LG Refrigerator In Demo Display Mode – Panel Displays OFF – How To Reset

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Refrigerator Display or Demo mode is a feature built into refrigerators that completely disables the cooling components in the refrigerator and freezer. The reason for this is to conserve energy while the refrigerator is in a store as a display model. The lights and the digital control panel will still be operational. If you are having issues with your LG refrigerator, you may have purchased a floor model from the store or the refrigerator was on display or demo mode from the factory. NOTE: The display panel on your LG refrigerator (whether vertical or horizontal) will show OF F or O FF. OF F is displayed on horizontal displays and O FF is shown on vertical displays.

LG refrigerator displays OFF on panel - Demo ModeLG refrigerator displays OFF on panel – Demo Mode

How to get your LG refrigerator out of Display or Demo mode:
1. Be sure the refrigerator is plugged in and you are seeing OF F on the display panel.
2. Open the right side door.
3. Keep left side door (where panel is located) shut.
4. Press and hold down the ICE PLUS/LOCK button and the REFRIGERATOR button at the same time.
5. Hold the buttons down for 3 to 6 seconds.
6. The panel will return to its normal setting and you will hear an audible “ding”.
7. The refrigerator dispenser will initialize.
8. The temperature numbers will appear on the display, set the desired temperature for the freezer and refrigerator.
9. Make sure the refrigerator is now cooling and the LCD panel is functioning properly.

LG refrigerator reset display demo modeLG refrigerator – How to reset display demo mode
Hold both ICE PLUS and REFRIGERATOR buttons for 5 seconds

In other LG refrigerator models, you may see the LED scrolling from 1 to 7. To reset this and get the fridge off of demo/display mode, you have to open the right door and press both the “REFRIGERATOR ADJUST” button and the “ICE PLUS” button for 3 to 6 seconds.

If you buy a floor model refrigerator, scratch and dent refrigerator, or a refurbished refrigerator, chances are it will be in DEMO mode. Follow the steps above and you will have your LG refrigerator back to cooling and freezing. If you have any issues with your refrigerator not cooling, here is a page that can help you to troubleshoot the issue. If you have other error codes that display on your refrigerator panel, here is the LG refrigerator error codes page.

If you have any questions about your LG refrigerator getting stuck in demo or display mode, leave us a question below and we will get back to you with an answer ASAP.

20 thoughts on “LG Refrigerator In Demo Display Mode – Panel Displays OFF – How To Reset”

  1. I have an LG top freezer refrigerator, model LTC22350. The LED light on the temperature control panel is not lit up. I don’t know what temperature I have the fridge set to because there is not LED lit up. I did the steps to take it out of demo mode (ie: hold down both the freezer and fridge buttons while also holding down temperature adjust button). I heard compressor come on after that but LED light still not on. When you do this to make sure fridge isn’t in demo mode, which temp setting will the fridge default to? 3? Thanks

  2. khamhoung keovilay

    I have an LG GN-M492CPC model refrigerator, the green plasma panel indicated “d” in the refrigerator’s bottom. What is the problem? and How to fix or reset it? I cannot click any bottoms now, the fridge has 3 bottoms: green plasma on/off; refrigerator; and super cool

  3. Anthony Viravong

    Model # LFX25976SW

    I’ve done everything above. With resetting it. Even tried unplugging it. Nothing seems to work. No beeping sound when we try to reset, nothing on the display. I went off the owner’s manual.

  4. Hi….went away for 2 days and come back and the fridge has lights on and the display still working..( no one at home to play with it)…but both fridge and freezer has stopped working….fridge only 9 days old…been working great for 8 days previous….LG insta-view Gf-V708MBSL.

  5. My lg refrigerator, model lnxc23726, will not keep display lit. Is not in Demo mode. Have researched and used the manual but nothing seems to work to keep the display lit.

  6. abimbola ademola

    Good afternoon, I bought LG refrigerator 247CSAV from LG outlet yesterday and I was giving the display model. Have been trying to disable the display mode by following the steps above but nothing seems to be working my way. Please is there anything you think I can do to it

  7. Wayne b MacCuaig

    LG fridge Model # LFC23760SB , approx. 7yrs old, is slipping into demo mode by itself. This has happened 4-5 times in last 2 months. Any advise on this occurrence would be appreciated before we come home after an extended time away to find a fridge full of bad food. We have enjoyed all three LG appliance’s since we renovated our kitchen.
    Wayne from Ottawa Canada.

  8. please l have this error OF and F on an LG refrigerator model GSJ960PZBZ. l tried the above procedure that is pressing and holding down the ice plus and refrigerator buttons for 6 seconds but it did not work. Is there anything else l can do?

    one more thing the red LED on the control board does not light at all
    also may l know the resistance of the Thermistors (about 4 of them 2 the freezer and 2 for the fridge side) at room temp? . How can l test the inside fan motor at the freezer compartment, it has 4 wires.
    Thanks you very much

    Freezer at the bottom.
    The fridge compartment on top level isn’t cold at all.
    Temp at 3 degree C.
    Freezer is cold.
    What could be the issue with this brand new fridge.

    Button on control panel as below:
    Linear Compressor

  10. My LG 22860st Refrigerator seems to be in lock mode.
    None of the control panel buttons light up or respond to touch.
    Nothing happens when I hold down the lock button for three seconds, what else can I try?

    1. DIY Project Help Tips

      To deactivate the Control Lock function on your LG refrigerator, press and hold the CONTROL LOCK button for 3 seconds.
      DISPLAY OFF MODE: When your refrigerator is in Display Off mode, the LED display panel will remain off until a door is opened or a button is pressed.
      Once on, the display will remain lit for 20 seconds.

      If that does not work, unplug the fridge for 5 minutes and see if that resets the display board.

      If not, you may have a bad wire harness or a bad display board that will need to be removed and replaced.


  11. I just bought a floor model and am having the same issue with it being stuck in display mode despite me following the proper instructions.
    Steps taken:
    -Plugged unit in
    -Opened right door
    -Pressed Refrigerator button and Express Freeze simultaneously for over 5 seconds
    Model #GMM916NSHV (European model, we live in Italy)
    LG customer support has been no help

    1. Hello Randy, I hope you are well and got your fridge/freezer going. I’m replying to it so as to get the info needed out in the public domain. Like everybody else, I followed the instructions to no avail, so then I started to play with permutations…

      To cancel/activate demo mode for GLC8839SC or GMM916NSHV
      1. Ensure plugged in and switched on.
      2. Open RH door of fridge (may work with other doors, but who cares?)
      3. Press and hold “Fridge button”
      4. Press and release “Express Freeze button” 4 times

      Display will “Bleep” and either show target temperatures or “OFF” depending on what you are doing.

  12. Thank you! The model number is LFD258$0ST. I had to turn it off at the power box – I couldn’t pull it out of the cabinet. That worked!!! But do you think the board is going bad and could I do that myself? Thank you.

  13. My LG refrigerator door display is resetting itself continuously! The refrigerator isn’t cooling. I’ve tried to see if it’s in display mode. Still not working.

    1. DIY Project Help Tips

      What is the model number of your LG refrigerator?
      In the meantime, try unplugging the fridge for 10 minutes, then plug back in and see if it MAY have reset the problem.

    1. DIY Project Help Tips

      Have you tried everything above to reset the error OFF MODE?
      What have you tried.
      What is the model number of your LG refrigerator?

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