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How To Fix A Refrigerator Ice Maker That Is Not Making Ice Cubes

Has your refrigerator ice maker has stopped producing or dispensing ice cubes? Most automatic ice makers on all refrigerators work using the same principles. Fixing the ice maker on your fridge is not usually a difficult task. Most of the problems can be fixed and repaired by you instead of calling a professional. There are a few obvious things you need to check first and foremost. These fix-it solutions apply to side-by-side and top and bottom new and old style refrigerators. The ice maker repair tips will work on all Kenmore, GE, LG, Samsung, Frigidaire, Whirlpool and Kitchen Aide Refrigerators and Freezers.

ice maker - how it worksThis Ice Maker Parts Identification Illustration can be used with the old and new style ice makers.
Both side-by-side and top and bottom refrigerators use the same ice making principles.

Is the ice maker in the “ON” position? On some ice makers there is an on/off switch located on the ice maker itself. Make sure this is in the on position.

Is the water filter clogged? There is a water filter in or behind your refrigerator that all water going to the ice maker passes through. If this filter is clogged then your ice maker will stop making ice cubes. Consult your refrigerator user manual or see how to change your refrigerator water filter.

Is the ice maker “shutoff arm’ in the up position? There is a plastic or metal arm the senses when your ice cube canister is full. When full the arm moves in the “up” position and shuts off the ice maker. Make sure the “feeler arm” is in the DOWN position and nothing is blocking it.

Are the water lines behind your refrigerator pinched? Sometimes moving your refrigerator around can pinch or crimp the water lines in the rear of the fridge. Pull the refrigerator out about 12 inches and using a flashlight, check the water line for crimps or being pinched.

Is the ice bin completely full? If the ice bin is completely full then your ice maker won’t keep making ice. This is because the ice arm is in the up position therefore pressing a micro-switch that turn the ice maker fully off.

Is your freezer not getting cold enough? If your freezer is not at freezing temperature, the ice maker cannot work properly to make ice cubes. Check using a temperature gauge and or turn the temp for the freezer down meaning to get it colder as close to 32 degrees as you can or colder. Usually an ice maker won’t function if the temp is 4 to 6 degrees above freezing. This means the temperature is too warm in the freezer to make ice cubes.

Is the ice maker paddle or ejector blades blocked? There is a spinning ice paddle inside of your ice maker that turns to push the ice cubes out. Make sure this paddle is not stuck or blocked thus preventing ice from being dispensed.

Is the water pressure too low? Sometimes the water pressure is so low it cannot be fed into the ice maker to make ice. This could be from a blocked water line or blocked filter. Check to be sure there are no blocked lines by removing them and blowing air through them. The only way to test the water filter is to just replace it.

Is the water valve behind your refrigerator turned off? The water valve behind your fridge can be turned off when replacing the water filter. It is possible you just changed the water filter and someone has forgotten to turn the water back on. Turn the valve on so water can flow to the ice maker.

Is the ice maker solenoid valve (water inlet valve) disconnected or has failed? The ice maker has a small solenoid valve that controls water flow. This solenoid is usually located in the back bottom of the refrigerator. It is possible an electrical connector has fallen off or the solenoid valve is faulty. Safely test the valve with a multimeter and confirm it is working properly.

new style ice makerThis ice maker installed in a side-by-side works exactly the same as the old style ice makers.

If none of the above suggestions has solved your problem, type your refrigerator manufacturer and model number into a search engine for more specific help and solutions.

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  1. Have a Kenmore Elite side by side with freezer on bottom. Suddenly the water and ice are not working at all anymore. If I push on the lever to dispense either one I can hear a faint motor sound but nothing. I checked the lines and not frozen; I cleaned the dust out from behind the fridge and nothing. Everything is plugged in correctly. Is it a motor thing? We have a well – could it be the filter? Will try to replace filter before buying any motors.

  2. I have same problem if I push the service button on the Ice maker Lg it will fill and release the ice cubes but will not do on its own I now believe it is the led that shutdown when it believes there is too much ice in tray

  3. Steven C Pfenning

    We have a Samsung French Door MN# RFG298AAWP/XAA Upper ice maker stopped working over a year ago, but lower freezer ice maker still worked fine. Recently, door water dispenser began leaking, dripping about 20 times per minute, so had to shut off water valve. Installed new water inlet valve and leak at dispenser stopped but upper icemaker still not working. Have very good water pressure to inlet valve, have replaced water filter, have pressed reset on ice maker, ice level arm on seems to be in down position, still not getting ice. Should I defrfost, remove ice maker and check water fill line for being froze up?

  4. I have a Kenmore model 106.51139214. The ice maker arm is stuck in the up position. I tried to pull it down but was afraid of using too much force and breaking it. What to do?

  5. I have a 1991 Kenmore cold spot that I brought from Utah to Texas. We cannot find the auger bin drawer for the freezer. Is it necessary to have the ice auger bin drawer for the ice cubes to be made? The parts company says that the auger bin is no longer available for sale anywhere for this model. The ice cube making device is still in the freezer but no ice cubes are coming out. There is a metal piece at the back of the fridge that does turn like a pinwheel but it does not seem to help the ice come out of maker. Does anyone have any advice for me?

  6. Did you figure this out? I am having the same issue with my freezer. Will only dump ice if i push the test button.

  7. Samsung RF267ABBP french doors and bottom freezer.
    I had to replace fan motor in top fridge, works good now.
    Freezer now has stopped working coils, fan not doing anything.
    I did unplug for over 30 sec and now on my second power freeze and looks like still not working.

  8. I have an LG French door fridge.
    Ice maker was not dumping ice, so I bought a new one and replaced it.
    It makes ice, but will not dump it. What is wrong?

  9. I have a two door LG frig but it is not making cubes of ice just crushing up. A little metal tube was on the top of the ice maker and obviously fits somewhere but cant see where. This must add to making cubes of ice.

  10. I have replaced the Kitchenaid ice maker twice. I cannot get ice makers to work. Is there a sensor hidden in plain site? I have replaced water filters. Removed ice bin and re-set. Is there a step I am missing?

  11. I have replaced the Kitchenaid ice maker twice. I cannot get ice makers to work. Is there a sensor hidden in plain site? I have replace water filters. Removed ice bin and re-set. Is there a step I am missing?

  12. I have an LG LFX25975ST that suddenly quit making ice. I did see water dripping down the front of one of double doors. I removed the bin to see if there was anything clogging it up, but it is clean. The arm is down. I have tried turning icemaker on/off. If I turn on the express ice maker, it makes ice.

  13. Hello Dan, My Samsung RF267AERS is doing the same thing as yours. I had left and shut the water off same as you. I have replaced the water valve and tried the reset button. No water is entering the tray. What did you find out with yours?

  14. We have a Daewoo 2411 S side by side fridge with ice and water dispenser. It is still making ice, but when cubed or crushed ice button is pushed, water is dispensed instead of ice. It’s definitely still making ice, but water is coming when ice buttons are pushed (it still dispenses water too from water button).

  15. DIY Project Help Tips

    It is DIY to replace the timer.
    Watch some videos to how to do it yourself.
    If it is too challenging, hire a tech.

  16. I have a Maytag frig. The refrigerator was accidentally turned off for 2 days. ( freezer was still on). Since that time ice maker does not make solid ice cubes. Mainly just water. Water will stop running when ice lever is raised up. Help

  17. I have a Kitchenaid Refrigerator model KSRJ25FXMS 25cu. ft.
    The water side let’s water out fine but the ice maker only does very little ice if any.
    I have city water not well water, saw little water on cardboard behind on fridge but not alot not sure of problem?
    I’ve cleaned all under and air flow good just need help so don’t have to pay $80 bucks just for someone to come to my house plus repair and parts?

  18. Hello RR,

    I have the Bosch b26ft70sns and have this problem where the water works fine but its not making ice. The motor works and tries to dispense ice but the unit is not making any.

  19. My freezer is located under the refrigerator.
    Lately my ice maker hasn’t been producing ice.
    I finally figured out that the ice maker is making ice but the ice tray is not turning to dump the ice out and make a new batch of ice.
    If I push the “test button” the ice tray will turn and drop the ice.
    But if I don’t push that “test button” the ice won’t drop and went keep making more.
    Does anyone know what I can do to go about fixing this problem to make the ice tray turn and drop ice?

  20. DIY Project Help Tips

    It sounds as if the timer mechanism in the ice maker is faulty or stuck.
    You can try taking the ice maker apart and visually checking.
    If the problem persists, you may want to replace the complete ice maker or the timer mechanism that controls the ice maker arm (whatever is cheaper).

  21. I have a Samsung Refrigerator RE261 not making ice. I reset it but no water went into tray. It seems the full indicator arm is stuck in the up position and I don’t want to pull too hard for fear of breaking. Is there a release or how do i reset it?

  22. Samsung rs265td refrigerator. We have accidentally set the “Ice Maker OFF” button and can find no way of resetting it back. Cannot get the cover off the icemaker as well. It supposedly goes up and toward you, but cannot do this yet. Water comes through just fine. We had an emergency when the ice bin froze up and got the SS blade jammed. Refrigerator made terrible noises as it tried to un-jam itself. Got PC-Er code and refrig. basically shut down. Took ice bin out, and seemed to go back to normal.

  23. DIY Project Help Tips

    A faulty freezer door switch will cause the fridge to think the freezer door is open and therefore not make ice cubes. Be sure the door switch is in working order.

  24. I replaced the entire ice maker assembly, turned the ice maker switch to “on” on the refrigerator control panel and pushed reset switch on for over 5 seconds on new ice maker, nothing. Unit does not function as described in videos, etc. Does freezer door switch have any function regarding the ice maker?

  25. Thanks for your reply. I did remove the ice maker and let it thaw out. I also used a hair dryer to thaw the water inlet. I did get a chunk of ice and water from the line. I reinstalled the ice maker, turned the water on and turned the ice maker on, nothing happened. I tried the reset switch on the ice maker and still nothing. The arm on the ice maker is in the up (full tray) position. I presume with the arm up nothing functions, what controls the arm that does not allow it to drop?

  26. DIY Project Help Tips

    Inspect the ice maker and be sure there is nothing frozen and blocking it.
    Try resetting it again and also unplugging the wire harness that powers it.
    Plug the wire harness back in and this sometimes resets it the ice maker to work.
    Be sure you unplug the fridge before disconnecting any wires.

  27. We have a 3 year old Samsung refrigerator with the lower freezer compartment, model RF260BEAESR. Like other posts the ice maker does not make any ice. We went on vacation and I turned off the water to the house but I forgot to turn off the ice maker. When we returned home I turned on the water but the ice maker does not fill with water. I replaced the water filter and tried to use the reset switch on the ice maker but nothing happens, ice tray does not rotate or fill with water. Not sure what to try next to test and / or do to try to fix it.

  28. DIY Project Help Tips

    Try turning the temp in the freezer DOWN (as in a lower temp to keep it colder in the freezer).

  29. I have an Amana refrigerator with a FSP 628135 ice maker. Every time the ejector blades dump ice, there is some ice chunks left on the blades that get frozen back on and then they can’t go back down into the icemaker but is stopped. The only way to get it to continue is to manually knock the ice off. Please help!

  30. My 4 year old Samsung double door bottom freezer frig stopped making any ice.

    Like me, If you are having the same problem and your frig is not showing any error codes, saying everything is working as it should. My problem was because the water fill tube that comes through the back of the fridge to fill the water tray was frozen solid and water cannot pass through it.

    TO FIX IT ….undo the water line that connects to the tube in the back of the fridge and blast it with a hot hair dryer for a couple minutes and then do the same from inside the freezer where the tube empties into the tray. Do this until you can blow freely through the line. Over time water will gradually freeze and build up to stop any water to pass. This fixed my problem and now have ice again !!!

  31. Thanks RR. I’ll check out the wiring as well as the timer and heater and I’ll let you know what I find. Thanks!

  32. DIY Project Help Tips

    You may have faulty wiring on the ice maker or possibly a wire harness is loose or damaged. Can you check the ice maker by removing it and checking the wiring and any obvious signs of damage?
    The ice maker tray rotates and dispenses ice by using a timer and heater. You may want to check those parts also.

  33. Thanks for the quick reply. The ice maker reset works fine. However, that is the only time that the ice maker will dispense ice. Only after pressing the reset button. Samsung’s troubleshooting guide for that behavior says to make sure that the ice maker is turned on which in my case it is. Is there anything else I can check? I’m curious as to what causes the ice tray to rotate and dispense the ice once the ice is frozen?

  34. I have a Samsung RF266ABBP/XAA and the freezer ice maker is only dispensing ice when the test/reset button is pressed. Tray refills with water but does not dispense the ice once frozen.

  35. DIY Project Help Tips

    Thoroughly check the ice maker to be sure there are no blockages or similar. Be sure the ice maker is ON and that the actuator arm is in the correct place. Does the dispenser make noise when you depress for ice?

  36. I have a two year old Daewoo side by side american fridge/freezer that is not giving me ice but can still obtain water. Reference DRS30DSMB

  37. DIY Project Help Tips

    Try and reset it. Move the actuator on the ice maker to be sure it is working properly. Does your fridge dispense water?

  38. I have a Fridgidare model number FRT18IS6CWB. IT stopped making ice for about 6 months then all of a sudden started making ice again for over a year, Now it just stopped again. Can’t live without ice but can’t really afford A repair man. Can you help?

  39. It was not making ice before I changed the filter. I can get water from the fridge and when I depress the fridge does make noise like it was trying to dispense ice but without dispensing any because there is no ice and n the bucket.

  40. DIY Project Help Tips

    Did your Samsung refrigerator stop making ice cubes after putting in a new water filter? Does the fridge dispense water? Do you hear a noise when you depress the ice dispenser lever?

  41. I have a French door Samsung, bought in 2014, I have reset the ice maker put the a new filter, checked the temperature, and still no ice. Is there any thing else I can do before making a service call?

  42. Samsung RF266ABBP/XAA freezer ice maker is only dispensing ice when the test/reset button is pressed. This happens intermittently since I replaced a broken ice tray a month ago. Ice maker will dispense ice normally for a few days and then stops and will only dispense ice by pressing the reset button.

  43. Samsung RF266ABBP/XAA freezer ice maker is only dispensing ice when the test/reset button is pressed. This happens intermittently since I replaced a broken ice tray a month ago. Ice maker will dispense ice normally for a few days and then stops and will only dispense ice by pressing the reset button.

  44. I have a Frigidaire refrigerator that quit making ice. Before it made howling noises when making ice. It quit making the noise but quit making ice too

  45. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the ice maker in your Samsung French Door Refrigerator stops producing ice, the lever of the ice maker may have gotten stuck. Check to see that it can move freely and nothing is blocking it. Here is a Samsung page that may assist you with your ice maker issues. Samsung refrigerator french door ice maker reset. If nothing solves your issue, let us know and we can assist further.

  46. I have a Samsung French doors RF267AEBP. My ice maker is not working properly. Recently the freezer door was left open a little bit and the vents froze so the freezer wouldn’t get down to temp. Unplugged the fridge for a day to thaw out. Turn back on after all thawed and whipped back on. Freezer is working properly. But now the ice maker won’t work properly. I will press the reset button for the ice maker, hear the ding, and put tray back in and close the door. About 10 seconds later I would hear the ice dispense and the hear the water fill the tray. Then the ding sound again to say it’s working properly. But it doesn’t dispense the ice it made till I reset the ice maker. Then do the process all over again. Please help!

  47. I have a Samsung RS265TDRS fridge with the ice maker in the door that does not work. Filter has been replaced, temp is -2 F, fridge is 38 F and water is being dispensed from the door with good pressure. The ice arm is always in the up position. I would hate to buy another ice maker and find that the issues is with the control board with the LED readouts. Got any ideas? Thanks.

  48. You have been such a great help and I appreciate your timely response, and the time that you dedicate helping others.

  49. DIY Project Help Tips

    We would suggest calling Samsung and asking them if they had any recalls on your fridge model number or ice maker. Some Samsung models have had a bulletin issued or a recall on parts, if you did not register your Samsung fridge, it may not have come in the mail. Call them at 1-800-726-7864 or 1-800-SAMSUNG to find out for sure as we have seen a multitude of Samsung refrigerator ice maker issues.

  50. What in the world is wrong with the Samsung ice makers. I replaced the part DA97-14253A it made ice for about 4 days and now is not making ice again. Could it be that the boards in these ice maker models be defective? Or do they get overload and go bad? Help my wife is about to hang me cause I am the one that suggested on a Samsung any ideas what could possibly be wrong.

  51. DIY Project Help Tips

    Anthony Truong,
    It may be an issue with the ice maker circuit board and if so replacing the ice maker will obviously fix it. However… Can you tell us the details of your Samsung fridge not making ice? Water is on? Water lines are not blocked or kinked? Ice maker is on and takes in water? Ice maker is connected to system with wire harness? Make sure all of these things are okay before replacing the ice maker. Let us know what you find to be causing the no ice issue.

  52. I have a Samsung rf267 aewp french door refrigerator, The ice maker stop making ice, the water is okay, Can i just replace the ice maker assembly? Its $107 at samsungparts.com.
    Since i dont know the cause of it, i hate to replace a new ice maker and it still don’t solve the problem
    Please advise…

  53. Exactly, I cannot see the end of the wire/where to disconnect it. I’ve seen the diagram, but it doesn’t really show the wiring connection. There are more screws on the auger motor, but I’ve been reluctant to start taking them out–seems like it shouldn’t be necessary but I may be wrong.

  54. DIY Project Help Tips

    It looks like possibly a support part or housing may need to be removed. Is the wire part of a wire harness that can be disconnected? Are you unable to see where the end of the wire goes? Here is a diagram of the ice maker to help you to better understand disassembly. ICE MAKER diagram for model # B26FT70SNS Bosch-Parts Refrigerator Parts.

  55. I have a Bosch side-by-side, freezer on the bottom fridge (Bosch b26ft70sns). The ice maker works, but needs to be cleaned because the ice has sediment on it (we have hard water). I cannot seem to figure out how to remove it completely. I removed the screws in the front and side that hold the ice maker on the bracket top. I also removed the two screws in that hold the auger motor in place. I can pull the ice maker out about 2-3 inches and it is free except for the wires. The wires appear to go into the auger motor but I cannot find a way to unplug them to get it all the way out. Can anyone help?

  56. DIY Project Help Tips

    James Coker,
    The ice maker should have a small control board built into it. If the control board is bad, it could be replaced separately or just replace the complete ice maker. Replacing the complete ice maker assembly should solve the issue and prevent you from having to troubleshoot all the smaller parts within the ice maker. You should be able to find the ice maker online for around $90 US dollars. Cheapest Samsung ice maker DA97-11092B we can find is here.
    NOTE: Due to Samsung using different ice makers depending on the build date of certain model refrigerators, you must look at the blue tag on the bottom of your ice maker and read the part number starting with DA97-XXXXXX of that tag to ensure you are ordering the correct ice maker.

  57. Is the tray moving to “dump” the ice out? No, the tray has arms that sweep the ice out.
    Is the ice maker getting an excessive amount of water? No
    Have you made sure the wire harnesses are not pinched or damaged? I removed the entire ice maker and did not notice any damage to the wire.

    Is there just one control board for the entire frig? Or is there a separate control board for the ice maker? Is the heat element going out due to the control board a common problem? If not, should I just replace the whole ice maker? (part DA97-11092B). Could it just be the motor is struggling to push the ice out?

  58. DIY Project Help Tips

    James Coker,
    It may be the heat element is bad in the ice maker. You can test it with a meter. The control board that applies power to the heat element may not be working properly. You can try testing each component and troubleshoot which is causing your issue. A new ice maker may fix the issue but if the ice maker is not receiving the proper power, you will have the same issue. Further troubleshooting is needed to find why the ice stays frozen in the tray.
    Is the tray moving to “dump” the ice out?
    Is the ice maker getting an excessive amount of water?
    Have you made sure the wire harnesses are not pinched or damaged?

  59. I have a Samsung RS265TDRS side by side refrigerator I’ve had for 4 years. Recently my ice maker will make ice, but not dump it into the bin. I tried to reset to no avail. So I removed the ice maker, defrosted the ice, cleaned it up, and plugged it back in. I then hit reset and the trays filled with water. Came back a few hours later and there was ice and it sounded like the motor was struggling to push the ice out. The ice was frozen solid to the trays. So after doing more research I read of other people that bought a new ice maker and continued to have the same issue. How can I check if it’s a bad control board not turning on the heat element under the tray? Is there a separate board that controls the ice making function? Or is the most common solution to buy a new ice maker?

  60. I got the part that you suggested and I installed it (5 minutes max) you are great and I thank you for your advice. Now I have ice!
    Thank You,

  61. I have a Samsung 2014 Model RS25H5111SR/AA the ice maker stopped working. It does not dispense water in the ice tray. I noticed a strange noise and the arm was acting like if it was stuck sort like jerking, I checked and there was nothing blocking the arm. There was not water in the ice tray. I checked the water line and filter everything okay. Could it be that the arm motor is broke and I need to replace the ice maker part DA97-13415B?
    I press the reset button and it cycles the arm is in the up position should it be on the down position? Your help will be appreciated.

  62. I have a Kenmore Elite side-by-side with ice maker in the door. model 106.41163310
    Originally (14 months ago) when delivered, t had a broken connector part in the water filter housing. It caused leaking when water was dispensed or ice maker filled. Repair tech replaced the complete unit where the filter installs. Water dispensed slowly so tech calibrated the water meter that shows how much has been dispensed. Water got slower over time. (We have good well water and 65psi going in. I wish I could bypass filter.) A few weeks ago, both water and ice quit and I believed it to be a pressure problem. I ordered a new filter. Meanwhile, both ice and water worked intermittently. I installed new filter. All seemed well; water dispensed with more pressure and I think it was making ice. Then both quit again. I read that water line can freeze, I raised freezer temp to 5-degrees. Now water dispenses, but still no ice. I read that temp can be too high, so I have changed temp to 2-degrees. I really don’t want to take it apart, but my next step will be to trace the water line.

  63. I’ll look into testing the defrost thermostat. Because the ice maker is inside the fridge section, will there be a dedicated defrost thermostat for the ice maker.
    This is the only issue I’m having with the refrigerator – the fridge and freezer both work OK – it’s just the ice maker that keeps freezing up…

  64. Hi RR,
    It’s the complete ice maker that’s freezing up – the ice builds up slowly on the bottom and sides of it until there’s no room for the ice cubes to make it out of the ice maker to the ice bucket below.
    Is there any way to check or test the defrost cycle for the ice maker?

  65. DIY Project Help Tips

    Pat Eakin,
    Call Samsung and let them know of your issue as this is a common problem we get asked many times. They should send out new parts to fix the issue.

  66. DIY Project Help Tips

    Yes it could be an issue with the board and this causes the defrost cycle to be out of sync. Have you tried to wrap the water lines in insulation tape to prevent freezing? Is the complete ice maker freezing or the lines to it?

  67. I have a Samsung RF25HMEDBSR French-door refrigerator that is 1.5 years old. The ice maker is in the upper (fridge) section of the refrigerator – it has worked OK for about 1 year, but now the ice maker freezes up about once a month. It works perfectly fine after I defrost the ice maker with a hair dryer, but eventually freezes up and stops working and I have to defrost it again with a hairdryer to get it working again. The water dispenser works fine. Is there some type of defrost cycle for the ice maker that may have stopped working?

  68. I have a RS261MDPN Samsung Refrigerator Side by Side.. When I first started having problems, water ran all over my floor. I discovered my ice tray broke in my ice maker. So they sent me a replacement, I got it put in, reset and thought all was well. Then I started getting clumps of ice in my bucket, then I got a chunk the size of the whole tray. Seems too much water is running in. I reset and tried again, this time I looked in the new tray I installed is broke in half?? Could you help me what to check for? I really cant afford to hire a tech guy to come out.

  69. There are no error codes. It seems that the water is freezing before it enters the ice maker. If I pull out the whole unit, I can remove a block of ice and it will occasionally make a full bucket of ice. I am pulling it apart every day to keep it from freezing and dripping.

  70. DIY Project Help Tips

    Do you get any error codes on the Samsung display panel? Is the water unable to get into the ice maker? Is something blocking it? There may be a piece of water line insulation missing and therefore the water freezes before it gets to the ice maker. Have a look at your Samsung fridge manual to see if there is a piece missing. Let us know what you find.

  71. Our Samsung ice maker in our French door refrigerator is not working properly. The water comes into the ice maker and freezes right in the water intake. It does not drain into the area where ice cubes are made. I have replaced the ice maker and checked for clogs and there are none. I tried pulling out, unplugging, and turning off the water source. The water just continues to drain under the ice box and freeze there causing the drawer to freeze. The model number for the ice maker is da9707365g. Any help would be appreciated.

  72. DIY Project Help Tips

    David Wilson,
    Just so we understand correctly… The freezer fan FREEZES? Do you mean the fan motor goes bad or the actual fan freezes therefore unable to turn? What is the temp in the freezer when it “freezes” the fan?

  73. We have a Samsung (2012) French Door refrigerator. Have had constant problems with the ice maker. Have replaced it twice, the circuit board twice and the fan motor assembly once. Fan freezes, causing water to leak into the refrigerator and through the ice chute. Gets water on floor. Have any ideas?

  74. I have a LG LFX25973ST refrigerator and the Ice Maker like the one in the picture above. It makes ice but the tray will not turn to drop ice in the bucket. The tray seems to be catching on something therefor by not dropping ice not able to make new ice. How can i fix this?

  75. Thanks for the advice. I will try tonight when I get home, I’ll let you know if it works. Thanks again.

  76. DIY Project Help Tips

    Try removing the ice cube tray and then re-positioning it to be sure it is correctly seated in place. It may have got hit by something and it simply needs to be repositioned.

  77. I own an LG LFX31945ST and my ice maker stopped making ice about 4 days ago, I checked the water supply and everything seems to be in order. I noticed that ice cube tray is half out and crooked, is this a sign of what’s wrong? when I push the test button nothing happens. Thanks in advance for the assistance.

  78. DIY Project Help Tips

    Gerald Sutton,
    Is the freezer freezing the items in the freezer? If the ice maker has water, and is not freezing the ice cubes, use a thermometer and be sure the temp is correct in the freezer. If you have the correct temp, your ice maker may have a timing issue or is not operating properly. Have you verified the ice maker is in working order?

  79. I have Frigidaire french door refrigerator, my ice maker is getting water but not freezing the water. Any ideas?

  80. DIY Project Help Tips

    The filter is possibly blocked and not letting water through. Try taking it off and making sure noting is blocking the water flow. Also it sometimes needs to be the perfect tightness when you install it for water to flow. Are you using a generic water filter or one approved by your fridge manufacturer?

  81. DIY Project Help Tips

    Carter Hall,
    Yes try turning the temp in the freezer up so it is not as cold. As you said this should not be necessary. You can buy an add on small heater that is made to put on the water lines for a refrigerator that has issues with freezing water lines to the ice maker. You could also wrap that section of aluminum tubing with some sort of insulation to prevent freezing. Call Samsung and tell them your issue as this is more common then it should be. If they know this is a common issue they will usually send out a new part or something to help you fix the issue even if it is not under warranty.

  82. I have a Samsung double door refrigerator with a bottom pull out draw model RF260BEAESP. The aluminum water line that comes into the freezer compartment right about the ice tray freezes up. I remove the ice maker and defrost the line with a hair dryer. about a 10 inch piece of ice comes out of the aluminum tubing. I reset ice maker and it works fine for about a week to ten days before it freezes up. I have been dealing with this for about two months. Any suggestions on why the line freezes. Freezer was set at 0 degrees F. I just set the temperature to 2 degrees to see if it helps but I should not have to do that.

  83. DIY Project Help Tips

    You most likely have a faulty switch on the dispenser. If there is no noise coming from the dispenser when you depress a cup or glass to it, and water IS getting to the dispenser, you need to take it apart and test the switch and motor inside the dispenser. You may also have a loose or damaged wire harness that is causing the problem. Also check to be sure it is getting power if you have a meter. Watch a few YouTube videos to show you how to disassemble and take it apart and troubleshoot it safely and correctly.

  84. Thanks for getting back to me. Yes. All tests done and water is flowing good to tray and to water dispenser in front of frig. Test switch does not cause any movement or noise as I’ve seen in videos. Model # LFX28868ST.

  85. DIY Project Help Tips

    Have you checked to see if it is a “water not getting to ice maker” or if it is a “no power to ice maker” issue? There are 2 ways to repair this so let us know if the ice maker is not getting power, or not getting water.

  86. I have an LG top french door with bottom freezer with an indoor ice maker that all of a sudden stopped working. I pushed the test switch and nothing happens. I don’t have an exact model but it has this inverter compressor. I purchased this in January of this year. What do I do?

  87. DIY Project Help Tips

    We would recommend to buy the complete assembly for your Whirlpool fridge. Instead of buying a few small parts, ordering the complete assembly will be cheaper and most likely fix your issue. Just be sure you have checked the mechanism with a multimeter to be sure the part is receiving power.

  88. I asked a question on September 26th, about my whirlpool refrigerator not creating ice, you gave me a part to order, and after ordering it, i received it, and i don’t think its the right part. I then re-read your response and realized the part you recommended was for pushing the ice down the shoot. That works just fine, I need the mechanism that moves the arm to create the ice. I have to open the ice box every 20 minutes, and reset the little metal arm so it can cycle through and create more ice to put in the ice tray.
    Whirlpool side by side
    Model: ED5VHGXMB10
    Thanks again for your help!

  89. DIY Project Help Tips

    We believe there is a small micro switch that is pressed and this opens the rubber door when you depress the glass or cup to the dispenser. You will need to take the back part of the dispenser off and test the switch and be sure it is working properly and there is nothing blocking it.

  90. I have a LG Model LSC26905TT side by side. My ice maker works great but when I place my glass against the dispenser button, the ice falls into the shoot but the rubber door will not open and let the ice fall into the glass. What controls that round rubber door.

  91. DIY Project Help Tips

    The motor is most likely not functioning properly. You can test with a meter to be sure, change the motor, or buy a complete new ice maker assy.

  92. DIY Project Help Tips

    If you replaced the ice maker and exact same thing is happening then you may have an issue with a wire harness to the ice maker. Have you checked that the ice maker gets power? You say it is receiving water, so it must not be getting power. It could be the wire harness or where it plugs in on the opposite side of the ice maker. Check with a meter to find out.

  93. I have a whirlpool frig model gd5phaxms11 ice maker won’t make ice but water dispenser works replaced ice maker with a new one tested inlet valve no pinched water lines good water flow. Still will not make ice. Any suggestions?

  94. Thanks for the quick response. Where is the solenoid? The first ice maker was under warranty. Cant remember the reason, but it may have been the motor. I woke this am and the teeth in the dispenser were in the up position and water was in the ice mold. I hit the reset and the teeth reset and arm went down and a couple hours later ice. But nothing since and arm is the up full position. I am assuming that the motor is mucked up again, but this maker is only 2.5 years old, as was the first. the fridge is only 5 years old.

  95. DIY Project Help Tips

    You may have an issue with the wire harness that connects to the ice maker if this is the second ice maker you have had to replace. It could also be an issue with the dispenser motor. You may need to test the power going to the ice maker. If you have a meter, test the solenoid. Is the water always received by the ice maker but the ice maker for some reason will only make 2 loads of ice then stop working? If it receives power and water, then there is a problem in the ice maker or possibly the control board is confusing the ice maker to stop. When you replaced the second ice maker, how long did it work correctly? Was the first problem the exact same as the second ice maker? Even though it is the second one you have replaced, there may be a fault in the motor/timer which tells the ice maker to dispense ice. Here is a list of parts for the ice maker in your Samsung refrigerator.

  96. Samsung Refrigerator RSG257 side-by-side will make ice and go thru 2 cycles but then stops. This is only after I have reset the maker. The arm goes up and stays in the up position after the two cycles. Water is available at the dispenser. Freezer is set at -4. Ice button is in the on position at the controls. Why will it not continue to produce ice? This is the second ice maker and it replaced the original.

  97. DIY Project Help Tips

    If you are not getting the proper voltage to the solenoid that provides water for ice, you may have a bad wire harness or there is a component that is not letting power get to the solenoid. Have you traced it back to see if the components and wire harnesses are secure and working?

  98. I have a Frigidaire model# FFHS2611LBE. The ice maker stopped making ice. Bought a new water filter. Didn’t help. Checked the solenoid not getting 120 volts. Do you have any suggestions to getting power to the solenoid?

  99. DIY Project Help Tips

    Yes most likely the Whirlpool Refrigerator Ice Dispenser Motor is bad. You can try to be sure it is hooked up properly and the wire harness is firmly connected. If it is and it is not working you will need to replace it. The ice dispenser motor turns the auger that pushes the ice down the dispenser chute. Unplug the refrigerator before replacing the motor.

  100. Whirlpool side by side
    Model: ED5VHGXMB10
    The ice maker shut off arm has stopped working. It continually stays up, I have to manually push it down for it to create the ice. Is it the motor that has gone bad?

  101. DIY Project Help Tips

    Jaime Rainbird,
    Yes, you have to pull on the clip that the harness plugs into on the side of where it connects. Pull up on the plastic clip on both sides and pull the wire harness off the ice maker.

  102. I have a Samsung side by side fridge & was able to get the ice maker apart to a certain degree. I cannot get the wiring harness plug to release from the receptacle. Is there some way to do it?

  103. DIY Project Help Tips

    It depends on the model of the Samsung french door fridge you have. Can you supply model number?

  104. DIY Project Help Tips

    If you have water at the water dispenser but not the ice maker, there may be a pinched or crimped water line that you need to trace back to find. If the ice maker is trying to cycle and you hear the noise (and you replaced water inlet valve solenoid) then it is most likely a hidden water line to the ice maker that needs to be found, fixed, or replaced. Find a Diagram or schematic online for your Whirlpool fridge model number and find where the ice maker water line is.

  105. I have a Whirlpool French door refrigerator with water and ice dispenser in the door. The water dispenser in the door has good water flow, but the ice maker is not getting water at all. We changed the water filter, did not work. We unplugged the refrigerator and left it off for 3 days to see if the line was maybe frozen, did not work. We changed the water inlet valve, did not work. I can hear the ice maker trying to cycle. Please help!! I am not sure how the water lines run once it leaves the filter. Since water is coming through the filter and out of the dispenser in the door, I feel like it is not an issue with the filter. But I am not sure if a separate line runs from filter to the ice maker. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

  106. DIY Project Help Tips

    LG does not list how to open that up in the support database. Is the water valve fully open? Make sure the water line is not kinked, crimped, or clogged. Possibly replace the water line with new to be sure there is no issue with the water line itself. If this is not satisfactory, remove the ice maker and troubleshoot.

    Regarding with temperature settings -4°F (-20°C)… is the minimum recommended temperature setting of the freezer compartment for normal ice production. If the freezer temperature is set at a warmer temperature, then the ice will produce at a slower rate. If the temp was higher than -4, lower the temperature setting to improve ice production.

  107. Model# LG LTCS20220S Frig is about 1.5 yrs old and we hooked up the ice maker about 1 year ago. From day one, it only made 3 to 4 perfectly sized cubes per cycle which drop perfectly and freeze time is normal. There is nothing blocking the tray and there is no frozen water in the fill tube. With good water pressure, my next thought is that the supply water time needs to be extended since basically, the unit is operating fine. However, I don’t seem to be able to remove the cover to see if there is a water adjuster in there. (like my whirlpool has) I’m sure I can take the whole unit out and figure it out from there but, I don’t believe that should be necessary.

  108. DIY Project Help Tips

    There is a small motor/timer that drops the ice. If it is not working properly, the ice will not drop. You may need to remove the ice maker and test the electrical and motor/timer with a meter. There may also be large chunks of ice because of temp variations that block the ice from dropping also. Did this issue just start happening or has it been a constant issue? How old is your Samsung fridge?

  109. DIY Project Help Tips

    Have you inspected the inside of the ice maker to see if there is something obvious causing the ice maker to produce only 3 or 4 ice cubes? Is it getting the proper amount of water? What is the model number of your LG refrigerator?

  110. Top mount LG icemaker only makes 3 or 4 cubes of ice at a time. Good water pressure, Temp is 0 degrees. Whirlpools cover comes off very easy and has an adjustment to extend the water flow time. Since I have been unable to get the icemaker cover off the LG, I don’t know if LG has this adjustment. The dealer and manufacturer won’t tell me if it does or doesn’t have one. There is a tab on the bottom that looks like a clip you would push up to unclick and remove the cover but, it will not come off. Ive looked on youtube but can not find any video for the top mount style LG uses. Any help appreciated.

  111. I have a Samsung side by side fridge model SRS702GDHSS the ice maker makes ice but won’t drop the ice . Can you please help us in fixing the problem. I have read many reviews about this fridge with regards to the ice maker and the rust problems and having paid nearly $3000 for the fridge I am not impressed with Samsung.

  112. DIY Project Help Tips

    You may have a component in the ice maker that is bad. Timer, sensor, or other. Take out ice maker and test components with a meter. If you find a bad part, remove and replace. Sometimes makes more financial sense to replace the complete ice maker assembly. It just depends on cost and what you are willing to replace concerning time and patience.

  113. I have a Samsung rfg298 series. Top ice maker and water dispenser works great. Bottom ice maker is not getting water. Ice maker is turned on, tried reset and I checked to ensure I had no pinched lines. Ice maker will try to dump but there is nothing there. Any suggestions?

  114. Thanks for the quick response. I’ll have to look into that option. I wasn’t able to find any such part for an LG, so I don’t even know if that even exists. Another possibility I’m checking is if the defroster is built into the icemaker mechanism itself. Not sure how that would keep the water line from freezing though. Thanks again.

  115. DIY Project Help Tips

    Richard Allen,
    This part does seem to be unavailable. You could try to insulate the water line with some foam tubing that will prevent the water line from freezing. Other refrigerator makers like GE do make this part (Dispenser Water Tube Heater for Refrigerator) but we do not see one for LG. If insulating the water line is not applicable you could try buying one for another refrigerator and adapting it to fit your LG.

  116. DIY Project Help Tips

    If it still dispenses water, the ice maker may have a faulty part. What happens when you try and dispense ice? Does the small motor make a sound as if it is trying to dispense ice or is it clicking but nothing happens? Please explain.

  117. Bosch b20cs50sns02 fridge with external water dispenser and ice maker stopped producing cubes BUT still dispenses water. Would that indicate a temperature problem and if so, what’s the fix or could we still be talking about a water supply issue?

  118. I have an LG LFX25975ST refrigerator. Weeks after warranty expired, I had a problem with the in-door ice maker & a tech replaced the motherboard. Worked fine for a few days, then water line began to freeze regularly. I’ve been using a blow dryer, but that becomes tiresome when it freezes every other day (or more often!) After much back & forth with LG (as well as several repairmen) they told me it was the water line heater/defroster. They said the part isn’t listed separately on the diagram and they no longer make it anyway. They suggested I buy an identical fridge on Craigslist for parts!? Any way you can help me identify the part so I can find it? I’ve tried everything for the past 3+ years, with no help or satisfaction from LG corporate. Thank you for any help you can provide.

  119. DIY Project Help Tips

    Yes the sensor is most likely not “sensing” therefore no ice drops. Many ice maker assemblies are around the same price as some of the smaller parts. Have a look at SearsPartsDirect and type in your model number and see what is available for your fridge ice maker. We have already done it for you here…. LG refrigerator ice maker parts

  120. It is not under warranty anymore.
    It seems to have a sensor under the ice tray.
    Would it be that piece?
    How would I identify what part I need to buy?
    Thank you again for the support…

  121. DIY Project Help Tips

    Yes the sensor or timer may be bad therefore it will not dispense your ice cubes. Usually the complete ice maker is replaced or you can troubleshoot what part on the ice maker is bad. Is your LG refrigerator still under warranty?

  122. I have a LG fridge GC-L210.
    The ice maker is not dispensing the cubes.
    The water fills in. never dispenses. when I press reset, it dispenses the cubes and water fills in.
    Never dispenses again.
    Is there a sensor that triggers the dispenser? is it fixable or I have to buy a new ice maker?

  123. I have tried to fix and was able to get it to go thru one or two cycles. Then by chance, we had a power outage and it stopped making ice again. I have tried the trick of using a blow dryer in case it was frozen at the inlet. I did not see anything come out after a few minutes, The water is on. It does not seem to try to run at all. The fridge is about 5 years old.

  124. DIY Project Help Tips

    There may be a loose attachment or wire. Have you made sure the water is on and going to the ice maker? Does the ice maker cycle, as in make any noise like it is trying? How old is your LG fridge?

  125. I have an LG french door refrigerator, model LFC25770ST. The ice maker is not working. Based on its placement (in the bottom portion of the fridge and in the back), I really cannot see the unit very well, but I can get my hands on it. The fridge is not making ice and it is hard for me to see if anything is wrong visibly. I know I haven’t given you much information, but do you have any thoughts or suggestions?

  126. DIY Project Help Tips

    Mike Terry,
    The water is turning to ice, correct? If the ice cubes are in the ice maker but will not drop down, you may need to move the lever manually for the first time. You can also remove the ice maker and be sure it is installed correctly. If the Samsung fridge is new, call Samsung and they will usually just UPS or FEDEX you a new complete ice maker as it saves them money instead of calling factory service.

  127. Just installed a new Samsung DA97-07549B ice maker. Hit reset button to cycle it, it filled with water but wouldn’t dispense the ice after 3 hours. I noticed the shut-off lever underneath the ice maker is all the way up. I thought it was suppose to be in the down position until it filled up with ice. Is the lever shutting off the ice maker and how can I get it to drop?

  128. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is water getting to the ice maker?
    Usually there will be 2 solenoids, one for water, and one for ice.
    The solenoid for the ice maker may not be working. You can test it with a multimeter
    Also be sure there are no water line crimps or if you have 2 water lines, that the one for the ice is ON.

  129. Just bought the new LG party fridge. Everything works great but no ice. Water can be obtained through dispenser but NO water going to ice maker???? Cycled it and nothing.

  130. DIY Project Help Tips

    Dump out the ice. Then reset and see if the ice maker is CURRENTLY making ice. If it is then you have an issue with a solenoid valve that controls the water dispenser. You could also have an issue with the micro switch that is connected to the waster dispenser. Do you have a meter? You could check all parts related to water dispenser and troubleshoot which part is not working. Also check water line that goes to water dispenser to see if it is clogged or kinked.

  131. Samsung model #RF268ABRS. The model has ran flawlessly until today. The water dispenser has stopped working. The ice make still works. I replaced the filter. Any other ideas?

  132. DIY Project Help Tips

    So your freezer is not FREEZING, therefore it won’t produce ice cubes, correct?
    Is your refrigerator working properly?
    Is the compressor HOT to the touch?
    How old is you Kelvinator?

  133. Kelvinator Model KTD250MN Serial no: 270405910S , the freezer is not at freezing temperature, the ice maker cannot work properly. A test of placing my hand on the freezer in which case i should feel my hand is being captured due to ice production, but noticed that no cooling temperature is functioning.
    I turned the cool temperature maximum of 5, I heard the compressor is in function condition but does not operate properly. For your assistance, Tnx!

  134. DIY Project Help Tips

    Possibly clogged water filter. When you say “barely making ice” does that mean the ice cubes are smaller than normal or that there are not many ice cubes being produced? There is a solenoid valve that lets water in for the ice maker. That could be the cause of your ice maker issues. You may want to check it with a meter to see if it is working properly.

  135. I have a Samsung French doors refrigerator. The ice maker is barely making ice. Model number is rf4287hars. Manufactured date is August, 2013. Water flow is good from dispenser. Any advice? Thanks

  136. DIY Project Help Tips

    The ice maker works best with the freezer set at -4 degrees F. If it is set at that temp you should not have any issues with the ice hanging or not dropping into the bin. There may be clumps of ice that keep the ice from dispensing properly. This can happen if you don’t use ice for a day or two. This may also be a sensor issue or wiring problem. First make sure the temp in freezer is set correctly and go from there. Let us know if you are still having problems with your LG ice maker and we will be happy to assist.

  137. Amanda Rounseville

    I have a LG LFX31925SW refrigerator the ice maker fills with water the cubes freeze but it won’t dump into the bin. I have pressed the test button and it completes the cycle dumping the ice and refilling the tray but when it freezes it won’t dump again. Any suggestions?

  138. DIY Project Help Tips

    If you have replaced the complete ice maker assembly and the board, be sure the solenoid that opens to let water into system is operational. Also be sure wire harnesses are tight and secure. You can use a multimeter to test the water inlet solenoid.

  139. I have a Kitchenaid Superba side-by-side refrigerator with a ice maker that isn’t functioning. I replaced the complete unit, including the optics boards. The red lights are back to functioning on the boards so I know those were bad, but I still have no ice. It is doing nothing and the lines are (and have been since we bought it) in the “up” position. Do you have any advice? Is there anything else I should consider replacing? THANK YOU!

  140. A response to my own post to hopefully help others.
    My ice maker compartment was not getting cold enough to freeze ice yet. Freezer and refrigerator compartments were fine. Turns out there is a duct that runs from the freezer coil section to the ice maker compartment and it has a fan. My duct had somehow gotten blocked by ice. Technician thawed with steam cleaner (didn’t quite clear the duct so i had to go back with a hair dryer blowing from ice maker down) Once it was cleared (and technician verified fan was running) it works fine now. To get to the duct you take out the freezer drawers, then the panel in the back can be removed with just two Phillips head screws. It tilts out and duct is on the left. Easy fix if you know what you are looking for!

  141. DIY Project Help Tips

    If it is melting then it is not cold enough. Purchase a cheap thermometer and find out the actual temp in the freezer. Also make sure the temp dials for freezer is set to the COLDEST.

  142. I have an LG LFX25950 French door Refrigerator. I recently moved and i didn’t have it plugged into the water for 2 years. I got everything connected and my ice maker is making a clicking noise and i hear it dropping ice but looks like its melting i have had it running for three days and it wont hold more than 10 cubes.

  143. DIY Project Help Tips

    LG says the ice maker works best with the freezer set at -4 degrees F. At this temp, everything should work properly. Turn the temp in your freezer either up or down to get to -4 degrees F. Once at that temp, if the problem persists, let us know and we can assist further.
    Also, every now and then, take the ice unit out and stir up the ice. There may be large ice clumps that keep the ice from dispensing, therefore blocking its own path out.

  144. I have an LG side by side refrigerator freezer. My freezer can make ice, but it does not drop the cubes, unless I hit the reset button. At which point it drops the ice and refills with water. Any ideas please?

  145. I have a Samsung RF26VABBP french door fridge, freezer drawer in bottom, ice maker top left in the refrigerator compartment. However the ice maker compartment is not getting cold enough to freeze water. The freezer is set at and maintains a temp of -6F, the refrigerator is set at 34 and is maintaining at 38-40. I have hit ice maker reset. Have unplugged and pulled out both ice maker assemblies followed by unplugging power to refrigerator for an hour to hope for reset or thaw. How does freezer air get to the ice maker compartment – is there a baffle that might have gotten stuck?

  146. DIY Project Help Tips

    Most likely the water dispenser switch is faulty (the switch the lever touches to dispense water). If not that, possibly the solenoid at back is on the fritz.

  147. My side by side samsung ice maker flap keeps opening and closing by itself. I came home and the water dispenser was dispensing water all over the floor! The dispenser light was on as if someone was pushing the lever to dispense the water but no one had been home. Now the dispenser light is staying on. I have turned the water supply off but the refrigerator keeps making noise like the dispenser us trying to work. A repairman won’t be coming for 5 more days!!!! Help!!!

  148. I have a Samsung RFG298AARS. The ice maker in the refrigerator stopped working. I’ve tried the reset button several times. After reading different posts and watching YouTube video’s it sounded like the entire ice maker itself was bad. I purchased a new one today (ka-ching), installed it, held the reset button, which one video said you needed to do, and have not heard any water run to start making ice. I do get water from the door dispenser just fine, so I’m pretty sure there is no blockage. I also toggled from Crushed to Cubed as the sticker on the ice maker housing said to do. One other thing I saw that could be the cause is if the door switch was faulty, but I think it’s okay. If the door is open you can’t fill up a glass of water, but when the door is closed you can. That would lead me to believe the switch does work. I really don’t want to have a repair person come out…but not sure if there is anything else a DIY’er can do. Already out close to $200 after tax on the ice maker I bought. Should have bought a cheaper one off eBay, but was afraid I’d get the wrong model and be stuck with it…I now know the ones I saw on eBay were the right ones, for half the price. Heavy sigh. I’d appreciate any help you can provide. – Dane O

  149. michael nyland

    I have a Samsung R237 French door, just over the warranty, 14 months, go figure. The ice maker isn’t making and ice anymore, did the ice reset, the ice off botton isn’t on, water works just fine. Just not a single cube. all lines are kinked. What do you recommend before I have to paid $100’s of dollars… Thanks!

  150. I have a samsung refrigerator with a top and bottom icemaker. I am having an issue with the top icemaker that dispenses ice at the door. It was not making ice. I installed a new icemaker and I hear the water going in and on 2 separate occasions it has made 8 ice cubes and then nothing more. Each time I took it out and re-installed it. It is obviously getting water and making ice but again it only made 8 cubes and only twice and I should add that on a few occasions after I re-installed no cubes were made. Thank you.

  151. DIY Project Help Tips

    The valve SHOULD be located in the back of the fridge/freezer. Access it from the back of the fridge.
    Here are some ways to test or determine if a solenoid valve is working or not.
    Solenoid Help 1Solenoid Help 2
    This will also give you some info on how a solenoid works. USE CAUTION when testing or troubleshooting electrical issues with appliances.

  152. Yes, I do have a multimeter. Does that solenoid on the water valve or is it somewhere else?

  153. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the same exact problem is happening with the new ice maker, it is most likely a solenoid valve or wiring issue. If you replaced exactly this Samsung Bottom Ice Maker, then yes, a solenoid is most likely bad. This Solenoid Valve for Samsung Refrigerator MAY be the part you need. To be sure you will need to get behind the fridge and do some troubleshooting. Do you own a multimeter?

  154. I replaced it with part# DA97-07603B. I replaced the whole bottom ice maker. The bottom freezer does freeze. No water coming to the maker on the bottom, and after pressing the test switch the new ice maker will not cycle. The new one does not seem to be working at all. Would a bad solenoid on the water valve cause the whole thing not to cycle? Same issues with the old one as well.

  155. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you tell us the exact part number you replaced?
    If there is water going to the top ice maker and not the bottom, yes, a solenoid MIGHT have malfunctioned and it is not opening the valve to let the water into the bottom ice maker. However…
    Your bottom freezer is freezing, correct? The original issue was the ice maker would not spit out the ice cubes so you replaced the complete ice maker, right?
    If now your issue is the ice maker will not work at all, then you may not have it installed incorrectly. Make sure it is getting power. Does the new ice maker move at all? Or is it just not getting water supplied to it?
    Do a test to see if the new ice maker is bad and reinstall the old one. Are the results the same? Let us know the answers to our questions and we can troubleshoot further.

  156. I have a Samsung RFG298AARS/XAA with top and bottom ice makers. The bottom one stopped working rotating to dump ice already made. The top ice make works just fine. So I replaced the bottom ice maker with a brand new one and pressed the test switch and it won’t cycle at all. All I can think of is maybe the water valve in the back of the frig. Would a bad water valve still send water to the top ice maker and not the bottom? What else could be the issue? I have replaced the water filter as well.

  157. DIY Project Help Tips

    We would recommend to inspect all components in the fridge including the compressor, start capacitor/relay, and fans. A fan may be out therefore not letting the air flow properly. Also be sure the coils on back of fridge are clean and free of dust and or pet hair. Also, when you moved it to -4, did it have any affect whatsoever?

  158. I have not had a chance to put a thermometer inside. The noise sounded like a rattle possibly a compressor? Between the bottom freezer and the refrigerator. I can say the top ice maker is as warm as the fridge. The recommended setting for freezer is -2 by Samsung I moved it to -4 last night. The extended warranty went out 3 months after this issue and the unit is 5 years old.

  159. DIY Project Help Tips

    Have you put a thermometer in there to see what temp it is at? Where did the noise come from and what did it sound like? How old is your Samsung? Is -2 the correct setting? Have you tried moving the temp control to see if the temp changed? Check all obvious things first, from there we can help you troubleshoot the problem once you answer the above questions.

  160. I have a Samsung RF268ABRS. I heard a noise form the unit and two days later ice started to melt in the top ice maker. The bottom ice maker has no issue. The temp is set to -2 but now no ice is being made in the top ice maker. I pressed the reset button for 8 seconds and heard a beep, but the top ice maker is still doing nothing. Your help is greatly appreciated.


  161. DIY Project Help Tips

    How old is refrigerator? Have you unplugged fridge for about 10 minutes or so to possibly reset ice maker? Try that and see if it rectifies the issue.

  162. No it is not making ice or water coming in. All I did was push the button that says “ice off” and when I wanted it to start making ice again I pushed the button ( ice off) thinking it would turn back on but nothing happens

  163. I have a Samsung French Door (bottom freezer) model # RF217ACRS Everything was fine except I wasn’t using the ice fast enough , so I turned it off (with the button at the top of the refrigerator) and now it will not come on and I don’t have any instructions or manuals to go with it. I have been looking on the computer and I can’t find any reset buttons or any instructions for this model. Any help would be appreciated VERY MUCH LC

  164. DIY Project Help Tips

    Just so we FULLY understand, is the ice maker making ice but NOT dispensing?
    If the ice maker does not make ice, have you checked proper water flow, and checked wiring harnesses?

  165. I have Samsung RFG297AA. The ice maker isn’t working.
    I’ve replaced the water filter and water is flowing well from the dispenser.
    I tested the solenoid with an Ohm meter, both sides tested the same and since the water is flowing, I figure that is good.
    The test switch appears to do nothing (I’ve held it in for 8 – 15 + seconds)
    I’ve removed the ice maker and let it thaw out, placed it back in.
    I pressed the test button for over 8 seconds, waited over night, no signs of ice.

    So what would you do next? I can assume a mechanical problem with the valve and replace that.
    I can assume there is a problem with the ice maker itself since nothing appears to happen when I press the test switch.
    BTW, there are no sounds that I am detecting and no difference between pressing switch / not pressing switch.


  166. I have a 2 years old samsung refrigerator model RSG257AARS/XAA and the ice dispenser does not work. I have call 1-800-samsung and told me to put the temperature at -2. But 3 days passed still no ice. So I decided to change the water filter and cleaned the refrigerator by unplugging it. After more our less 2 hours I plugged it back and I reset the ice dispenser and heard the beep sound. After 24 hours, still no ice in the dispenser.

    So what is next?

  167. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung Customer,
    There is a small motor/timer that dumps the ice. Remove the ice maker assembly and test with a meter. If you find a bad motor/timer, remove and replace.

  168. Samsung Customer

    I have a Samsung RM255LASH – the one with four compartments. I’m having a problem with the ice maker unit. It makes ice, but won’t dump into the dispenser. Water flow is not a problem. I push the reset button on the front bottom of the unit – it dumps the ice, then refills the trays. But after the ice freezes, it won’t dump automatically. The reset always works if I wait long enough for the ice to freeze – dumps ice, then refills with water. Just won’t dump on its own. Any thoughts besides replacing the whole unit?

  169. DIY Project Help Tips

    That would indicate that the ice maker is not receiving water through the water line. Check fridge filter, check to be sure water supply is on, check to be sure there is no crimp or bend in the water line. Also, the motor or solenoid valve may be faulty on your ice maker.

  170. Silvina Garcia

    My 2005 ge sxs fridge stopped making ice but when i pour water directly to the the cube bucket it does make ice what can that be.

  171. DIY Project Help Tips

    If your LG fridge is not cooling but the fans and lights are on, then most likely you have a bad relay or capacitor. These 2 inexpensive parts are what help run and or start your compressor. Your compressor is what cools your fridge, so if the compressor is not running, your refrigerator will not cool. If possible test the cap and relay. If bad then remove and replace.

  172. DIY Project Help Tips

    Remove the ice bucket to access the ice maker. Locate the black rubber button (or white) on the underside of the Ice Tray Motor Housing. Press and hold the button until you hear the Ice Tray start to turn, then release it.
    NOTE: Do not reset your ice maker more than once every 24 hours. This will result in the ice tray over filling and spilling into the ice bucket. If the ice bucket is frozen you will not be able to dispense ice. A frozen ice bucket can also lead to the ice maker itself freezing over. This will cause the ice maker to stop working. You will need to apply some pressure to the button in order to begin the test/reset process. When the ice tray is in motion, anything that is in it will come out. If ice is only dispensing when you press the test/reset button make sure the ice maker On/Off option is set to the “On” position. Then let the ice maker sit for at least 24 hours to allow it to work properly. If you do not have ice within 24 hours, let us know and we will assist further.

  173. I have a Samsung RS265TD side by side and it stopped making ice after my girlfriend accidentally turned on the fast freeze. The freezer got down to -25 F before I noticed. I reset the ice maker. The ejector blades turned the full 360 degrees and the tray started filling with water. As soon as the water started flowing, the fridge beeped and the ice maker shut down. I reset it again and it did the same thing. The shutoff arm does not move and appears to stay in the up position.

  174. DIY Project Help Tips

    Depending on what part of the world you live in, there may be hard water clogging the filter but unlikely. To be sure, replace the filter first. If still no go then taking the ice maker out or testing the valve will be the next step. There may also be an issue with the ice maker itself. This video is not your EXACT fridge but will be able to guide you as to what to do and how your ice maker works. Video here.

  175. Whirlpool French door bottom mount.
    Wrf982sdam00. Model.
    Stopped making ice. Beeps every once in a while. I unplugged the fridge for ten minutes. Sensor still works. Water pressure is good. No kinks in water line. Going to start with a new filter. Fridge is 1.5 yes old, never changed the filter. What next if that doesn’t work? Thank you in advance.

  176. DIY Project Help Tips

    If you are not sure if water is even going to the ice maker itself… (If you are unable to test the solenoid valve)
    There should be a water line going into the back of the ice maker. Turn the water off on the back of the fridge wall, then remove water line on ice maker, then have someone turn the water back on (just a little bit) behind fridge and see if water comes out of the water line that goes to the ice maker. That is a simple way but there may be another valve that needs to turn on before water will get to the ice maker. Do some troubleshooting and check your service manual.

  177. -RR,

    When I push the ice dispenser it does make the noise as if it is trying to dispense ice. How do i check to see if the ice dispenser is getting water? The solenoid valve? I am getting water from the dispenser just no ice.

  178. DIY Project Help Tips

    Sounds like a timing issue. If the ice maker tries to dispense before the water freezes into ice cubes, then there is a timer malfunctioning. There are several components in the control module of the ice maker that can fail and most are not sold separately. Your best bet is to remove and replace the ice maker. You can find your exact ice maker for around $100 dollars online.

  179. My LG refrigerator (model LSC26905TT) is not letting the ice freeze completely.. Sometimes it just tips the little ice cube maker while its still water, within seconds after filling it. The fridge temperature is working perfectly and it freezes anything pretty quick, but this ice tipper is making it leak when it just tips the water into the ice bucket.. Any suggestions?

  180. DIY Project Help Tips

    The water filter should be the filter for both the water and ice, so you can rule that out if the water dispenser is still working. If you have not replaced the water filter for over 6 months, then you should replace it as soon as you can for cleaner water. So, when you push a glass to the ice dispenser, do you hear the noise as if it is trying to dispense ice? Have you determined if water is entering the ice maker? If water is not entering the ice maker than obviously the ice maker cannot make ice. Check to be sure the water valve that opens to let water into the ice maker is working properly. It will usually be a solenoid valve and is controlled electrically. When you say the light does not work on the ice maker, it could just be a burned out light and have nothing to do with the ice maker not making ice. Usually the issue you are having is because of a kinked water line, frozen water line, or faulty water valve solenoid. It could also be the switch on the ice dispenser itself is bad. Check to see if there is ice in the ice maker, then let us know and we can help you further.

  181. I have a Samsung RF267ABBP refrigerator. The ice maker has quit working. No ice at all. I can still get water from the dispenser, but no ice. The filter has not been replaced recently. Could that be the problem? It is no longer covered by warranty so i am hoping for an easy fix. The ice off light is not on. Once again water comes out fine, but no ice at all. Thanks….

  182. DIY Project Help Tips

    The way to test the solenoid valve is to apply voltage to it. There are two wires and the multimeter can be touched to these wires to test to see if it is working properly. If you do not want to mess around with a meter and testing… basically it sounds like the valve is bad and it is best to just replace it.

    Your choices here are: Buy a new solenoid valve, or buy a new complete ice maker. Check prices on both and compare. Some online appliance companies are super over priced. Your best bet is to just buy the solenoid valve. Go on Amazon and type in “Kenmore Ice Maker Solenoid Valve” and you will see that most are around $20 dollars or less. If you need help to remove and replace the solenoid valve, go on YouTube and you will find someone filming themselves doing the procedure. Let us know what happens in your situation. If you have more questions, feel free to ask.

  183. Thank your reply!

    Model #363.50622000

    Water does not automatically fill the tray.
    How do I test the solenoid itself?
    I tested the main valve leads but don’t know how to take it apart beyond that.
    Or maybe you already know it’s bad anyway so it should all be replaced?

  184. DIY Project Help Tips

    What is the model number of your Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator? We cannot fully troubleshoot your fridge as we don’t know the exact parts without model number… however…
    Is water getting to the ice maker? If so then there is usually a small solenoid valve that electrically opens a valve to let water into your ice maker. If that valve is bad meaning either the solenoid or the valve is defective, the ice maker can’t get water. You may want to remove the solenoid valve and test it with a meter or if everything is working fine besides that, just buy a new valve and replace it as this is most likely your issue.
    This is just general info on most side by sides, if we had model number we could be exact.

  185. I have a Kenmore side-by-side where the ice maker just quit making ice. It makes ice if I fill the tray manually, let it freeze, and then kickstart the ice maker (taking off the faceplate) by turning the gear slightly with a wrench. Then it completes the cycle. But that’s all it will do. There are three settings where you can get ice or water through the door. The water comes out fine.
    Here is what I have done so far to troubleshoot:
    * Taken out the ice maker to thaw out and inspected for visible issues (it doesn’t)
    * Put a hair dryer on the fill tube for 4 minutes to see if it had a frozen clog (it doesn’t)
    * Checked the door switch to ensure it works (the light goes on when I open the door)
    * Checked the pump assembly in the back for continuity on each plug (it has good continuity)
    * Checked the hose lead from the pump to the ice unit for clogs (it seems to be fine)
    * Checked the water lead from under the sink to the fridge for pressure (it is great)
    * Checked the temperature of the freezer. It is set at the factory setting where it has been all along.

    I don’t know if the solenoid is clogged with debris. I don’t know how to check for that.
    I don’t know if there are other things to check on the ice maker itself.
    I don’t know how to remove the water tubing from the water pump assembly connections.

    I’ve watched the videos on youtube and don’t see a solution, other than just start spending randomly to replace pumps and other parts and guess. I don’t want to guess.

    I like my ice. I need my ice. Please help me figure out how to get back my ice!

  186. DIY Project Help Tips

    Get an external thermometer and see exactly what the temp in the freezer is. Is the food items in the freezer still frozen? Is the refrigerator area affected by issues? If the ice maker is filling with water but never freezes then obviously it is not getting to freezing temp and possibly there is an issue with the compressor or possibly a control board or other component. Check temp first and see what it reads. Send us the temp, as certain temps in a freezer can indicate certain issues.

  187. I have an LG French door refrigerator that quit making ice so I replaced the ice maker with a new one, still no ice. It is filling with ice but it never freezes even with the “Ice Plus” on. I have checked and all of the fans are pushing air. HELP

  188. DIY Project Help Tips

    Are you saying the water pressure lowered when you installed a new filter? The water pressure may lower if the filter is super clogged with hard minerals but should obviously improve with a new filter. If you are saying the water pressure is too low with a water filter installed and you don’t want a filter installed, then the choice is yours. It just depends on the water quality of the area you live. Nowadays if you live in a larger city it is best to install a water filter for obvious reasons. How are you able to tell the water pressure lowers on your fridge with a water filter installed? Does the ice or water dispenser not work properly?

  189. I have a Frigidaire model jsi-26
    And have replaced the water filter serval times. Water pressure
    Is awesome when we first replace the filter. . Is there a way to get around
    the water filter ?

  190. DIY Project Help Tips

    Did the NO WATER issue happen before or after you replaced the water valve? What type of water valve did you replace? The one on the wall or in the refrigerator? Does the water dispenser on the fridge work? If not, if you take off the refrigerator water line that is attached to the wall, turn on the valve, does water come out? Is the water valve on the wall turned all the way open? Is there a kink in the water line? If water is getting into the water and ice maker/dispenser, then it could be a bad solenoid or switch inside the ice maker that opens the water valve to let water in. Does the ice maker try and dispense ice when you press the lever? Does it make noise? If the arm is moving then it would seem that the ice maker is working properly just not getting water. Take the ice maker apart and check to see what part may be frozen or be at fault. You may need a multimeter to find which part has failed. Most likely the valve that opens to let water into your ice maker is bad.

  191. I have a Whirpool refrigerator side by side model ED25LF, that don’t pass water to the ice maker, I replace the water valve and check the water line that go to the ice maker, no water inside, the ice maker make the cycle the arm move up and down and you can hear sounds, but no water goes inside to fill the ice maker what can be?

  192. DIY Project Help Tips

    If it is a puddle of actual water and NOT ICE, then obviously the freezer is not FREEZING. Put a thermometer in the freezer and see what temp it is at. There should also be a dial that lets you turn the freezer temperature down, find the dial and turn it to as cold as it can be set. If your freezer is not freezing then this is a complete different issue then an ice maker malfunction.

  193. My Samsung fridge french door fridge/freezer has stopped making ice cubes. Just a puddle of ice water in tray. Any suggestions?

  194. DIY Project Help Tips

    We need the model number of your Samsung fridge as there are many models and they all operate differently. However… Not sure if this applies to your model but does the display say ICE OFF? Does the water dispenser work properly?

  195. DIY Project Help Tips

    Remove the ice maker from the freezer and take it apart. The small motor that moves the arm may be bad or not getting power. There is a small switch that the arm makes contact with and that could also be bad. Also make sure the water is on and there is nothing obstructing the water from getting to the ice cube maker.

  196. My Samsung quit making cubes. The feeler arm is stuck in the up position. No cubes are in the tray.

  197. I have a Samsung side by side fridge with a ice maker,it has been fine for the last 2 years since purchasing.We are not getting ice as the ice maker keeps turning itself off.the arm moves with no problems and we have reset the ice maker.
    The tray is empty we reset the switch the arm then moves we wait about a minute then the water turns on but the water is flowing into the catcher tray and then we hear a beep and the system shuts off.we have done the same process 6 times now and the same thing happens each time.whats your thoughts?

  198. DIY Project Help Tips

    Take the ice maker out by removing the screws. Inspect to be sure everything moves freely and to be sure wire connectors or harnesses are secure. Also water line may be blocked. You may need a multimeter to be sure the motor is working or getting power.

  199. Samsung bottom freezer refrigerator. Has 2 ice makers. One in the top and one in the bottom. Top one works. Bottom one has stopped. Reset doesn’t work. What do we do?

  200. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is there a small metal arm or similar that moves back and forth to “push” the ice cubes down? If so it may have a bad motor or the motor that powers it may be unplugged.

  201. I have a Samsung refrigerator, that will not dispense ice cubes. I can feel the ice cubes on top but they do not dispense. I have taken ice maker out and defrosted the tray and reset it again but the ice cubes form on top but will not dispense. Any idea what to do next. thanks

  202. DIY Project Help Tips

    Have you examined the water lines that go directly to the ice maker? There may be something in the line blocking the water or a foreign object in the ice maker where the water enters. Is there a valve that lets the water enter the ice maker? If so check to be sure it is operating properly.

  203. DIY Project Help Tips

    The best option here is to physically remove the ice maker from the unit and let it defrost in the sink. Then have a look at it and see if the latch was actually stuck or just simply frozen in place.

  204. My ice maker is apparently clogged and the the small latch won’t release the ice maker so that I can reset. Like it’s frozen solid. What to do?

  205. Greetings,

    I have this fridge: http://www.samsung.com/us/support/owners/product/RF217ACRS/XAA
    Ice make stopped making ice awhile back. Self test worked (it beeped) and nothing. The ice maker inside doesnt get filled with water to make ice cubes. A part of me thinks its the water inlet valve, b/c we DO get water to drink just none to the Ice maker. But was wondering can it be the thermal fuse? I am just trying to minimize what it can be. How will I know if it is the inlet valve or the thermal fuse? It stopped workign a few weeks before I changed the filter. and I know its not that at least. OR stuck ice in the ice maker, since I took it out and ran water through it. Any insight would be appreciated,.


  206. DIY Project Help Tips

    Hello NR,
    A newly installed or recently moved Samsung refrigerator may take 2-4 hours to begin making ice. To ensure normal and sufficient ice production, follow along with this video.

  207. please i want the systematic procedure for using the automatic ice maker in my samsung side by side fridge.
    Do i have to pour in or put ice in.
    Please i need every step in the use of the ice maker

  208. Stephanie Scheid

    We have a whirlpool french door fridge. Quit making ice. Bought a new filter, still no ice. Bought a filter bypass cap and put it on with no filter. Been making ice ever since! Water tastes gross so put new filter back in. Now we have no ice again! Any ideas? Thanks!!

  209. DIY Project Help Tips

    Also… if the problem happened after the technician replaced the filter head and body, check the recent installation and how it was installed to be sure the tech didn’t install it incorrectly. Filter head could still have protective cap still installed, or something similar. Good luck!

  210. RR,

    Thank you for contacting me. I don’t know but when I get home I will look. It is a RS265TDRS side by side refrigerator. I am thinking it stop filling all of the ice maker trays right after the samsung technician replaced the filter head and body where the filter sits. I did not notice because it took a while for the ice bucket to get so low. It is just making a couple of blocks at a time.

    But thank you I will look when I get home from work.

  211. DIY Project Help Tips

    Hi Dale,
    On some Samsung refrigerator/freezers there is a small white plastic groove on the right side of the icemaker head. There should be a water fill time adjustment screw. Does your refrigerator have this and if so have you tried to adjust it?

  212. Not enough water going to my Ice maker, no blockage in water lines and I can remove filter from water system. Still not enough water getting to tray, and I have replaced the water pump on my Samsung. Is there a way to make the refrigerator increase the water level to the Ice maker?

  213. DIY Project Help Tips

    Hi Cathy,
    If the arm is not connected to the ice maker then yes the arm must be broken off. Therefore the ice maker is more than likely stuck in the off position and not making ice. You could disconnect the ice maker from the freezer by usually unplugging a small wiring harness and removing a few screws. Remove it from the freezer and take the side of it off and see where the on/off arm may have detached. You can even order a complete new ice maker and it may be cheaper than a service call. You could also order just the mechanism that operates the on/off arm if it is available.

  214. I have an ice maker with an arm that goes up and down. In the down position ice cubes form. It seems like the are is not connected thus no ice cubes. Do you think the arm is disconnected someplace or broken. Do I need to call someone?

  215. DIY Project Help Tips

    Try disconnecting the ice maker, remove it from the freezer, then let it thaw out.
    Please let us know the make and model of your refrigerator/freezer so we may further assist you.

  216. Our refrigerator will not make ice. We have water, we replaced the filter, we shut the switch off and several minutes later turned it on, and went through the check list on the website. We have no ice cubes, but the tray is frozen full. We have several times used a hair dryer and warmed it up. but it doesn’t help. (It did dump the cubes once on it own, but not since.

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