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Samsung Washer Displays Error Code 5E Message – How To Clear Error?

What does 5E mean on Samsung Washer? Is your Samsung washing machine showing the error code 5E or SE? If your Samsung washer is in the middle of a drain cycle and the 5E error code shows on your washers display, it means that the water is not properly draining out of the washer. Something may be clogged, jammed, or blocked and thus preventing water from draining out of the washer. The 5E error code can be confused with SE, as the digital display on your Samsung washer may look like an S or a 5…. The official error code is 5E. Here is what to do when you get the 5E or se error code on your Samsung washer…

What does the 5E Error Message Mean On My Samsung Washer?What does the 5E Error Message Mean On My Samsung Washer?

The Samsung washing machine will display the 5E error code if the water is not draining out in the allotted time. To alert you of this, the Samsung washer will make a buzzing sound if the water does not drain out of the washer within 15 minutes. At this time the timing indicator will display the “5E” error code.

Here is what YOU can do to fix the 5E error code issue and get the washer working again:

Step 1Clean out the drain filter at the bottom of your Samsung washer.
(If the debris/drain filter is clogged, the water cannot drain and the 5E error will display)

Clean the debris filter if your Samsung washer is NOT DRAININGClean the debris filter if your Samsung washer is NOT DRAINING



Step 2Be sure the drain hose located on the back of the washing machine is not bent, kinked, or clogged.
(Remove the drain hose from the back of the washer and run water through it to be sure it is not blocked or clogged)

Samsung Washer Drain Hose May Be Clogged - Check Washer Drain Hose For BlockageSamsung Washer Drain Hose May Be Clogged – Check Washer Drain Hose For Blockage



Step 3Be sure the washer drain hose is installed so the end of it is not too far down the standpipe.
(If the washer drain hose is inserted into the standpipe in the wall too far or not far enough, the washer may not drain properly, be sure the drain hose is positioned correctly)

Washer Drain Hose - Be Sure It Is Positioned Correctly In StandpipeWasher Drain Hose – Be Sure It Is Positioned Correctly In Standpipe



Step 4Check the drain pump that is located inside the washer to be sure it is not blocked and that it is receiving power.
(If the drain pump that pumps out the water in your Samsung washer is clogged and cannot pump, it may need to be cleaned out or replaced. If the Samsung washer drain pump is not working electrically, it will need to be repaired or replaced)

Samsung Washing Machine Drain Pump - May Be Clogged Or FaultySamsung Washing Machine Drain Pump – May Be Clogged Or Faulty


Here is a video for how to get to the drain pump in a Samsung washer and also how to remove and replace a washer drain pump if needed…

Washer Not Draining? Samsung Washer Drain Pump Replacement
This video provides step-by-step instructions for replacing the drain pump on a Samsung washing machine.
Common reasons for replacing the drain pump is if the washer is not draining and unclogging the pump and hoses does not fix the problem.

Samsung Washing Machine Replacement PartsSamsung Washing Machine Replacement Parts

This 5E error code applies to Samsung washing machines with the model numbers: WA85BWPEH/XTL, WA90BWQEH/XTL, WA95BWBEH/XTL, WA90BWMEH/XTL, and WA95BWPEH/XTL.

If you need further assistance with your Samsung washer and the 5E error code, please leave a message below and we will be happy to assist you.

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24 thoughts on “Samsung Washer Displays Error Code 5E Message – How To Clear Error?”

  1. Thanks! I was getting 5E randomly on the 13 year old Samsung front loader. Firstly replaced drain pump (which fixed the issue immediately 5 years ago). However still same issue. Then cleaned the 2 drain hoses which were partially clogged with 13 years of muck. Did not fix either. The level sensor air hose was disconnected (located at top of machine) and blew through a straw to test. There was resistance and then cleared. Reattached and this fixed the 5E and operating again. In hindsight looking at the symptoms the machine was trying to drain thinking there was still water in the machine due to the faulty level sensor and caused random 5E errors. Thanks, as I was about to buy a new machine. The original drain pump was probably okay.

  2. 5E error message: I performed the draining and cleaning of the filter. I started the rinse and spin cycle and 5E comes up again about 2/3 through the cycle. What next? No kinked hoses.

  3. Sanjeev Tiwari

    I am also facing the same problem. Have changed the pump but still the same error 5E continues off and on…

  4. Hello! I have a 5e error code on my Samsung washer. Have cleaned the filter, replaced the drain pump, but the code still shows up. The pipes too appeared all clean. So not sure what to try at this point, before replacing the unit. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

  5. I’m getting the 5E code when I did anything other than a small load. I have replaced the drain hose as it had some holes and I’m draining into a sink. Typically if we turn it off and put it in rinse soon mode it will finish without problems. We have also had the sud code come up. The filter is clean. Is it possible that the hose that goes to the pump needs replaced or cleaned out?

  6. I have SE error , ive cleaned filter, check the hose its getting water flow out it when I put wet vacuum over drain hose however it still error messages in spin /drain cycle. Does that mean pump is bad?

  7. Hi Guys,
    Plz help me
    My samsung machine is giving 5E error even after changing the pump in it and clearing the debris filter. What can be the problem. It never happens in every wash. Sometimes with small time wash , error don’t comes.
    Plz suggest what can I do

  8. Hi Guys, this is helpful.
    I got the 5e/se code and the debris filter was clogged. I pulled it out and the water rushed out.
    I cleaned the filter and put it back. But now when i plug the machine in, it gives an LE1/LEI code.
    Might this be a low water level because i drained the machine? Or should i always call in help?

  9. William Grulkey

    These instructions worked perfectly! But before pulling the pump I shone a flashlight into the drain hose leading from the drum, and found a fabric furniture coaster, the exact same size as the small end of the hose that connects to the pump. Disassemble to reassemble in about 45 mins. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  10. Hi
    I do get the SE or 5e error code for not draining on a wa15w9 but as is it does drain the howl drum in under 2 min, and still the motor pumps but does not stop pumping even after there is no water left.could it be the dn-s17 level sensor the olden one u could have tested n/o contact but not on the new one`sit give me an reading off 21.4 ohm only on the outer terminals. could it be the level sensor or waht els could i do thanks gys

  11. Kristine L'Estrange

    You guys are amazing!!!!! This is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this before and your instructors were so good even I was able to successfully repair the pump.
    You’v saved me a ton of cash right before Christmas and made me feel empowered as a woman.

  12. Hi.
    First, a major “Thank You” to everyone involved in making this article and video available to me. I had the infamous 5E error message and my pump was making noise even after we had cleaned the debris filter.
    Thanks to your video, I was able to remove the front panel, detach the drain that leads to the pump, and find two objects that were clogging the drain even before the water got to the pump. That’s why the debris filter was clean.
    It took me one hour this time, 20 min max next time as it is very easy to do once you know where you’re headed.
    Anyhow, you just saved me at least 200$. Thanks a lot!

  13. I can’t get the debris filer out—keeps turning counterclockwise but won’t loosen and come out. Also can’t get cap off little house beside it.

  14. Hi my Samsung wf42h5200ap/a2 drains properly untill it gets to the final spin cycle then gives a 5 E error code. only does it about every once and awhile. Checked for clogging and tested pump and everything is ok. Would you have any advice on what to look for. Front control board?

  15. My Samsung Washing Machine drains on rinse and spin but it does not drain when in wash cycle I have checked the pipe and cleaned the filter. Please help desperate

  16. My Samsung is not a front end load washer and my drain filter isn’t located in the front. Any more info on a top loading Samsung aquajet VRT?

  17. Hi. My WA13UP Samsung toploader washing machine also stops after the wash cycle and does not drain the water. I have removed the pump and supplied power direct and it works fine. Checked pipes and filter and have no blockages. Also if I measure with voltmeter, the control board doesn’t give permanent 220Vac power out to pump. The controlboard have no visual defects. Is there a fix? And if I only select the spinning cycle the pump dont come on and the drum just turn at very slow rpm

  18. My Wa13V9 Samsung top loader empties the water but the spin cycle does not start. After a while i get a 5E error.
    Where can i check for problems

  19. DIY Project Help Tips

    Test the washing machine drain pump separately with a meter.
    Check the pump for anything clogged INSIDE or near any of the lines connected to the drain pump.


    It says PUMP may be CLOGGED or FAULTY on washer.
    It shows how to get to and REPLACE the pump but HOW TO CHECK IT FOR CLOGS?
    I don’t want to replace this thing if it is working.
    How do I tell if its getting power?
    If the machine instructions say to cut power to the washer before fixing it, how to determine if the pump is getting power?

  21. DIY Project Help Tips

    John Ivers,

    Samsung 5E Error Code = Water is not draining from the Washing Machine.
    If the water does not drain in 15 minutes then a buzzer will sound, and the remaining time indicator will show the 5E Error Code.
    Try the following steps to fix the issue:
    -Clean the debris filter.
    -Make sure the drain hose is not clogged.
    -To make sure it is not clogged then detach the drain hose from washing machine and check for blockage.
    -Be sure the drain hose is not frozen.
    -Make sure the drain hose is installed properly.

    If you know for sure the drain pump is faulty… Check the image below and click to see which drain pump will work in your Samsung Washer.

    Samsung Washing Machine Drain Pumps
    Samsung Washing Machine Drain Pumps


  22. My Samsung washing machine is not completing a full cycle of washing.
    It stop on spin and the water is not draining out.
    Am getting 5E warning light.
    I am 99% sure it is the drain pump as I can get air to blow through the hose.
    The model of my washer is WF5750LSW.
    Can you please tell me the model part Number for this machine?
    That is the drain pump motor number.

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