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Samsung Front Load Washer Door Locked – Door Will Not Open After Wash Cycle

Samsung washer door will not open. When the wash cycle completed the door does not open. It is locked and not allowing the door to open. What is needed to open the washer door? Is there a specific button on the washer to override the door lock? This issue has occurred once before but after about 5 minutes of finishing the wash cycle the door would open. My Samsung front load washer did finish the cycle. However a small amount of water was still in the washer.  The washer has a water level sensor so if there is water in the tub it is impossible to open the door until the water is drained. This causes the Samsung washer door to not open.

Samsung Front Load Washer Door Won't Open - Door Locked After Wash Cycle Finished - How To Open


  • Has your Samsung washer been interrupted during mid wash cycle? If so there may be a large amount of water to drain out and may take from 10 to 20 minutes to drain out.
  • The washing machine door will be locked when it detects water in the unit. Wait and see if it drains out by itself.
  • When water is no longer in the washer, reset the washer by pressing the ON/OFF or START/PAUSE button. Then wait for a minute to pass, and you can then unlock the door.
  • If this does work you will need to MANUALLY DRAIN the water out of the washer to be able to open/unlock the door.
  • If your washer door does not open and there is water in the washer tub, you will need to drain out the water within the washer by using the small rubber drain hose near the debris drain filter.
  • When your washer door is locked and water is in the tub, you will need to manually drain out the water by using the steps below.
  • If there is NO WATER in the wash tub and the door is locked after finishing a cycle, see below for TROUBLESHOOTING as to what may be the problem.

SAFETY: Before proceeding with the manual drain procedure below, be sure that the water in the washer tub is not HOT as burns can occur. It is best to wait from 30 to 60 minutes for the hot water to cool down.





  1. Locate the debris filter panel on the front bottom of your washer – Usually located on the bottom right on most Samsung front-load washers.
  2. Pop open the panel on the debris filter – Press down on the small tab on the panel and pull the panel downward. If the panel has no tab to pull down on, carefully use a flat head screwdriver and gently pop the panel open.
  3. Once you have the panel open find the small rubber drain hose. Release the small rubber drain hose if it is in its holder.
  4. To absorb any water that may spill when draining the washer, use a large bowl and some washcloths if any spills do occur.
  5. Once you have items to absorb any spilled water, get your large bowl and place it under the small rubber drain hose and place washcloths around it.
  6. At the end of the small rubber drain hose you will see a white draining plug, take it off and drain all the water out of the washer and into your large bowl to catch the water.
  7. It may be difficult to remove the white draining plug. To remove the white plug on the small rubber drain hose – Simply PULL and TWIST to remove.
  8. Once the water has stopped draining from the small rubber drain hose, put the drain hose cap back on and then snap it into the holder.
  9. Snap the debris filter panel back into the holes below and then lift up and push it back into place until it snaps in.
  10. Power the washer OFF and then back ON to reset it. Once this is done the door should unlock.
  11. Even though the door has opened, you may have some issues with your washer that will prevent the door from opening. You will now need to troubleshoot the washer to find out what is causing the door to not open. See below for reasons why a Samsung front load washer door will not open…


If your Samsung front-load washer door does not open after a wash cycle completes, and no water is inside the tub, you may have a faulty door lock assembly, bad wiring to and from the door lock assembly, a cracked or loose door/door lock assembly that causes the washer door to not operate properly, a faulty control board, bent washer door hinges, or faulty control board wiring.


  • Check the wiring from the door latch assembly to be sure a damaged wire is not causing the issue.
  • Check to be sure the door lock switch solenoid assembly is getting power and operating as designed. (MOST LIKELY ISSUE – SEE BELOW FOR PART NEEDED)
  • Inspect the door hinges, latch assembly, washer door latch for any signs of cracks, parts that are bent, or damage, as an item that is damaged may cause the washer door to lock and stay locked after wash cycle finishes.
  • Inspect the control board to be sure there are no burnt or scorched areas on the board or elsewhere as a bad control board can cause the door to not open.
  • When you hear a click at the washer door, this means that the solenoid is receiving power and is engaging or disengaging. If the washer door won’t open and you hear a clicking sound at the door, this could mean that the solenoid is not fully opening to let it unlock, or possibly there is a mechanical issue with the latch, or the washer door is bent downward in such a way that it still hangs onto the latch and won’t let it unlock because of the pressure on the latch. See if lifting up on the washer door when opening the door helps.


SAMSUNG OEM Original Part DC34-00024B Washer Door Lock Switch SolenoidSAMSUNG OEM Original Part: DC34-00024B Washer Door Lock Switch Solenoid

Need help with your Samsung washer not opening the door? Please leave a comment below and tell us your model number so we can assist.

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32 thoughts on “Samsung Front Load Washer Door Locked – Door Will Not Open After Wash Cycle”

  1. Melanie,
    To open your Samsung front load washer with an “FL” error, first try unplugging it for 5 minutes to reset the system. If this doesn’t work, manually drain any excess water using the emergency drain hose or filter access panel. If you can give us your model number we can help further.

  2. I have a Samsung front load washer that the door will not open. I’ve done all the things you find online to open it: turn it off, turn it on, check the child lock (it’s not on), I looked for a lanyard but did not find one on my washer, etc. We replaced the latch mechanism several months ago. I’ve had no problems until this morning. I put a load in to wash. I came back later to see if it was done and when I opened the washing machine the clothes were sopping wet. I turned it to rinse and spin cycle. Came back later and there was a code FL. I turned the washer off, turned it on and watched to see what it would do. It started normal, after 30 seconds or so I could hear clicking like it was trying to latch but it kept doing that every 10 seconds or so. How do I get my washer door open?

  3. My Samsung 8.5kg front load washer door will not open. There is no water in it and it just keeps making this clicking sound with the lock light on. What is wrong ?

  4. My Samsung door is not opening after a wash inspite of it ringing telling washing is complete I can unplug it and then start a new cycle and it will unlock that way. I have replaced the door latch as well as the pump sensor. What other things could be causing this issue?

  5. Kester chikadaya

    My Samsung door is not opening after a wash inspite of it ringing telling washing is complete

  6. I have a Samsung washing machine it goes through the cycle each time it stops spinning about 20 minutes before the end of the spin cycle

  7. SamsungWF8852LSS Model. Did full cycle but door does not open. No water in machine as drain pipes are clear and no water drains. Switched off machine but door not opening.

  8. I’m experiencing the same as you did 2 years ago, I removed the solenoid tinker the hook to lock and now my door is looked and can’t get it open.
    can you remember how did you get that door opened?

    thanks in advance

  9. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Tina M Williams,
    Samsung Washer FL error code is telling you it has a faulty door lock assembly.
    The door lock will try to close 7 times before the error code displays.

    Is the door lock assembly installed properly?
    Have you tested to be sure the new door lock is not faulty?
    Is the part OEM and made by Samsung?
    Check wiring and be sure all connections are secure.

  10. We followed the trouble shooting but could not unlock the door of our washing machine and we did not even find the debris filter panel you referred to.
    Model SK-3A1/XAA

  11. Tina M Williams

    I have a 2014 WF395BTPASU/A2 Samsung washer.
    I had to replace the cold water valve inlet, after doing so the washer threw a FL code and would not allow me to open the door.
    I ordered a new OEM door lock assembly and installed, it is still doing the same thing.
    I bought the service manual and put it into service mode and did the epprom reset, still to no avail the door remains locked and an FL code.
    I did drain water which was very little.
    Also there seems to be no sagging in the door.
    I did not manually unlock before I started the service mode.
    Any ideals of what I could do to fix this would be greatly appreciated as I’ve called for a repair man but still not been called to be put on the schedule and I have to get some laundry done.
    I rather fix myself if possible.

  12. Hello
    I cant open the door on my washer
    Of course the serial number is inside the door I assume like the washer
    I have a picture of the washer
    I have drained it via the instructions above yet it will not turn on

  13. I cannot open the washing machine door on my Samsung. I unplug it, but still the same. I got clothes inside but its not spinning, I try to do one cycle but the water also not going in.
    Model number of Samsung washer is w80j6410aw.

  14. My Samsung Front Load Washer control board is bad and the unit will not power up. There is a load of wet clothes in the drum and the front door is locked. How do I get the clothes out? Can you access the lock by removing the top panel?

  15. Same – I was able to find it in the rear of the machine on a sticker. You will see the serial number on there. I still have not been able to fix the electrical issue and door wont open. But at least i found the model number.

  16. Our washer will not open. There is no water in it and it just keeps making this clicking sound with the lock light on. I can not give model number since I’ll need to open the door to look.

  17. I have a Samsung frontload washer, Model # 402-49032012. replaced rear drum half and tripod drive shaft, error codes 6e or be (bad led light?) door locked, before filling , need too open to troubleshoot, emptied water was very , switch not clicking

  18. Use the emergency door release lanyard.
    In some models, next to the lint lock and water tube for emptying the machine, there is sometimes a grey tab with a loop at the end (it looks like you can use it to hold the water release tube). It’s not labelled on the manual, but this is actually a lanyard: pull it and the door unlocks – you can then open the locked door.
    Do not do this when the washing machine is full of water: it will come spilling out.

  19. My Samsung washing machine WD1142XVM stocked door and Error keeping displayed dE1
    First how can open the locked door, and then from where can i buy new Door Lock Switch

  20. Samsung J845 interlock switch has burnt and melted a bit and door is locked shut how do I get the door open

  21. anthony lifshack

    my door handle has broken so now i cant get door open to remove wet clothes.how can i get the door open???.Please help.

  22. samsung wf7700n6w front loader. Washing machine kept tripping the safety switch and will not turn back on. The door is locked with washing inside. There is no power to the machine and I am unable to plug into socket as it trips the safety switch.

    Any tips to open it other then breaking into it.

  23. Before you do anything, not one person mentioned the CHILD LOCK. I’m not sure how ours became activated, but it did. Once I deactivated it the problem was solved.

  24. My washer goes thru cycle. At the end the door doesn’t unlock. The child safety lock stays on. I have to unplug machine for two (2) days to get laundry out. I actually bought a 2nd hand Kenmore as I can’t find anyone to fix the Samsung. They all say parts very expensive and not WORTH fixing!!!

  25. I found my locked Samsung door was caused by a melted lock unit. Samsung wanted $300 to fix after breaking the door.

  26. THANK YOU! I just wanted to add that you might need buckets for this one. I just drained 5 gallons out of my machine, I was expected only a few ounces.

  27. Bitrus Cobongs

    Samsung Washing Machine, model WF45H6300A/6100A: We have had this problem before, where the switch solenoid was replaced by Samsung. Recently, the door won’t close/lock even when I pushed and held on for a while. I took out the solenoid latch and found out the piece that locks on the door hook was not rotating into lock position. I pushed it into place with my thumb and it stayed. I put it back together and the door locked. After the first wash cycle the door remained locked and would not open. Now I can’t open the door at all. There is no water in the machine because the cycle completed successfully. How can I open the door so I can replace the switch solenoid?

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