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How To Remove Pet Odors, Stains And Urine From Carpet And Wood Flooring

Removing pet odors from your home can be extremely challenging. There are many different solutions for getting the bad stains, urine odors and smells out of your carpet or wood flooring. We will list every known pet odor removal method starting with the most effective first. Some of these odor removal methods can involve a lot of work. Depending on the level of pet odor that is in your home, it may take more than just buying a odor killing candle, air freshener or pet odor carpet powder to remove these strong smells for good. Whether you have a dog, cat, gerbil, mice or anything with 4 legs, these odor and stain removal techniques will help get your home odor free! Also the Humane Society has some great tips for removing pet stains and odors.

remove pet odor urine and stains

My dog went pee on the carpet and I think it has soaked into the carpet padding underneath, I have used pet odor removal powder, candles and specialty sprays. Nothing is working so how do I remove these pet stains and odors from urine on my carpet for good?

Most effective pet odor removal method for carpets: For the strongest pet odors including urine that has soaked deeply into the carpet, the carpet should be pulled up and the carpet padding underneath should be replaced. Start by isolating where your pet has soiled the carpet. Then pull the carpet up in that area and using a box cutter, cut out and remove the soiled carpet padding by cutting a square. It is best to completely clean the flooring underneath the carpet padding also. Use a pet odor spray and clean the area until the smell is gone. You will need to replace the carpet padding when you are finished. Most carpet stores or home improvement stores will sell small pieces of carpet padding. You will also need to clean the carpet where the pet has soiled. You can use the same cleaning solution you used to clean under the carpet padding or you can use a carpet shampooer to completely pull the odor out of the carpet. This is the most effective method for 100% removing a pet odor or stain from your carpet.

For lighter pet odors and stains that are fresh and have not soaked into your carpet: You can use common pet odor removal sprays. These odor sprays work well as they have odor killing enzymes in them that attack the odor and break down the smell. By soaking the carpet with the odor spray, you will be removing the smell from your carpet. Give the spray time to work and allow the spray time to dry. Once dry, vacuum your carpet in the stain area to fully remove any remnants of the odor. This procedure can be done multiple times until the odor has been removed. (This method can also be used on wood, linoleum and concrete flooring. Follow the directions on the spray bottle for best results.)

For pet odors and stains on concrete and wood flooring: Use a cleaning odor spray on the concrete or wood flooring. On concrete let the spray soak into the concrete and then fully dry. Then paint over the concrete with a primer paint to seal it if this can be done. For wood flooring, the spray can be used on the floor and let it soak in. Replacing the wood can be an option if the odor is deeply set into the wood. You can keep soaking the wood with the enzyme odor cleaner and repeat if necessary.

For smaller carpet stains and lighter odors on carpet: You can use a pet odor removal powder. These specialty odor powders penetrate into the carpet and soak up the odors when you vacuum the area. This method is the easiest by far but not recommended for extra heavy stains or odors.

For odors in the air but not from the carpet or flooring: You can use a specialty pet odor absorbing candle. Usually these candles are best used in pairs by lighting 2 of them in the room where the pet odors occur the most. These candles have an extra ingredient that actually removes the odors from the air.

Here are a few products that can assist you with removing pet stains and odors for good.

If you have other tips and helpful ways to eliminate pet odors and stains, please help out our other readers and leave a comment.

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  1. All floors Inc.

    One of the best methods to get bad carpet smells is using good old baking soda. Simply sprinkle baking soda on your carpet flooring. Wait for a few hours, but ideally you need to let it set overnight before cleaning it up using the vacuum. Carpet odor will be eliminated once you vacuum the baking soda and will leave a fresh and clean smell.

  2. Here’s some carpet cleaner that I use & it works wonderful.
    We have two dogs & they would potty on the carpet all the time. I started getting very annoyed with having to go behind them each time using different pet odor removals & other store bought products for such use. After I used this I haven’t had any more problems when they going on the carpet (:

    Remove carpet stains: rub coca-cola on the area, rinse with soap & water
    Remove pet odor & stains: empty spray bottle, 1/4 cup baking soda, 1 tablespoon liquid soap & white distilled vinegar.
    The way I clean my carpet is applying or sprinkling baking soda onto the carpet & spraying with white vinegar, let it sit for a minute or so then let air dry or vacuum the area or room.

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