How Do You Reset A Garbage Disposal?

What is the easiest way to reset your garbage disposal? When your garbage stops working or will not run, you may need to reset it. If the garbage disposal overloads and overheats it will trip the reset button and need to be reset. This guide will show you in the most complete simple manner, how to fix your garbage disposal and get it running again. Here is HOW TO RESET YOUR GARBAGE DISPOSAL.

How to reset a garbage disposal – Red button at bottom will reset

Garbage Disposals

Reset your garbage disposal by using the RED button on the very bottom of the disposal.

This red reset button is a safety precaution called an overload protector. When your garbage disposal gets blocked, jammed up, or has been running for a long time it can overheat. If there is any type of fault with your garbage disposal it will automatically shut down and need to be reset by pressing the red reset button. When the overload protector trips you should notice the red reset button has popped out.

How Do You Reset A Garbage DisposalHow To Reset A Garbage Disposal?

How do you reset a garbage disposal?

1 – Be sure to first TURN OFF the garbage disposal using the switch or simply unplugging it under the sink.
2 – Locate the red reset button on the bottom of the disposal and press the red button to reset.
3 – If the red reset button does not push back in and reset or keeps popping out, simply wait about 15 minutes for the garbage disposal to cool down.
4 – Once the garbage disposal has cooled down (if it has overheated) press the red button again and it should now reset.
5 – Next, run some cold water in the sink so water gets down into the garbage disposal.
6 – Plug the garbage disposal back in or turn it ON using the ON switch located on the wall.
7 – The garbage disposal should now run perfectly as it has been reset.

Fix Your Own Garbage Disposal
Disposal Repair

If you have an issue with your garbage disposal NOT RESETTING, it may need to be replaced or repaired.

If you discover that the garbage disposal is faulty, below are new and improved garbage disposals that you can purchase to replace your old faulty disposal.

New replacement garbage disposalsNew replacement garbage disposals

If you need help resetting your garbage disposal, garbage disposal is humming, or garbage disposal has glass inside – hums – jammed – will not run and you need help fixing it, please leave a question below and we will have an expert answer your questions in full detail.

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