turned off at the wall and occasionally this will reset it and it works. Have cleaned all filters. Tried to start in different programs. Now wont work at all. Timer may appear on the screen but as soon as you press start. The three lines if three dashes starts flashing. Unit purchased from the Good Guys 22nd Dec 2015.

  71. DIY Project Help Tips

    The true meaning may be the dishwasher cannot drain properly therefore the water “in” is having issues.
    Make sure the dishwasher is able to drain properly.
    Check the bottom sump and surrounding areas for blockages.
    If nothing, check the pump itself as it can be faulty or clogged.

  72. My ASKO is running for about a min of the cycle and then it starts beeping showing F12 code. I see that it means there’s a issue with value of the water but how can I check for this, all the pipes are in correctly, I have the water on properly. Also when I remove the filter there’s some water hanging out in there and it doesn’t seem like its rising or going down, is this normal?

  73. Asko D5456 with F11 error.
    I’ve checked drainage, nothing seems to be blocked in machine. Can’t get in further to see pipes. Water not draining away.

  74. DIY Project Help Tips

    Tony Wimble,
    Asko Dishwasher D3530 “Water Outlet Fault” = A kinked or restricted drain line.
    Check to make sure you have no kinks in the drain line.
    If you have a air gap, check to make sure it’s not clogged and gets good water flow.
    Check drain tubes from pump to disposal and make sure the inlet hole is clear.

  75. Asko Dishwasher D3530 states “Water Outlet Fault” There is no code that I can see.
    Have removed collection unit in base and found about 3 cms/1″ of water in there. Felt around, can find no food particles obstructing area. Switched off power, restarted and sign returns.
    Can someone advise or suggest next steps.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  76. DIY Project Help Tips

    Hans Wildburger,

    Unplug the Asko dishwasher.
    Remove the bottom kickplate to be able to see under the dishwasher.
    There should be a float right in the center of the unit.
    The water makes it float and the float presses a switch to run the pump.
    There may be water down there that is making the float switch activate.
    If you see water, tilt the dishwasher to drain it.
    If no water, then something may be stuck and holding the switch in the upwards position.
    Let us know what you find.


  77. Hans Wildburger

    My Asko dishwasher panel light is blinking nonstop and the drain pump is running/pumping without stopping. The only way to stop the pumping is to unplug the unit. I do not have an error code display on the front panel. I like to repair the dishwasher myself. What do I need to do, what is the problem? Thank you, Hans.

  78. DIY Project Help Tips

    ASKO DISHWASHER ERROR CODE F2 = There is water in the drain pan under the dishwasher and this is causing the flood switch to activate which will show the F2 error code.
    To remove the water at the bottom of the dishwasher drain pan: Pull the dishwasher out or tilt it forward 45 degrees and let the water pour out.
    If you cannot remove the dishwasher… Let it sit for 3 or 4 days with a fan running through it to try and evaporate the water.

  79. My ASKO dishwasher is displaying a F2 error, i just replaced the drain hose, could this have something to do with it? If it’s the water pump or valve what does this mean and could i repair it myself?

  80. Shannon Wilmore

    My asko dishwasher fills and drains, but will not wash. It gives no error codes.

  81. DIY Project Help Tips

    Noreen Inwood,
    F7 error on Asko Dishwashers means a draining issue.
    Remove the lower dish tray and look in the bottom for the filter screen compartment. It needs to be cleaned or replaced if damaged. Food particles, broken dishes, and scaling can clog passageways and will reduce pressure enough to eventually result in inefficient draining.

  82. Asko dishwasher N516.
    It shows a fault F7.
    Still goes but times for programmes are incorrect. It shows 31 minutes for the Normal wash.
    Have turned it off at the wall and it does correct itself but when we turn it on and commence the programme again it stops halfway and the F7 comes up.
    Will start and finish the programme when we re push Start but wondering why this happens..
    Have looked carefully and it does appear to say F7 and not F1.

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