Ninja Blender Has Blinking RED Light And Will Not Turn On

My new Ninja blender will flash the red power button. The controls do not work. The red light blinks on and off. It is plugged in correctly and the lid is locked down. I have tried pressing the other buttons and nothing works. Is there something I am missing? Please help.

Ninja Blender Flashing Red LightNinja Blender Flashing Red Light – How To Fix

FAST ANSWER: ALIGN THE 2 WHITE ARROWS = Align the small arrow on the handle of the Ninja to align with the arrow on the lid.

The Ninja blender needs the LID to be aligned correctly with the HANDLE for the blender to work properly. Look at the lid on your Ninja blender, there is a small white arrow on one corner. Look at the handle on the Ninja blender, there is a small white arrow on the handle. In order for the Ninja blender to work properly, YOU NEED TO HAVE THE 2 ARROWS ALIGNED and pointing towards each other. If the 2 arrows are not aligned, the Ninja blender will flash the red light and not start or respond when pressing any of the buttons. To get the light to be STEADY, you simply have to readjust the lid to align the 2 white arrows.

Ninja Blender Lid - Arrows On Lid And HandleNinja Blender Lid – Arrows On Lid And Handle

You may also run into an issue if the lid is not locked down all the way. In this case the power button will continuously flash red and will not start. The lid needs to be locked by moving the handle on the lid in the DOWN position and properly locked. If you have the lid locked and the red light is still flashing, you most likely do not have the 2 arrows aligned properly.

If the pin on the lid does not go down far enough to depress the switch, then the lid is not on correctly. Resposition it so the arrows are aligned and the lid is able to lock properly.

Another issue could be that the the pitcher of the blender is NOT properly fitted on the base of the blender. The Ninja pitcher can fit onto the base in all 4 positions. If you find that it is hard to rotate the pitcher and get it into the locked position, then it is not properly on the blender. The Ninja pitcher should be able to rotate on the base very easily if you have it on correctly.

Pitcher On Ninja Blender Needs To Face You To LockPitcher On Ninja Blender Needs To Face You To Lock

The Ninja pitcher needs to be locked on with the front of the pitcher facing you. The pitcher needs to be locked down on the blender base as seen in the pictures. If you put the pitcher on backwards it will not work.

To open the ninja blender:
Press the power button to turn the blender off. Press the rectangle shaped button on the top of the lid. Then lift up on the handle attached to the lid and the lid will come off.

How TO Open Ninja Blender LIDHow TO Open Ninja Blender LID?

Here is the Official website for Ninja Blenders to assist you further.

Did this help you to get your Ninja Blender working? If not please leave a question below and we can assist with your issue.

19 thoughts on “Ninja Blender Has Blinking RED Light And Will Not Turn On”

  1. I just bought my blender in May of this year
    I Blinking red light is on everything is aligned everything is shut down and it’s still not working???

  2. Jo Ann Venneberg

    My small one is not working anymore either. Red light continues to blink. The big one works fine……do I need a new part?

  3. Blinking light problem when using the small container with the twist on/off lid not the big one with the lid with the clip.

    The big container works fine…

    I made sure everything is secure, but its not working for the small one.
    please help!

  4. My Ninja Chef has no alignment arrows. The on button is flashing and the settings knob will not turn without great effort, and I cannot
    push the knob in without great effort. I have used this for two years, but had not used it recently.

  5. My blender closes well with out the blade but wont with the blade in it I’ve tried everything but nothing works I don’t see what the problem is I’ve had it only a year and its my first time using it

  6. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Ninja Blender Red Light Flashing
    Just be sure it is lined up with the arrow.
    Be sure nothing is under the pitcher when you place it on the blender as it may cause the red light to flash as the connection is not secure.

  7. My Ninja blender won’t work. I fixed the flashing lights but when it’s turned on the blades won’t move. I saw crumbs of broken plastic at the base. Can the parts be replaced?

  8. Just fixed mine! The two or three tabs on the base unit need to depress when the jug is installed – mine were not because part of the plastic broke off on the bottom of the jug! So I jambed a couple of small pieces of plastic in to depress the two contacts on the base – one also worked – and put a little glue in to hold and and presto – the blinking light is off!!! You can test if this is the problem by using a very small screw driver and pressing down on the base contact – once you do the power should not flash – if so, you have solved the problem and likely the jug base is broken – really poor design – likely broke off when taking it on and off?

    Now when the jug goes on it works – this may not be the safest solution but it works – check the base of the jug – maybe yours is broken off as well? I am going to order a new one.

  9. Have all arrows in alignment and power button still blinking. Have tried several times. What do I need to check next. Work good on everything except the food processor.

  10. My ninja has a solid red light on the power button. What does this mean? The unit works but I don’t remember has a solid red light.

  11. I was washing my daughter’s Ninja blender. I was trying to get the lid off. The top of the lid separated from the bottom of the lid. And a little L shaped pin fell out. I don’t think anything broke it just came apart. Where does the pin belong. I think it helps release the side locks of the lid.

  12. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Doris M Ross,
    Since there are many different types of Ninja blenders, can you look at the bottom of the blender and give us the model number?
    Once we have the model number we can help you to solve your blender issue.

  13. My Ninja blender is plugged in and a steady red light comes on (not blinking),.
    3 small white lines are displayed and nothing happens.
    I can’t find the directions.
    Is there a button to turn it on?
    How does it start?

  14. I have a Ninja Blender Pro Duo- was expensive but worth it until the flashing red light appeared. Lid is locked, arrows line up, jug is locked in and nothing. We didnt have it long before it broke. Wish I knew before we bought it.

  15. Connie Clyburn

    I’ve had my reconditioned Ninja for a few years, but couldn’t get it to work. (I lost the receipt and the time to return it expired) We tried everything and I found this page just today. After trying all the suggestions, it still didn’t work. This one has two blender pitchers and my husband noticed the lids wouldn’t lock down completely with the pitchers on the base — even with everything lined up. Long story shortened – we realized the lids had been switched. The lid for the small pitcher won’t work on the large one and vice versa. Once we figured that out, it works great! Yay!

  16. I too have done every thing you say I have checked the arrows and they are aligned the base is locked too. I have only had mines a little over a year. Is there something else I can try.

  17. Vivian Martinez

    When I plug in my ninja blender the red flashing lights comes on right away. I have checked the arrows are aligned,the base is locked. What else is possibly going on? Please help.I have had it for 3 years & I don’t use it that much. It was working a week ago. Thank you.

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