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Hitachi Refrigerator Troubleshooting Guide – Not Cooling – Does Not Freeze – No Ice – Error Codes

This Hitachi fridge troubleshooting guide will assist you in repairing your Hitachi Refrigerator. If you have issues with your Hitachi refrigerator not cooling, not producing ice cubes, shows error code FO 12, or does not freeze, have a look at the guide below to troubleshoot your Hitachi refrigerator.

Hitachi Refrigerator Troubleshooting GuideHitachi Refrigerator Troubleshooting Guide

If you need Hitachi refrigerator specifications you can find them here. You can download the Hitachi Refrigerator Service Owners Manual in PDF form below. This guide will also show you how to use the Hitachi display panel and what each button functions are.


Hitachi refrigerator control panelDisplay Panel: Names and Function of Display and Button On Hitachi Refrigerators


How to use the Ice dispenser and water dispenserHow to use the Ice dispenser and water dispenser for Hitachi Refrigerator


How to use the control panel on Hitachi refrigeratorHow to use the control panel on Hitachi refrigerator


Hitachi Refrigerator Troubleshooting Manual Free PDF DownloadHitachi Refrigerator Troubleshooting Manual Free PDF Download


Hitachi refrigerator troubleshooting 1Hitachi refrigerator troubleshooting 2


Hitachi refrigerator troubleshooting 3Hitachi refrigerator troubleshooting 4

Hitachi refrigerator troubleshooting 5

Hitachi refrigerator troubleshooting 6Hitachi refrigerator troubleshooting 7


Hitachi refrigerator troubleshooting 8

Hitachi refrigerator troubleshooting 9

If you are getting error codes flashing that begin with the letter “F”, this means that there is an issue with the FREEZER section of your Hitachi refrigerator. Above are error code definitions for F3 01 & F3 02.

If you need more error code definitions, please leave us a comment below and we will tell you what the error code means.

If you follow the troubleshooting guide above, you can understand the issue with your Hitachi refrigerator and fix it yourself.

The following Hitachi Refrigerator Model numbers apply for troubleshooting: R-S700E8H, R-S700G8H, R-M700E8H, R-M700G8H, R-S700ERU8, R-S700GRU8, R-S800ES8V, R-S800GS8V, R-S800EY8, R-S800GY8, R-S700EK8, R-S700GK8, R-S700EUK8, R-S700GUK8, R-M700ERU8, R-M700GRU8, R-M800ES8V, R-M800GS8V, R-M800EY8, R-M800GY8R-M700EK8, R-M700GK8, R-M700EUK8, R-M700GUK8.

If you are having problems with your Hitachi refrigerator that are not listed above, please leave a comment or question below and we will be happy to assist you in fixing or repairing your Hitachi refrigerator.

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92 thoughts on “Hitachi Refrigerator Troubleshooting Guide – Not Cooling – Does Not Freeze – No Ice – Error Codes”

  1. Do you have a service manual, parts list and troubleshooting guide for the R-WB550PT2? Apart from these, I want to know if I need to reset the PCB after fixing the error reported by the error code lights on the PCB.

  2. Hello.
    i bought the same new fridge hitachi r-s700 And not working, shows no life. What kind of failure was with you?

  3. My hitachi fridge leak water on the floor. One day I pull the fridge out and see the water pan tilted one side. I saw the white clip holding on to the water pan has broken. According to Hitachi Singapore the white holder is a part that was pre reinstalled in Factory. So no spare parts, only their technician can implement a workaround solution.

    So I drained away all the still dusty water inside the water pan and there is something like a heating coil.

    After cleaning the water pan I fix it back and now I got this question: should I refill clean water to a level that is above the heating coil?

    As of today I can’t find any definite answer and when I ask customer service agent they also refuse to tell me asking me to arrange them to come down to do a check.

    Anybody know if I need to refill clean water until a level that cover or above the heating coil? Is this heating coil or condensation coil?

    Thank you

  4. Khaled Bellegdy

    I get error code FO 13.
    I have Hitachi R-S700EUK8
    Side by side minus zero cooling
    What does FO 13 mean?
    What to do?

  5. I have a HITACHI Refrigerator, Model No. RW660ERU9.
    There is a problem with cooling and ENERGY SAVING Light flickers four times after a short interval of about 1-2 seconds, continuously.
    What is the problem and what should I do?

  6. Isameldin Elhassan

    Hi, I have a hitachi fridge model R-S700GUK8 when trying to start it by pluging it to electricity i hear a sound like the compressor trying to start and stop, in general now is not working

    Nothing wrong shown on the fridge screen everything looks normal but not starting

    Need your help

  7. angelbert alban

    Hitachi side by side fridge
    Model: R-s700pg2 gbk
    Problem: No Power, suspected damage PCB motherboard.

  8. Hi, my hitachi fridge model R-VG560P3MS is only 3 years old. The fridge is working all fine, but the light bulb died and have no idea how to replace it, help please ):

  9. Hi
    I get error code fo 12.
    I have hitachi rs800gm
    Side by side minus zero cooling

    What does fo 12 mean?
    What to do?

  10. My Hitachi refrigerator Model number S-R800GM is showing me the code “F013”.
    I just replaced the fan and compressor.
    May i know what happened to it?
    I don’t think it’s the door problem as well.

  11. Did you find out the reason for the 7 times blinking LED?

    I have the same problem with Hitachi R-VG470PUK3 Refrigerator

  12. Hi
    I get error code fo 12.
    I have hitachi rs700grs8
    Side by side minus zero cooling

    What does fo 12 mean?
    What to do?

  13. Hi, We have a Hitachi fridge model no. R-X6000M. Water is leaking from the back of the fridge. How to fix it?

  14. Abraham tesfay

    My hitachi R-V660puk dual fan cooling refrigerator is cooling but not speed up the light indicator are in the lower part button not working

  15. Hi
    I get error code fo 12.
    I have hitachi rs700grs8
    Side by side minus zero cooling

    What does fo 12 mean?
    What to do?

  16. Hitachi refrigerator model no R-M700EUK8 is showing us FO 12 error code, now there is no cooling could you help me fixing it?

  17. Hi I Have Hitachi Refrigerator R-m700euk8 from last 4 days in display blinks F0 12 after it coming freezer and fridge not working but vegetable compartment is working in freezer also lower compartment is working but in upper compartment cooling is zero FO 12 error is their how can I fix

  18. I have double door refrigerator freezer R-S700GUK8. An error message F0 13 is flashing on the display. Please help. Thank you

  19. My hitach R-M600GTH ice is not drop in ice bank
    Ice maker is stil working
    The ice is not dropping in ice bank.

    Best regard

  20. I have a Hitachi double door R-5700EUK8
    Even though both doors are closed, there is a continuous beeping sound, I then open and shut both doors, for a while it is fine, but the beeping then comes back.
    Is there a way to shut off the beeping sound

  21. Hitachi inverter refrigerator green led in the pcb blinks 7 times and compressor won’t start…. any solution for this i checked the continuity of the compressor it’s showing all equally…..

  22. shabir nasser

    i have HITACHI fridge -freezer R-S700EUK8; when plugged in indicates F1 – 01 error flashing continuously.
    please assist to solve the problem.

  23. Hitachi R VG 400
    Water accumulates under veg tray and leaks on floor in front. Is defrost drain clogged. If yes, how to clean it?

  24. I have a Hitachi inverter refrigerator almost 5 years old. The freezer compartment door which has the temperature light is blinking and beeping non stop but inside is cold though. May I know what is the problem please?


    my Hitachi fridge with four doors R-W660FEK GBK is not working. Only the interior lights are on. The display on the door is not working, please advice me what to do.

  26. I have an error code F0 20 , what does it mean and how do I solve it.

    This error comes with a beeping sound as well.

  27. There is an error FO 12
    Blinking on my Hitachi dredge
    Two doors
    Dredge and freezer part
    What I need check

  28. I have a HITACHI Refrigerator-Freezer model R-M700GUQ8 it shows error code f0 12. Please tell what means this error and how to solve it.

  29. my fridge switched off and changed the compressor but the freezer at 15c and fridge at1c but now the freezer is taking long to freeze food please advice.

  30. Dr_jasmine ashraf

    I have Hitachi refrigerator model R-S700GPUK2 No water comes from the water dispenser and Tank empty lamp is on though the tank is full

  31. I have Hitachi model R-S700EUK8 and it displays FO 12 and everything is melting down, please advise on the solution.

  32. I am having a Hitachi refrigerator model no (RW 720FPUK1X)
    I Installed it two months back.
    There is a problem that its compressor and fans both are stop working suddenly.
    I do ask one of the mechanic, he told me that it might be the issue with its PCB (circuit ) on the top of refrigerator.

  33. I have a hitachi fridge freezer model R-B360ERU4V . It’s showing code SR after I moved it. What does this mean and how do I fix it

    Thanks for your help

  34. Pat Rutherford

    Error code F0 – 03 flashes. Ice maker is not functioning. Water tank in the refrigerator side is full. Code started flashing with a beeping noise when I selected ‘Ice tray cleaning’

  35. Lawrence Chong

    My fridge display place show FO 13.
    Please advise what is the issue n how to resolve it. Thanks

  36. We own a HITACHI Refrigerator, Model No. RW660END9 (GS) (BIG FRENCH – 4 DOOR 601 LTS.) CAPACITY 601,
    PRODUCT ODU 2120800154,
    There is a problem with cooling and ENERGY SAVING Light flickers four times after a short interval of about 3 seconds, continuously.
    Request to help us with the diagnosis of this problem and oblige.

  37. Hi!. I am getting F0 04 in the error code.Mt fridge model number is R-W691FMSX.

    Recently We clean the fridge compartments with light water applications. prior to this error code was displaying but the cooling and freezing was okay.

  38. I have Hitachi Refrigerator inverter dual fan model R-V470.
    The compressor does not work at all A green LED flashes 7 times on main board what is issue.

  39. Charles Buberwa

    Refrigerator compartment on My Minus Zero 4 doors Model No. R-W660FEUK9X GBK is not cooling at all. However, the water dispensor is not functioning seems no power is coming on the dispenser. How can I fix this.
    Also this unit has no Refrigerator temperature control dial and Freezer temperature control dial. Where are they?
    Please help

  40. Hi, my Hitachi inverter refrigerator screen displays F1 and 03. All the buttons are frezzed, do not work at all. Is there anyway that I can solve it out?

  41. Hassan Al Zaabi

    Hi my hitachi fridge is giving the following error F0 -> 12
    What does that mean

  42. I have Hitachi refrigerator model no R-VG660PUK3 GGR inverter control.
    The compressor does not work at all.
    A green led (marked led 101) flashes 7 times on main board.
    What is the problem?

  43. I’ve had my Hitachi fridge Model no: R-W660AGS6 STS for only 8 yrs now.
    I am looking for a timer for my fridge as it no longer freezes or keeps cold.
    This is very stressful for me.
    I need help urgently.
    I live in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

  44. Suhair abd al kareem skafi

    I am having an FO 12 on my fridge.
    But it just work fine so what is the problem?

  45. We have a Hitachi Refrigerator/Freezer No. S700GPUK2
    Problem 1 – Panel Lights do not come on when you open the Freezer Door. But comes on when you open Refrigerator Door.
    Problem 2 – Automatic Ice Maker is not working, does not seem to be pumping water as no ice has been made. As no ice is dropping into ice container. Although the cold water is still working?

  46. i have Hitachi R-W 660 EUN9

    energy saving error codes flashing 4 0 sequence
    please i want solve this problem

  47. DIY Project Help Tips

    joshua chew,
    Try unplugging the Hitachi Refrigerator for 10 minutes to attempt to reset the control board.

  48. DIY Project Help Tips

    The Hitachi refrigerator displaying FO with the 07 behind it it MAY mean a refrigerator fan error.
    Usually FO errors are with the refrigerator section and F3 error codes are for the freezer section but it may depend on the model number of your fridge.
    Can you recheck the model number as it does not come up in our database.
    Please let us know the correct model number and we can assist further.

  49. My Hitachi refrigerator R-700EUK08 does not cool and showing the error FO 12. What are the possible errors and how can I fix it?

  50. How can I know what is wrong with the signal of F0 and alternative flash with 12 on Hitachi Refrigerator?

  51. Fo o8 error eiving and compressor and all fan not working in hitachi refrigerator ModleR-D37NPAML (H)

  52. DIY Project Help Tips

    You may have a freezer fan that is bad.
    Does the fan run or spin in the freezer?
    Does the compressor run at all?
    If so, you most likely have a faulty freezer fan… AKA = Evaporator Fan

  53. Thank you for your reply.
    And you are right, the H code stayed for 1-2 hours and switched back to F0 12. Now there’s no cool air coming from the freezer, it’s like a cupboard now. The upper part also seems to heat up too (I could see the water bottles sweating).
    What should I do now?

  54. DIY Project Help Tips

    How long have you had your Hitachi Refrigerator plugged back in and seeing the H code?
    Make sure the fridge is plugged in for at least 12 to 24 hours with the temp settings cold as possible.
    This will give the refrigerator time to get to temp.
    The H means it is warm, so just give it time to get to the proper temperature and the H code should go away.
    If the F0 12 error code comes back after the fridge gets to temp, let us know and we will assist further.

  55. I have a Hitachi refrigerator model R-S38MPAM. The other day it displayed the F0 12 error code and everything was melting down, so I unplugged it and cleaned. But after I plugged it back, the screen displayed “H” at the freezer temperature place and the freezer doesn’t seem to be working at all, the upper part seems to be working fine. Please help!!

  56. DIY Project Help Tips

    Michael Robson,
    Look on inside door of freezer or fridge compartment for Hitachi Refrigerator Model Number.
    We need it to assist you.

  57. Michael Robson

    My Hitachi fridge is built in, it was here when we bought the condo, it’s single door, has a ice maker and water dispenser on front, I put a light bulb in the freezer compartment on top, it works fine, it has led lighting in the fridge compartment but doesn’t work.

  58. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you supply us with the model number of your Hitachi refrigerator please?

  59. DIY Project Help Tips

    You may have a dirty or malfunctioning ice maker.
    We would suggest to unplug fridge, remove ice maker and clean it, check mechanical, electrical issues, be sure it moves freely, no blockage, reinstall, plug fridge back in, and see if cleaning and or fixing it worked.
    If not you may have a bad electrical connection somewhere or the ice maker is faulty.

  60. No ice is being dropped into the ice tray, it is only when I press the ice tray cleaning function that the ice is dropped into the ice tray, but then a gray plastic part comes out and stays out and the ice cube making tray goes back to its normal place, water is poured into it, the gray part stays out, after that the ice is made but it does not drop into the ice tray.

  61. DIY Project Help Tips

    The “F” in the error code means there is an error with the freezer.
    Check the freezer fan, check for ice build up, check to be sure the temp settings are correct.

  62. My Hitachi refrigerator show flashing F0 and 12 and not freeze in freezer, how to fix this?

  63. DIY Project Help Tips

    What error code are you getting on your Hitachi refrigerator? Does it show FO 12?
    What is the model number of your Hitachi refrigerator?

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