Costway Giantex Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine Help And Troubleshooting

Have a Giantex/Costway twin tub washer that needs troubleshooting? Here is a guide on specifications, how to use the washer properly, and troubleshooting methods. We have rewritten the HOW TO USE direction manual to help you better understand how to use the twin tub washer. There are some common questions and answers on how to operate the Costway twin tub washer. Troubleshooting and flowcharts are also shown below so you can fix the washer yourself. If you have any questions about your twin tub washer, please leave a question below and we will be happy to assist.

Giantex Costway Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub 11lb Washing Machine Washer Spin DryerCostway Twin Tub Washer Help and Troubleshooting

How do you properly use a Giantex/Costway twin tub washing machine?

1) Make sure spin dial is on soft or normal
2) Add detergent
3) Fill tub with water
4) Add clothes
5) Close lid and turn time dial on for however long you want to wash them
6) When load is done, turn dial to drain and drain water out of washer
7) Place clothing in spin dry machine and spin dry them for however long you’d like
8) Turn dial back to soft/normal
9) Fill tub in washer again with water (NO detergent, but keep your wet clothing in)
10) Place clothing from spin dryer back in washing tub with fresh water
11) Close lid and turn dial on for however long you want to rinse-wash your clothes
12) When done, drain
13) Place clothing in spin dryer and spin dry


Giantex Costway Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub 11lb Washing Machine Washer Spin Dryer - Inside ViewGiantex Costway Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub 11lb
Washing Machine Washer Spin Dryer – Inside View


Giantex Costway Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub 11lb Washing Machine Washer Spin Dryer - Top ViewGiantex Costway Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub 11lb
Washing Machine Washer Spin Dryer – Top View


Giantex/Costway Twin Tub  Troubleshooting Methods Below…


Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spin Dryer - Malfunction and Solutions 1

Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spin Dryer – Malfunction and Solutions 1


Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spin Dryer - Malfunction and Solutions 2Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spin Dryer – Malfunction and Solutions 2


Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spin Dryer - Malfunction and Solutions 3Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spin Dryer – Malfunction and Solutions 3


Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spin Dryer - Malfunction and Solutions 4Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spin Dryer – Malfunction and Solutions 4

Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spin Dryer - Malfunction and Solutions 5Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spin Dryer – Malfunction and Solutions 5

Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spin Dryer - Malfunction and Solutions 6Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spin Dryer – Malfunction and Solutions 6

Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spin Dryer - Malfunction and Solutions 7Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spin Dryer – Malfunction and Solutions 7

Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spin Dryer - Parts Identification ChartTwin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spin Dryer – Parts Identification Chart

How to use Giantex – Costway twin-tub washing machine

Questions and Answers for the Giantex or Costway Twin Tub Washing Machine:

Can you run both, the washer and the dry spin at the same time?
Yes you can use both sides at once. Left side is washer and right side is a spin compartment to get most of water out of clothes.

What are the best ways you for elevating it if you don’t put it directly in the tub?
Purchase a PVC foot locker and place the machine on top of it then drape the hose into the tub.
Use the styrofoam base it came with. It will add a more height and stability to the machine.

How dry does the spin dryer get the clothes? Do you need to purchase a dryer as well?
The clothes do spin dry, but I use my dryer just to fluff and take any excess lint off the clothes.

Will this hook up to a regular 3 prong American wall socket?
Yes it plugs right into a regular American wall socket.

Is this on wheels and is the dryer part ventless?
No wheels – It is lightweight – Not heavy when empty.
One of the tubs is for washing the other tub is for spinning the excess water from the clothes.
(it isn’t an actual dryer, it doesn’t heat, it only spins, so there is no need for a vent)
The washer doesn’t have a pump to drain it, it drains by gravity.

Information on the Giantex or Costway Twin Tub Washing Machine:

-This is the portable mini compact with twin tub washing machine.
-Preferred for doing laundry in a compact environment.
-Perfect For dorms, apartments, condos, motor homes, RV’s, camping and more.
-The total capacity of laundry is washer: 11lbs and spinner 6.6lbs.
-The washing timer can be controlled up to 15 minutes.
-The spin timer can be controlled up to 5 minutes for each load.
-This washing machine has 1300 RPM motor with a voltage frequency of 110V/60HZ.
-When you turn on the water you have to stay by the washer to watch it because it does not stop filling with water by itself.

Giantex or Costway Twin Tub Washing Machine Specifications:

-Color: White And Blue
-Washer Size: Compact
-Voltage Frequency: 110V/60Hz – Motor RPM: 1300
-Rated Washing Capacity: 11 Lbs – Rated Spinner Dryer Capacity – 6.6 Lbs
-Washing Power: 300W – Spinner Power – 110W
-Maximum Water Temperature: 120F
-Length Of Inlet Pipe: 43″
-Length Of Drain Pipe: 26″
-Overall Size: 24.8″ X 14″ X 28.35″ (L x W x H)

Parts for the Giantex or Costway Twin Tub Washing Machine

If you have any questions about your twin tub washer, please leave a question below and we will be happy to assist.

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65 thoughts on “Costway Giantex Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine Help And Troubleshooting”

  1. Appliance Repair Assistant

    If your Costway twin tub agitator won’t agitate unless you manually turn it, try these fix methods:
    Check the agitator coupling: The agitator coupling connects the agitator to the transmission shaft. If it’s worn or damaged, the agitator won’t turn properly. Check the coupling for wear or damage and replace it.
    Check the drive belt: The drive belt connects the motor to the transmission. If it’s loose or worn, the agitator won’t turn properly. Check the drive belt for wear or damage and tighten or replace it.
    Check the agitator dogs: The agitator dogs are small plastic pieces that engage the agitator with the transmission shaft. If they’re worn or broken, the agitator won’t turn properly. Check the agitator dogs for wear or damage and replace them.
    Check the transmission: The transmission is responsible for turning the agitator. If it’s faulty, the agitator won’t turn properly. Check the transmission for wear or damage and replace it.
    Please let us know if this information helped you!

  2. My Costway twin tub agitator won’t agitate. I can here the power click on but the agitator doesn’t move. If I reach in and give it a push with my hand it’ll run for several seconds but will not move again when the timer turns the motor on unless I push it. It is not an overloading issue. It does the same thing if it has no clothes and just water.

  3. Did you ever find the solution? I want to take it apart too because mold has built up in hard to reach areas. I’m nervous to take it apart and not be able to get it back together properly. There doesn’t seem to customer support online anywhere for these types of units

  4. Did you resolve the agitator not working? I just got mine today and everything runs but the pulsator will not move. Any ideas?

  5. I broke the filter in the washing tube. I’m just curious if I can get that specific part form somewhere, I’m based in the UK if that makes any difference.

  6. The top part of the spinner, the ring, has come off and will not stay on to spin. What should I do?

  7. I noticed my washer started to smoke and made my clothes smell like burn. What caused this and how can I fix it or can I continue to use it.?

  8. Ronald E. Krang

    I have a Costway Twin Tub. The agitator spins fast when no water is in it but when clothes are in, even the slightest amount, the agitator spins one direction for about five seconds, then stops and turns the opposite direction for five seconds. I wanted to take the agitator out but do not want to damage it. Can you tell me what the possible problem or problems might be. I would truly appreciate your help, sincerely!

  9. Courtney Southworth

    I was cleaning the lint trap in my Giantex portable washer and noticed that inside the overflow filter needed to be cleaned.
    My fiance finally got the overflow filter panel off to clean but now we can’t get it back on. Anyone have tips or had this same problem?

  10. Courtney Southworth

    Hi I am wondering if there is a way to take off the small main panel the lint trap goes in so that and the area of where the water drains from can be cleaned? I have noticed lint from towels will catch there. I do a hot water rinse after a load of towels to clean it but it doesn’t get it completely clean. And are there tips for helping with keeping the amount of lint down?


    My timer gets stuck I tap it and it continues to wash it continues to do this until load is finished. Do i need to replace it? If so how can i find the part.

  12. Went to use my spin dryer today and it would bairly spin and then it would spin normal and the slow way down and than almost stop completly.Then i would try to start it all over again and it would spin fine. However its still doing it. Any ideas on why ?

  13. Had it for over 7 months and It works fine but mold has been building inside the cabin, behind the overflow filter, even though I use hot (not very hot) water and rinse/drain/air out the machine after every use.
    I can’t seem to remove it to scrub off the mold!!!
    And I’m also worried that some hair has been accumulating too. Thanks for the info!

  14. Lorraine Parkin

    How many Liters of water does the washer part hold. Giantex Portable Compact 13 Lbs Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine Washer Spin Dryer

  15. I bought the Costway Twin Portable Washer/Spinner. It worked great for a couple months but now when I fill the washer, water starts to fill the spin bucket and drain from the hose.

  16. I was given a costway 1lb. Washer but the water inlet adapter didn’t come with it. Where can I find the the parts I need to actually use it?

  17. I just got the Costco washer and spinner. I’m not sure what I did but when the washer is spinning there is a burn smell coming off and then today there was a spark on the washer while is was spinning.

  18. I just got this washer and dryer combo, but when I went to use it, water went into the washer and dryer side and I dont know why. How do I stop this from happening?

  19. My twin tub portable washer has a crack in the drain hose where it comes out of bottom of washer. How do I replace hose ? Where do I buy one ? Does machine need taken apart in order to fix this ?

  20. Michele R Russell

    This is exactly the same issues I’m having.
    No where on internet can I find where fuse is, how to reset lid switch and it works 1st time but now the dryer won’t spin.
    The washer it now doing nothing, the drains not making any noise whatsoever and my dryer is not doing anything this unit isn’t even four months old.

  21. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Yes we can assist. Can you supply us with the model number of your Costway Giantex washing machine?

  22. I have the costway portable washing machine and now all of a sudden it is leaving residue on the clothes on the spin cycle I have rinsed the machine on both sides cleaned lint trap washed clothes inside out nothing is helping any suggestions?

  23. Laura Hardacker

    I have a Costway twin tub that has stopped draining from the wash compartment. I need to know how to get at the pump if there is one and drain as the drain appears to be clogged. Otherwise maybe the selector switch isn’t engaging to open the drain?

  24. Hi Eva, I have the same machine. The selector switch(s) are screwed onto a plastic slot that looks like l+l. Over time, the screws strip out. I repaired mine by super gluing trimmed drywall retainers into the slots.
    There are 3 screws in the back & 4 clips in the front of the panel, in order to get to the switches.

  25. Just recieved the giantex costway twin tub portable washing machines do not know how to remove shipping bolts off of it and how to do the belt it did not come with manual. can someone please tell me how to do this so I can use the machine. Thank u.

  26. Pls help!
    My machine’s spinning sound is okay but the pulsator keeps coming loose. Tried tightening the screw, it will spin well for just a moment and the next, the pulsator pushes up again. Should I get a longer screw or what do I do?

  27. I have a sky2767 and recently the soft/normal/drain knob came off in my hand when the part beneath the plastic housing broke off (unclear where or how it was attached/screwed to the inside). Now the tub will not drain…
    The manufacturer only “provides customer help” with the regular operational issues of the machine… they were absolutely no help at all to me as regards replacement parts…or as to machine schematics so I might take the machine apart and see how I can “McGyver” the machine back together. Any ideas you might have about where I might repair this…or get parts or schematics so I can figure out what to do without making matters worse???
    Any and all help and suggestions appreciated.


    I have the fully automatic portable Giantex washer and it was a dream for the last 5 months. However, recently it has stopped spinning. I tried resetting, unplugging, run it empty etc…and nothing. It goes through all its washing functions but stops at the SPIN cycle, and gives me an “error code 2 or E2” which is odd because that states per the manual that the lid is open, and it’s not open.

  29. I had a piece of clothing fall down behind the spinner, so now it won’t spin but I can’t reach down to grab it how can I get the clothing out so it will work again?

  30. Anyone know name of vbelt part number/size. washer is very loud and i think this is the problem.

  31. Hello! My spinner tub is not draining at all and therefore not spinning properly. However, the washer drains just fine. Where should I check for a clog or blockage that would effect only the spin side?

  32. That is a good answer. Have been reading up and there seems a predominant misconception about rinsing. The intended method is:

    1. Attach spin hose
    2. Put half of washed load (unless it wasn’t a full load) in spinner and set 5 mins
    3. Allow to spin 1 minute to remove soapy water
    4. Spin Rinse by turning on water for 2 minutes
    5. Spin Dry for the remaining 2 minutes
    6. Repeat with 2nd half

    If you did not use too much soap (seems most peeps do) cloths should be perfect.

  33. Can you replace the hose on the machine and if so how and where can I get a new hose. It is starting to let out a smell and is all black inside the hose

  34. Where can I find a replacement drain hose after a few uses it has developed a crack in the hose near the base of the washer.

  35. And I have the same problem. I just got my new machine a week ago. I washed two small loads and totally fell in-love with this machine. Today, I placed a third small load to wash and neither the agitator or spinner would move. There is a ticking noise, so the timer is working, but no movement at all. I’m so bummed. I so wanted to love this adorable little machine.

  36. The pulsator is uneven and leaving holes in my clothes. When i remove it, it has one area that is missing plastic which may be causing the unevenness. There were 2 washers underneath it on the bolt that it sits on, not sure if there should only be one?

  37. The drain hose has a small tear in it and waterproof sealer did not work. Also, right away the disc used in the spinner went too high to the top and got ripped by friction. How can I replace these parts. The drain hose has lint that collected and wont come off with cleaning anyway.

  38. I was using my washer in the tub and forgot that I left water running. I think the motor got wet. The washer is not working now. Is it the motor?

  39. I am in the same situation. I have bought three washers like this, and this happened to each one. This one worked once, and I was delighted. Took it out to use it again, and only the timer is operational. If you find a solution, please let me know. If I find one, I’ll do the same.

  40. Have you replaced or fixed this problem yet? Mine will not set when turned just pops right back to 0 and it wont even start if i hold it.

  41. My washing machine was working fine. All of a sudden it stopped spinning. The timer still seems like it works but the in bucket doesn’t spin. I have read some of the troubleshooting and it seems like I have to disassemble the whole unit. Is there any indication on how to find the fuse or check the capacitor is there anything you can spend in regards to troubleshooting in regards to my spin bucket is not spinning I can hear the timer no spinning though. Thank you

  42. I have been meaning to make my own video because I never saw anyone use it either but me being me figured it out there is a little spout to properly rinse your clothes .. I transfer my hose that I had to rig up because the one they send isn’t going to do much alone anyway you put your hose there turn spin on let it spin dirty water out turn your water on an continue to spin until the water comes out you drain hose clear an that’s how I do it everytime because I don’t feel as if my clothes are really clean without a proper rinse.. hope this helps you

  43. Lindsay Spence

    When I wash clothes, my COSTWAY GIANTEX washing machine makes a loud noise when it is spinning the clothes in the washing part.
    I am not sure why it does that. What can I do to fix it?

  44. Hello, I’m trying to locate the fuses on the Costwat washing machine model XPB45-EP23103. The agitator has stopped working.

    Where is the fuse located so I can try and fix my machine?

    Thank you

  45. Alicia Jimenez

    Need to purchase drain pump for my costaway twin tub portable washer – model ep22931 – when it spin dries it doesn’t drain But the wash side of the tub does drain.

  46. I was just wondering what the water inlet on the spinner side was for, can you add water while the clothes are spin drying? I’m sure it’s not there for no reason… but I have yet to see a video or instruction saying to add water to the spin dryer side.

  47. Kathleen Curiel

    I have a Costway Giantex – washer and spinner. The spinner motor is sounding rough and not spinning as fast as it used to spin. I am looking for instructions on how to open up the back/bottom and check the motor, etc. but can’t find any diagrams. How do I open up the washer/spinner to fix/check anything or add oil?

  48. Hello, I have one of this twin tubs. But suddenly every time I plugged it in the dry spinner is on… it doesn’t turn off.. I tried to turn it off but couldn’t do it. Please I need some advise or solution to this problem.

  49. I purchased the Model EP22930. The directions say to connect the water inlet hose to the machine. I received only 1 very short hose that does not reach my sink for water. I would also like to know if I use the same hose for draining the water out. Please advise as to what is the best hose to purchase to use as the water inlet hose.

  50. I purchased the Costway washing machine model no. Ep23103 less than a week ago.
    The spin dryer is making noise and not spinning properly.
    I opened it up and at the bottom there’s thick yellow and black oil spilled all over the bottom.

  51. The electrical cord has been chewed by our pet. Is there a way to replace it? I cannot locate parts for this machine. The machine works great, sadly the cord is shredded.

  52. Deborah Radden

    The top ring on the spin basket came off. How do I replace it? It comes right back off when spinning.

  53. Teresa McCrary

    My washer works but when I went to add water to it …it all drained out..will not hold water to wash clothes

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