Front Load Washer Has Water In Bottom Of Door Gasket

Water is inside my frontload washer door gasket after washing. After a wash on my Whirlpool front load washing machine, I saw water pooling in the door gasket at the bottom. Why would water be in the washer door seal after a wash and how do I get the water to drain out?

Water not draining in front load washer door sealWater not draining in front load washer door seal/gasket

If your front load washing machine has water in the bottom of the boot door seal (door gasket) after a wash cycle, it is because the small drain holes located on the seal itself are blocked.

Why is water still in the door gasket?

The washing machine boot door seal has drain holes located at the bottom. These small holes can clog from lint and hard water.

If the holes on the washing machine get clogged you will find standing water at the bottom of the seal/gasket.

Water in front load washer door gasketRemove water and unclog small drain holes

Remove the water in the door gasket

If the water doesn’t drain out properly, the rubber door seal or boot seal will be filled with water and can get moldy.

If you find water stuck at the bottom of your washer door seal, wipe it out immediately with a rag or towel.

Always leave the front load washer door open to let the water evaporate out so mold is prevented.

Front load washer door gasket clogged

Clean the clogged drain holes

To clear the holes at the bottom of the boot, pull the rubber boot outward so you can see the small drain holes. Use a Q-tip to remove lint from the holes and along the area.

To clear the clogged holes in the bottom of the washer door boot, use a cotton tip swab or compressed air to clear away the gunk that is preventing the water from draining.

Use a flashlight to see in the crevice if you are having difficulty seeing the drain hole area. Once the holes are cleaned out the water will drain out immediately.

Do not use any metal objects to clear the clog from the drain holes as the material is rubber and a metal object could poke right through it.

Water not draining in front load washer door gasketWater not draining – clean holes in gasket

Prevent water in washer door gasket

Wipe out the boot after each wash. Hot washes help prevent mold and mildew, yet build-up of gunk still can occur in the boot.

You can choose to regularly clean it with a microfiber cloth and vinegar to keep the area clean and free of clogs. Visually check if the small drain holes are clogged and clean them out when necessary.

Prevent mold on front load washer door gasketClean door gasket after every wash to prevent mold and mildew

Prevent mold is washer door gasket

Run a sanitary wash once a week to keep everything clean. After washing dry the washing machine door gasket off with a rag or towel after each use. Leave the washer door open at all times unless the machine is in use.

The mold in the washer will disappear in a few days depending on how much mold was present.

You can also choose to run an empty cycle on the strongest setting with HOT water with 1 cup of chlorine bleach.

Drain holes that get clogged and cause standing waterDrain holes that get clogged and cause standing water

If you need any assistance with washer repair concerning water is in the bottom of the seal after a wash, we can help. Leave a comment below and we can assist you.

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