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All My Garage Door Openers Have Stopped Working – What Can Cause This?

Garage door openers not working. A few days ago all of our remote garage door openers stopped working. It has happened all of a sudden, all transmitters stopped working at the same time. Both my handheld garage door opener transmitter and the one that is built into my car do not work. I thought maybe the transmitters needed to be reprogrammed. I reprogrammed the transmitters but that did not work. The garage door opener still works as it opens when I use the button wired directly to it in the garage. I know for sure that the transmitters are programmed correctly but still don’t work. My garage door opener is a Liftmaster 1/2 HP opener.

Garage Door Openers Have Stopped Working - How To Fix

The most common reason for a garage door remote transmitter to stop working is a dead battery. However, if ALL the garage door openers stop working at the same time, then most likely the garage door antenna is not attached properly or the garage door opener itself needs to be reset. You can try to simply unplug the garage door opener from the wall for 30 seconds and see if that resets it.

Here is what to check when all garage door transmitters stop working at same time:

  1. Be sure nothing (such as a tree hanging over the garage) is blocking the transmitter signal from opening the garage door.
  2. Test or replace all batteries in handheld remote garage door transmitter(s) and built in car garage door openers.
  3. Check that the antenna on your garage door opener is securely attached and working.
  4. Try reprogramming/resetting all remote garage door transmitters.
  5. If all above test or check good, then reset or reprogram your garage door opener.

Garage Door Opener SMART or LEARN Button LocationGarage Door Opener SMART or LEARN Button Location

Here is how to reset reprogram a garage door opener on LIFTMASTER, CHAMBERLAIN, SEARS:

  1. Press and release the SMART or LEARN button on the garage door opener motor. (Located on the actual garage door opener mounted on the ceiling)
  2. The SMART or LEARN indicator light will illuminate for 30 seconds. (The LEARN button is on the motor head next to the wire terminal strip)
  3. Press and hold the button on the garage door hand held remote control while the SMART or LEARN button is illuminated.
  4. When the motor light begins to blink, let go of the button on your garage door hand held remote control.
  5. The garage door opener has now been reset and has learned the new code.
  6. If your garage door opener does not have light bulbs, you will hear 2 clicks to confirm the opener has been reset.

SMART button on LIFTMASTER garage door openerSMART button on LIFTMASTER garage door opener

NOTE: If your garage door has a keypad you will need to enter a 4 digit PIN number after you press the SMART or LEARN button and the light is illuminated. After entering the 4 digit PIN, press and hold the ENTER button. Let go of the button once you see the garage door motor light blink. The garage door opener has now learned the new code.

How To Easily Reset Your Garage Door Code

Garage Door Opener Parts and AccessoriesGarage Door Opener Parts and Accessories

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24 thoughts on “All My Garage Door Openers Have Stopped Working – What Can Cause This?”

  1. I have a Liftmaster. My remote clickers (3 of them) will work once (either to open or close) but the second time you hit the button after the first, it will not work. You have to wait for about 10 minutes before it will start working again. Door control works fine anytime.

  2. Scott Roberts

    I have 4-5 remote openers. I seteCh, using the learn button. They work for 4-5 days then stop. I reset again….good for another 4-5 days. None of them work longer . I just keep resetting. Why will they not hold the code indefinitely?

  3. I read the comment about LED bulbs and while my remote is not working or working sometimes the wall opener works fine. Won’t the LED bulbs affect that one? Thank you

  4. I am having the same problem with the remote openers not opening the garage. Saw this about replacing the LED bulbs with incandescent bulbs but that didn’t work either. If I turn off the garage opener lights the remotes work. I tried removing the bulbs, but as long as there was power to the light bulb sockets, the remote wouldn’t work. When the power to the sockets is turned off the remotes work fine. I’m guessing a problem somewhere on the motherboard.

  5. Our outside Garage Door keypad mysteriously stopped working.
    We changed internal battery to new 9 volt.
    All other remotes and wall switch continued working.
    We followed instructions to reprogram/reset keypad and garage door opener.
    Lights blinked, etc. and all went as advertised through “the opener has been reset and learned new code”.
    Garage door still doesn’t open or close using the keypad.

  6. I have a Chamberlain Lift Master Professional.
    The door closes but opens again straight away once in the closed position without touching the remote Any sujestions?

  7. Casey Starzak

    I have a Lift Master. The up and down button on the garage and car remote on sunny days only lets the door go down a foot or so and then shoots back up. I have to hold down the remote button on both every time for the door to go down. How do I fix this problem. Hope you have a solution.

  8. Thanks for the insight Jerry and to others who tried the suggestion. I had installed just one LED bulb and both the remotes became erratic. After removing the LED bulb both the remote openers are working fine!!

  9. Hi, we successfully installed a wireless keypad to control our Liftmaster garage door opener but as soon as we did that our remotes stopped working (the keypad and opener inside the garage work fine). How do we fix this?

  10. I have a raynor door opener that all 3 remotes do not work when the door is down .if its up they all work fine.

  11. I’ve successfully completed the learn function, yet a day later, the code no longer works. I’ve changed the battery. I’m thinking I should just buy a new one.

  12. Both my remote button and the one on the wall in the garage stopped working , the eye on the left is green the one on the right is yellow and the light on the garage button is flickering . The light on the opener doesn’t come on or the lock button does nothing.

  13. Both my garage door opener remotes (Craftsman #139.53879) quit operating at the same time….

    I followed all the suggestions provided above as well as other approaches….nothing changed…I also purchased “replacement” remotes that were claimed to direct replacements for my model but they did not work either…(and the vendor was worthless as far as assistance)

    Door opens perfectly using the wall switch….

    Any insights are appreciated!

  14. Bizarrely, I had the exact same problem that Jerry mentioned – could not figure out what happened and saw his comments. Sure enough I had replaced the opener bulbs with LEDs just last weekend – took them out a few minutes ago, reset remote again and all works fine now…just as Jerry said, crazy! Just happy I stumbled onto the comment section!

  15. My garage door remotes and the wireless key pad all stopped working at the same time. Garage door repair man told me the mother board needed to be replaced. As it turned out, the LED light bulbs I installed when the old lights went out, interfered with the signal. I removed the light bulbs, reset the remotes and the key pad, and everything works just fine. Crazy!!!!

  16. I have a lift master 3/4 hp opener. The remotes (2 wireless, 1 in a new car) stopped working all at the same time. I reprogrammed all including the key pad on the outside of the garage. They all work for about 30 minutes and then only the 2 wireless and 1 in car remotes stop working. The keypad however still works. That’s what has me stumped because I would think all the learned remotes would stop working at the same time.

  17. Light on learn button turns on when button is pressed. Light remains on for over a minute and goes off even though the transmitter button is pressed. It does not learn a code. Attempted with a new logic board…same scenario. Tried three different transmitters, all of which worked until recently.

  18. All 3 of my Liftmasters stopped working at same time after entering garage from rain, door closed halfway. Wall controls (3, no lights on them) and remotes don’t work. Flipped circuit breakers and CGI to no effect.

  19. I have two genie openers. Both of them quit working. Neither of them have any functioning lights on on the opener. There is definitely power to both. One of them, the safety eyes are blinking. I’ve taken one of the openers down, rehooked the eyes and wall control and I get nothing but blinking safety beams. What is the best way to diagnose the circuit board and the safety beams?

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