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Fix Washing Machine That Won’t Drain – Washer Not Draining Water

Do you have a washing machine that won’t drain? If every function on your washing machine works except it WILL NOT DRAIN OUT THE WATER, here are the most common reasons why. We will explain the parts on your washer that may be causing the problem of “no drain”. The symptoms we list will be generalized and will include the most common parts that can fail, malfunction or break. Note that there are differences with newer front loading washers compared to older top loading washers. See here if your WASHER WILL NOT SPIN OR DRAIN.

washer will not drain

There are roughly 6 different parts on most washing machines that could be causing your WASHER NOT DRAINING problem. We will list each part in question along with a detailed description of that parts function.

Troubleshoot Why Your Washing Machine Will NOT Drain

The drain pump is the main part in your washing machine that pumps out the water. If this is defective or has failed in any way, this will be the reason why your washer will not drain the water. Before you order a new drain pump, make sure to check the pump to be sure a small object like clothing or similar has not lodged itself inside of it causing the NO DRAIN issue. If the drain pump is not clogged, you can test it with a multimeter and remove and replace if needed. Go to Google or YouTube and search for “Replace Washing Machine Drain Pump” then type your brand and model number of washer to show you details on replacement.

washing-machine-drain-pumpCOMMON WASHING MACHINE DRAIN PUMP

The washing machine drain hose is where the water flows through to get the water out. If this drain hose is blocked, kinked, bent, or clogged, the washer will NOT be able to remove the water from the tub. Check the drain hose to be sure it allows the water to flow freely. You can take the drain hose off and run water through it in your sink to be sure it is not blocked. If there is water STILL in the washer when you remove the drain hose, grab a bucket as the water will exit from where you disconnected it. You can search Google or YouTube for “How To Remove Washing Machine Drain Hose” to assist you.

If you know what Washing Machine Replacement Parts you need,
here is where to get them at a GREAT PRICE and most have FREE shipping.


The water pump belt (to drain out the water) may have broke or become frayed or loose. If this belt breaks then it is unable to drain and remove the water from your washer. Inspect the belt to see if this is causing the NO DRAIN issue and remove and replace if needed. Go to Google or YouTube and search for “How To Replace Pump Belt On Washing Machine” then type your brand and model number of washer to show you details on replacement.

The drive belt rides on the pulleys. If this belt is not tight enough or if it is broken it cannot move the appropriate parts to drain. Inspect the drive belt to see if this is causing the NO DRAIN issue and remove and replace if needed.
Go to YouTube or Google and search for “How To Replace A Drive Belt On A Washing Machine” then type your brand and model number of washer to show you details on replacement.


If the lid switch is not working as required it will cause your washer to not drain (and many other problems). This may be unlikely as a bad lid switch will usually cause your washer to also not agitate or spin. However on some models this can vary. The best thing to do if you have a suspected bad lid switch is to test it. It can fail electrically and or mechanically. If mechanical failure is the issue, you should be able to see if it is cracked, broken, or not in place to make contact with the lid. To test it electrically, use a multimeter set on Ohms and test it for continuity. Go to Google or YouTube and search for “How To Test A Washing Machine Lid Switch For Continuity“. If the lid switch does end up being the cause of your washer not draining, then remove and replace the switch as needed.

washing machine lid switch


If the door lock switch on your washer has failed, this can prevent the washer from draining out the water. Check this switch for continuity and remove and replace if needed. Go to YouTube or Google and search for “How To Replace A Washing Machine Door Lock Switch” then type in your brand and model number to show you details on replacement.


Are you an experienced Appliance Technician with many years of Washing Machine Repair? Please leave a comment below if you know of other reasons why a washer will not drain.

Here are error codes for Amana, Asko, Beko, Bosch, Frigidaire, GE,
Hotpoint, Kenmore, LG, Maytag, Samsung, and Whirlpool washers.
Here is a webpage with ALL ERROR CODES for all washing machines.

If anyone visiting this page still has unanswered questions about repairing your washer that won’t drain, feel free to ask us a question below and we will troubleshoot your issue and answer you back ASAP.

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  1. Peter Jantjies

    Hi, I have a Samsung WA13V5 and I think my drain pump is broken. The water flows out of it when i leave it at the pipe on the ground, but between each function then the water doesn’t drain. For instance, after the wash cycle, then the water doesn’t drain for the rinsing to commence and I have to fill the water up to level once I drained the water by laying the outlet pipe on the ground, and after the rinse cycle I again have to leave the outlet pipe on the ground for the water to drain. Is this the correct diagnosis in that the water drain pump is broken? I also do not hear any noise in between the cycles (as if the drain motor is on). Will this be a sign of a broken drain motor or could it be something electrical, like a sensor or something?

  2. My Maytag front load washer is not draining the water in any cycle. I’ve replaced the pressure switch, verified that the pressure switch hose is not clogged or cracked, replaced the drain pump but it still is not draining. The door does lock. It is a Maytag Series 3000. Model # MHWE300VF00 and it is approximately 8-years old.

  3. I have a Kenmore top load washer. It will fill with water and aggitate but sometimes will not drain or spin. Timer continues as if going through the cycles but at the end the tub is full of water. I’ve checked the drain-no problem. Checked timer-no problem there either lid switch is working also. So I stumbled upon something while trouble shooting. If timer hasn’t completely finished, I can move tub around in the cabinet and it will start working. so what does that mean? What is wrong with my washer?

  4. Ok, so I have a hoover front loader that when I put on a cycle will at some point stop with Error 03 message which I know means it won’t drain…..however if I then go to the spin/drain cycle it drains and sound no problem (I have to turn off and wait a few minutes before changing the cycle otherwise I get the 016 error). If I run the mashine on a wash cycle empty it works no problem, (I’m not overloading) so I have no idea. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

  5. my GE top loader wouldn’t drain. I took the water out of it and found water under the drum so got that water out but now no lights come on and won’t work .
    please help

  6. I thought my Samsung washer’s pump failed like many of you did. My washer wouldnt drain any water, but would instead make a quiet whirring noise. I’d eventually get a “5C” code (looks like SC). When I took the pump off and looked behind the black cap, I saw a ball of microfiber polyester stuck inside. This material was from my wife’s homemade pillows that she washed. Once removed, the washer worked again.

  7. Help!
    I’ve got a Samsung VRT Front loading washer( WF330ANB/XAA 01) that gives me a “nd ” code. The cycle continues of I manually drain the tub.
    I have replaced the drain pump, manually Removed and inspected the hoses, replaced the door latch, ensured the waste water pipe isn’t siphoning, checked the L pipe in the back and visually inspected the circuit board- no burn outs or dark spots.

    What’s left to try?


    Change all those parts plus the ccu and still don’t turn pump on.
    If i put power to wire for pump it works fine.

  9. Hi, I have an old GE model washing machine WWA8364VKLWH. It has problems draining. I removed the backpanel, took apart the pump, coupling and water hoses and made sure there are no blocks. The motor runs, and the vanes in the pump turn, so there is no block. I emptied the whole drum of water by using wet vac and made sure the drain hose has no blocks as well. However, when i operate the washing machine, it still doesnt drain. The machine has been making squeaky noises for a while now. I didnt notice a slow sped or slippage. So, what could be wrong? Is it the clutch assembly or the belt the problem area?.if they are, then why do they have no issues with spinning or agitating, but only when draining. Pls help.

  10. I have a kenmore elite model 796.2927 washer it’s a top loader. It will not drain, there are no clogs and the pump was just replaced to no avail. The lid locks and the washer will do everything but drain. Any ideas on what the problem could be? The OE code shows up on the display which is the drain issue.

  11. My LG top loader washing machine is 13 years old. It does the wash cycle and when it’s time to drain the water, the machine sort of jams. It makes a funny clicking sound. I hit it a few times on the back and then the water starts draining. Can it be the pump or the sensor that is faulty? Thank you

  12. Our LG washing machine 6.5 kg top loader wt-h650 has error code OE its a drainage problem .we have checked all hoses for blockage and remove drain hose at that point the water freely drained from back of machine .does this indicate out drain pump is not blocked and if all filters are clean .would this mean our drain pump has shit it self .need help please and thank you

  13. I tried pulling the drain pipe. I placed it in sink so there was no way to suck water back in. Still water in bottom of washer below tub. I removed the drain hose from the bottom of the washer A little more water came out but still some left. The good news the water that did come out was clear and clean, so I assume that as long as you use your washer regularly this little bit of water in the bottom will not be a problem. Would still like to know if there is any way to drain all water out in the Maytag Centennial model.

  14. I have this same issue. Please help. I am testing to see if it is because the hose is to far down the drain and it sucks the water back at the end of the drain cycle. Will let u know how it turns out.

  15. Very helpful. My maytag centennial top loader works fine except there is always water present at the end of a wash on the bottom, below the basket. Do the troubleshooting steps above cover that condition as well?

  16. We have an LG WT1101 Top Loader that is doing exactly this. Everything is working as it should, however it will not drain. We checked for clogs and removed the pump, which stopped running completely. It was free of debris, so we purchased a new pump, and unfortunately it would not make sound as well. It looks like it is not getting power, however everything else is working as it should. Is it common for just the drain pump to independently not get power, but everything else still work? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  17. I have a frigidaire front loading washer model number FAFW3577KNO. For maybe the past month it has been stopping at the drain and spin cycle. I’ve been able to switch to a different cycle like whites or spin only or handwash and it would complete the cycle. But this last time it wouldn’t drain or spin no matter what cycle I put it on so I took out the clothes and tried the spin only cycle with just the water and it still wouldn’t drain. I left just the water in the washer so I could research trouble shooting. So it’s been a few days and I set the washer to spin only and turn it on just to see what it would do and it’s drains and spins the water. Any suggestions on why this would be happening and if I can possible fix it myself? Thanks

  18. Hi Kevin,
    I have a 8 year old front load Samsung washer.
    I have been having the “no drain” code.
    I have changed the drain pump out and replaced the drain sensor with no luck.
    After reading your post I wonder if that is what my problem is as in regard to the drain relay.
    I would like to know how you found the relays on eBay as I’m not finding anything like that, maybe I’m not wording it right in the search box.
    Would appreciate any help!

  19. DIY Project Help Tips

    Are you not able to reposition the drain tube so the washer drains as normal? Try to get the washer to drain this way instead of manually draining the washer.

    If you have to manually drain out the water:
    Let the water out of the Frigidaire top loader by either opening the front bottom filter and using a bucket to catch the water.
    Use the drain hose by pulling it out of the wall and letting it drain into a floor drain or a bucket.

  20. My Frigidaire top loader MLTU16FGAWB, serial no. 1503S00504, is half full of water. The drain pipe is situated too high on the back of the machine for the water to come out by gravity. Someone recommended taking out the filter to let the water drain out the bottom. Where and how do I find the filter? Or in what other way do I get the water out?

  21. DIY Project Help Tips

    Mark Wilson,
    The timer/control board controls when the washer drains.
    No actual sensor… If your Kenmore washer will NOT DRAIN, you most likely have a drain pump clogged, or drain hose bent or blocked.

  22. We moved into a house 8 months ago that already had a Kenmore stacking W/D Model 417.97812704. I ran a load of laundry today in the washer, and after rinsing, when it went to spin cycle it starting making a loud clicking noise. I opened the washer to see what was going on, and can’t figure out what is making the noise or how to bypass the spin cycle to get the water to drain out (we ended up scooping the water out).

  23. DIY Project Help Tips

    Zackary burries,
    If your Whirlpool top load washer has NO DRAIN issues and you have made sure the washer is NOT AT FAULT… Did you take the washer apart and visually check and inspect the drain pump, hoses on the drain pump, drain hose not blocked or bent? Inspected everywhere? Inspected the board/timer and made sure all wires are secure and no burnt areas or bad wires? Did you use a multimeter to test voltage and continuity? Nothing left untouched?
    Then next is to check the wall or floor drain to be sure it is not blocked up and PREVENTING your washer from draining.

  24. I have a Whirlpool top loader, it doesn’t drain completely after spin cycle but has no blockages in any hose or in the pump.

  25. Thanks for the prompt reply. I will check the drain. Another question: Could it also be the coin trap? My guess in this case would be no, because water spilled out of the hose when I detached it from the pump, which I would take to mean that water is getting through.

  26. DIY Project Help Tips

    If you have fully determined that the washer drain pump and drain lines/hoses are in good working order and no blockages… You may have a clogged drain in your home where the washer itself drains.
    Have you checked to be sure the drain is not clogged or partially clogged?

  27. I have a Frigidaire front-end washer that isn’t draining. I took the pump out and did not find any blockages and the impeller rotates. it doesn’t feel like there are any blockages in the hoses. The machine is about 10 years old.

  28. DIY Project Help Tips

    Brandon Haynes,
    Please recheck Samsung refrigerator model number…. TWF is not in our database.

    If you know the pump, motor, and wiring is in good working order, and no blockages are preventing draining, then the board IS the most likely issue.
    We cannot direct you to where to get parts as Samsung TWF317 is NOT FOUND.

  29. Brandon Haynes

    Hi, We have a Samsung twf317aag/xaa, I can not find information for this model. Everything seems to work fine until it is time to drain, usually with 11 minutes left. I have removed all hoses and checked for blockages, removed the pump, checked it for blockages and tested independently for power and it came on not problem. Tested the wires that plug into the pump and when I call for the spin cycle, I still get nothing on the multimeter. As far as I can tell the front locking mechanism works fine. So I guess my question is should I order the timing board or what? Also do you know where to find parts for this model. Thank you.

  30. Rhonda Kirkland

    My Samsung washer goes into spin cycle but leaves clothes very wet, too wet to put in dryer.

  31. DIY Project Help Tips

    Yes it is most likely a faulty control board or timer assembly causing the issue of no drain.
    If you have made absolute sure the drain pump itself is good, the hoses and drain lines are clear and free of debris, then yes the control board is on the fritz.
    Can you give us the model number for your Haier front load washer?

  32. I have a Haier front-end loader that was not draining.
    The drain is at the correct level, and there are no blockages in any of the pipes or filters (including the hard to reach ones).
    I took off the pump and pulled it apart – no blockages. I replaced the pump, and this seemed to fix it for about 3 cycles, but now it is giving an error 2 (not draining in 6 minutes).
    However, it does sometimes work, but not consistently across different cycles (ie the same cycle works at some times, but not at others), so I don’t think the pump is the issue.
    Also, it drains freely into an open bathtub, so subsequent drain is not an issue.
    I’ve checked the belt, and it’s tight and in good condition.
    The drum also spins freely.
    Guessing a timer issue?

  33. Have an older Maytag Top loader. Single belt drive. Machine works fine on everything but the gentle cycle drain. When gentle cycle gets to drain/spin the motor and drum turn but the belt can be heard slipping on the water pump pulley. If you catch it right away you can lift the lid and close it (pausing and restarting) and the pump runs and water drains normally. Replaced water pump and belt. No change. Recently replaced timer when it failed. No change. Symptoms occur almost 100% of the time on a gentle cycle and never on any other cycle. No data on whether load size affects the problem. If you don’t catch it fast and the load is large water overflows the tub and spills all over the floor. Inspected motor slides, nylon intact. Inspected tensioner, not broken as far as I can tell (but rusty).

  34. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you explain further about the wire cable to the valve?
    Are you saying that the wire on the drain valve can be removed and if so the washer drains?

    You may have bought a washer that was not wired correctly.
    Find the schematic online and see if everything matches.

  35. Hello, I recently got a slightly used Magic Chef Portable washer model #: mcstcw16w2 . It washes and agitates, but will not drain or spin. I can hear and feel the pump but still no water. Made sure there were no blockages, clogs, or kinks in the hoses or filter. I did find that there is a wire cable that is connected on one side to a “plug” type of valve on the underside of the tub and the other end runs into what I believe is a small motor? If I pull against the plunger side, it allows water to flow down to the drain pump and out the hose. Any idea what the issue may be?

  36. DIY Project Help Tips

    Check the timer on your Kenmore top loader. If the washer works perfect in some cycles but not others, it is usually the timer is at fault.
    Be sure the wires going to the timer assembly are secure and not loose.
    Check it for proper operation before replacing it.
    Many times you will see burn marks on it where the wires go on the back side of it and this indicates it shorted out and needs replaced.

  37. Top-loading Kenmore high efficiency washer model 110.2613-410 or model 110.2713410.
    Will not drain water only in delicate cycle drains water okay in other Cycles.

  38. DIY Project Help Tips

    Vanna Marshall,
    If your washing machine is unable to pump out the water when draining, either the drain pump is faulty, or it is simply jammed with something making it run but not fully able to pump out water. Depending on your washer, clean out the front debris filter. If your washer has no debris filter, you will need to check the drain pump and the water/drain lines connected to it as something is in there jamming or clogging the draining process.

  39. Vanna marshall

    My washing machine only drains water when I lay the hose down. It’s like my washer isn’t powerful enough to push the water through the hose and it makes a funny buzzing sound under the bottom when it gets ready to spin. I don’t know what’s wrong with my washer help me please.

  40. Well, my husband checked it and got a readout of 10-15V max. So it is not receiving power at all. He said the connection point looks fine, no damaged or loose wires.

  41. Thanks so much for your quick reply! My husband just ran to the barn again, and I’m hoping he’ll bring our multimeter to check this out (something I thought would be useful). He looked at the wiring and nothing was immediately apparent. It doesn’t seem like the pump is getting power, honestly. Everything else is working fine, though.

  42. DIY Project Help Tips

    Check to be sure the new pump is getting power. Use a multimeter and be sure the wiring is correct and the wire harnesses are not damaged or loose. Also check to be sure the complete drain system is free of debris and check the front debris filter for clogs.

  43. We just had problems with our 2009 Brada (which is made by Samsung) pfw36w front load washer this week. The water would not drain. My husband checked for blockages, nothing. He bought a new pump as we were listening and couldn’t hear the pump do anything and thought that was the issue. He installed it and it still will not drain. Calling someone to just come and look at the thing will cost an additional $80, and the pump we purchased which cost $100 cannot be returned. Please advise!

  44. I’ve got a G.E. Washer model # GFWN1100 . On startup it fills then it cycles through lock / unlock
    and goes into drain mode . But water level remains the same . Pump runs no blockage in lines / pump
    is clear have had the pump apart ..impeller good ..spins freely ..tested it open with power ran fine …reinstalled …hear motor running just won’t push water …hose is lower than top of machine held it low into bucket still nothing …have to manually unplug machine to stop pump from burning up and drain through filter clean out at base of machine …any ideas or cure for this . It tells me to enter test mode by unplug / pug in power up iif screen is clear ..hitting signal / extra drain / signal / extra drain . On startup it jumps right to wash cycle fills and the lock / unlock / drain .but not draining .Will not clear even when unplugged and rep lugged arter 1 hr.

  45. DIY Project Help Tips

    Can you tell us the make and model of your washer? You may have a siphoning effect happening.

  46. Washer will not drain water shifts into spin cycle before it drains out then spits water out of top of the drum

  47. I have a Maytag 2000 series and it doesnt drain well..error codes are 5d and f1 and E9! please

  48. DIY Project Help Tips

    If you overloaded the washer, but it still spins as normal, and now the clothes are wet at the end of the cycle, you may have somehow caused a blockage in the drain pump or drain hose. Make sure the drain hose does not have anything in it causing a blockage. Make sure it is not bent or kinked. If the drain hose is okay the issue is most likely the drain pump has an object clogging it. Here is a video on YouTube about how to remove the drain pump on a Whirlpool top load washer. (Note: This video is for the replacement of the drain pump, but it will show you where it is located and how to do it safely)

  49. I recently made the mistake of washing my king size comforter in my top loader whirlpool. The washer is probably only 6 years old and 3 or 4 of them it sat in storage. After washing the comforter the washer didn’t drain properly, I tried to run just a spin cycle and it was still very wet. Now every time I wash a load the clothes towards the bottom are still soaked, I try to ring out as much as I can and then dry. I am worried I am going to break my dryer putting clothes in that are still so wet. The washer does spin and normally there is only a little water at the bottom so it has to be draining a little. I can’t tell if it is like the gears are stripped from the big blanket so when there is weight in there it won’t spin hard enough or what. It does seem there is still soap in the clothes when I move them over to the dryer also. I am so regretting washing that darn blanket…Thanks for any help!

  50. I have an older Whirlpool washer that I’ve used for years with no issues until recently. Agitates fine. Will not drain and go into the spin cycle. I have already bypassed the lid switch, changed the water pump and still won’t work. No noise or anything from motor. Checked all my hoses to see if any were clogged. All clear. I have tried all the timer settings from a short 2 minute wash to full and also small and large load settings. The only thing I can think of would be the timer. How do you check if the timer has failed? Any advice, suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

  51. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the knob on your Haier washing machine is not moving properly, the knob itself could be cracked or the timer assembly may be broken. If the Haier washer will not drain, check the drain hose for crimps and the drain pump for blockage.

  52. I want to ask a question concerning my Haier Thermocool washing machine, the machine is not draining and I guess my draining problem is from the knob. When I want to turn it to drain, the knob was not firm again. But it spins and washes. Please how would u help?

  53. DIY Project Help Tips

    First, check the drain hose to be sure it is not kinked or clogged. Next, check to be sure the drain pump is not clogged or jammed. How much water is left in your Kenmore washer after it is done draining?

  54. Another solution is to unplug the washer for about 60 seconds, plug it back in. This happened to me a few times where the repair man came out to fix it. The third time it happened, I just unplugged it and after plugging it back in, it turned back on. That’s what I keep doing now, is just unplugging it.

  55. DIY Project Help Tips

    Jim waver,
    Most likely you have a power or electrical problem with the timer motor assembly. If the washer drains when you turn it to a different setting, we know the washer drain pump is okay… SO check the timer assembly as if part of it shorts or has a bad spot the exact issue you have described will occur.

  56. My Maytag washer will not drain the water after the washing cycle is completed. If I turn the dial pass the rinse cycle it will drain just fine ? What could be causing this?

  57. DIY Project Help Tips

    Could be a board issue with timing problems…. Have you checked to be sure the drain pump itself is not clogged? Check the drain hose too to be sure there is nothing clogging the draining process and then you will know if it is an electronic issue or a drain pump drain issue.

  58. DIY Project Help Tips

    Yes the pump will need to be looked at to see if that is what is causing the issue with the drain problem.

  59. It has functioned for years w/the drain hose placed as is – drain inlet just about same height as top of washer. So do you think replacing the pump would be the potential fix?

  60. DIY Project Help Tips

    It just means the drain hose is placed up too high and the pump does not have the power to get the water up and out. This could mean the pump is damaged, or the drain hose is too high. Try lowering the drain hose and checking that the pump is working properly.

  61. I have a GE model WCSR2090DGWW which is not draining properly. It does spin however, and the pump was clogged with something that broke apart in the washer. I cleaned out the cabinet, pump, and drain lines and they are all clear, but it is still not draining. If I lower the drain line closer to the floor it will then drain. Does this mean the pump is broken? Or what else could be the problem? Thanks!

  62. We have a front loader whirlpool duet. Last week the cycle ended and the machine was still filling with water. I stopped the flow from the house, switched it to spin/drain and the machine ran several loads since without an issue. Today, my wife open the door after a wash water poured out. We again ran and spin/drain cycle and the water drained. I just cleaned the drain filter which was not bad. Any suggestions as to what’s happening? Both times this happened on the hand wash cycle. Thank you.

  63. My washer, a Samung front-loader that’s 8 years old, starting having intermittent problems with stopping at the spin cycles due to the drain pump not coming on, and displaying a “nd” error code.
    After checking out the drain pump, both lines in and out, and finding no problem, I started to suspect the main board. Especially since it would eventually drain, so long as I kept restarting the washer on the spin cycle enough times.
    After studying the schematic printed on the inside of the washer, I checked the leads going to the drain pump on the main board. Sure enough, when the washer was going into the spin cycle, there would either be 0V or 120V going to the drain pump. The “on” or “off” behavior, combined with the intermittent nature of the problem, made me think that a part on the board which controls the drain motor was going bad.
    I ordered a used board from someone on eBay, and after I installed that one, my washer now would drain every time, but wouldn’t spin up due to a different problem with that board. So now I had two control boards that almost worked, and evidence that the problem was on the board, not with the drain pump or wiring.
    I had a closer look at the components on the used control board, and noticed a row of 8 relays, one of which was labeled “Drain Motor”. Bingo!
    With some difficulty I got access to the relays on both boards, de-soldered the bad relay on my original board, de-soldered a relay from the other board to use as a replacement, then soldered that relay back in place on my original board. Problem solved. My washer works as new again.
    If anyone else with a similar problem is so inclined, the relays can generally be had on eBay for $10/each or less. Assuming you’re handy with soldering (or know someone who is), you can do this as well.
    I would say that the hard part was getting access to the components on the board, since Samsung bathes the board with a quarter-inch or so of silicone sealant. Do all board manufacturers do this? Anyway, I had to peel this away from around the relays by hand, using a pointed wooden dowel about the size of a pencil. You can generally find those in the kitchen supply section of grocery stores, etc. Getting access to the back side of the board required removal of the display board, and Dremel-ing away the part of the plastic housing covering that area of the main control board where the relays are. But should another relay go bad in the future, I’m all ready!
    I probably wouldn’t recommend this procedure until you’re ready to replace your main control board anyway, though.

  64. DIY Project Help Tips

    We assume you have a top load washer…. if so then the timer motor assembly is most likely causing your issue. Remove it and check with a meter or check for visible signs of damage. Remove and replace if needed.

  65. DIY Project Help Tips

    That piece you found is to BALANCE and CENTER the drum. Take off panel and check around the bottom of the drum. It either broke a piece and fell off and you need to replace it, or you can try reinstalling it. An unbalanced load may have caused it to fall off.

  66. DIY Project Help Tips

    Lizzie Jo,
    It sounds as if the actual drain is partially clogged and therefore not ALL water is being removed. Gain access to the drain pump and take off the hoses to be sure there is nothing blcking the hoses where it connects to the drain pump AND inside the drain pump itself.

  67. I have a Whirlpool Roper model #RAS8244KQ0. I know nothing about it but this little gray piece with a spring in it fell out and now the machine looks off balance and will not drain for a rinse and spin cycle. Where did this piece come from and how do I fix it??

  68. My washer will not drain. However, if I set it to the spin cycle on another setting, it spins and drains (ie: I wash a load on the regular wash setting, but have to set it on delicate to get it to spin and drain). It does this no matter what setting I wash our clothes in. Any idea what the problem may be? Thanks!

  69. I found your website while trying to find a solution to our washing machine problem. I will do my best to explain what is going on and am hoping you have a good response for me. Our Maytag top load washing machine is three years old (not sure if that matters) and will not drain properly. When we ran the diagnostic test in the manual, it said it was something about the drain too. After a cycle on hand wash, whites, normal, etc, it appears like everything is fine; however, when I go to pick up the clothes, they are soaking wet. If I move the tub inside around gently, I can hear the water at the bottom (not visible to the eye though). I have been running the Drain and Spin cycle afterwards though, and it seems to take care of the problem. I can keep doing this, but it sure takes a lot of time on one load. My husband and I believe the problem is from unintentionally using too much laundry detergent. My husband, who is an awesome guy, did laundry a few times using way too much of our dry homemade laundry detergent (it is supposed to be HE). The company said this problem would cost over four hundred dollars to fix. We, who are paying off school loans, cannot afford that. My husband has tried fixing the washing machine. He checked the drain pipe and did this vinegar thing he saw on a website. The machine is still doing the same thing as before. This has been going on for a couple of weeks now. I think this is all the information I can give , and I hope it makes sense. Is there anything we can do to fix this? We would appreciate any honest response.
    Thank you.

  70. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the drain hose is not clogged, drain pump is new and free of debris, and diagnostics say to clean drain, then the most probable issue next is the drain itself. Have the drain checked or try and drain some water down it and be sure it drains properly. If so, you may have a loose wire harness in the washer. Have you opened up the machine after the new drain install and check? Let us know what you find.

  71. My LG top load WT5070CW has decided to stop draining after three years. The drain hose isn’t clogged, it’s in the proper position. We replaced the pump. The “Smart Diagnostic” says to clean my drain. The LG service rep said to run a “tub clean” and that would unplug my drain, I’ve tried two times. Still not draining. Any ideas? Thanks!

  72. DIY Project Help Tips

    The issue you have explained does not sound anything like a control board being bad. You have a draining issue. Check all drain components including the drain hose for clogs or bends, check the drain pump for foreign objects that may be preventing it from letting the water pump out.

  73. I have a Samsung Model # WA5451ANW/XAA 02. As it cycles to the drain and spin cycle, it only removes part of the water. It drains maybe half of the water in the drum then it stays stuck in this cycle. The pump is running but no water is being drained. A service man told me it was the “mother board ” which has been replaced and the result is the same. Any help would be appreciated.

  74. DIY Project Help Tips

    Dallas Allen,
    Your washer is not filling with water so you replaced the water inlet valve… correct? Is the water turned on on the wall? Hoses okay? No blockage? You replaced the water inlet valve and the washer still will not fill with water? Is the water inlet valve receiving power? Can we have make and model of your washer?

  75. So I went through the steps of checking to see if the water hose/sensor was working. It worked one time after that. Prior to that the washing machine was washing but would not fill with water. We have replaced the parts that connect to the water hoses that bring the water in the machine prior. Is it possible that the it is the pressure chamber?

  76. DIY Project Help Tips

    It sounds like the draining system on your washer is operating properly. If the timer motor is not working, the washer may not want to spin, drain, and final spin. There is most likely a bad spot on your timer motor and that is causing your issues. If the timer does not advance, the motor is shot. Buy a new timer motor assembly. If the lid switch is shot, buy a new one. Keeping your washer in 100% working order will help you to troubleshoot new problems when they arise. Here is the Whirlpool top load washing machine timer you need to replace for your washer. Here is the lid switch for your Whirlpool top load washing machine.

  77. I have a Whirlpool top loading Washing Machine Model LXR 7244JT1.
    It is not draining. It goes through the filling and agitation cycles without any problem. Gets to the Drain cycle and it just stops. No sounds coming from the machine at that point. I have left it like that for a long period of time. The pointer on the dial does not move. I can dial it manually to the rinse and spin cycles and nothing happens. Get past the spin cycle mark on the dial and it starts agitating again. It does that on both the Normal washing and the Casual / Permanent Press setting. No sounds at all coming from the machine when it gets to the point where it should drain. I drained the water using the drain hose that goes into the drain pipe in the wall. The lid switch has not worked in years, I stop and start it by pulling out the dial on the control panel and pushing it in to stop it. Since I can drain all of the water out by way of the large discharge hose, I assume there is not a stoppage between the tub and the discharge hose. Any ideas what my problem is?

  78. Thanks for taking the time to help us poor DIYers to fend for ourselves! Not everyone has the money to hire someone.

  79. DIY Project Help Tips

    If you replaced the capacitor and it is overheating then stopping, you may have a motor issue. The motor may be faulty. If the motor is faulty the cap will most likely go bad fast. Check to see if the motor is wired properly. If problem persists, you may need to look into replacing the motor. eBay and Amazon have motors for sale at low prices if you need to buy one.

  80. I have an older Kenmore washer. I believe series 860 (older as in early 80’s??). I narrowed it down to the capacitor. Changed it and the washer began to work. After 10-15 min it stopped and a humming sound started. Stopped the washer and let it “cool” down for 45 min and then works again and so on. Any suggestions on what it could be causing it to work and then “overheat” and stop?

  81. DIY Project Help Tips

    #1 – If you have replaced the pump and the problem is still happening, you may have an issue with the control board if you have to wait 30 minutes to get the washer to fully drain. It sounds like a timing issue and may only be repaired by removing and replacing the control board. Have you made sure that the wire harness to the control panel is secure and not loose?

    #2 – If the washer will not stop shut off the hot water, you may have a bad or loose solenoid where the hot water comes into the washer, test with a multimeter to see if it needs replaced.

  82. Two problems with my Samsung front load washer.
    #1 – On large loads it will not spin fully dry and the ND error code comes on. I replaced the pump that had a broken impeller, but it still occurs. If I run the spin only, it still occurs. If I wait about half an hour and run the spin cycle it drains fully. I checked the hose and the boot on they are both clear.

    #2 – When I run hot water, it won’t stop filling. I have to shut off the hot water and run a cold cycle.

  83. DIY Project Help Tips

    Make sure the drain pump is getting power. If all drain hoses and drain pump is brand new, there may be a wiring, power, or communication error. Check wire harnesses and be sure the proper voltage is getting to the drain pump.

  84. I have a Samsung front load washer reading Error ND = not draining. I checked the pump, the inlet and outlet hoses are clear, I even put a brand new pump on it still reading ND! HELP PLEASE HELP!

  85. DIY Project Help Tips

    Whirlpool Duet Washer F02 is a drain error. What about drain filter? Have you checked that it is clean and free of debris? Sounds like you have replaced the pump but no mention of the drain filter being removed and cleaned out.

  86. DIY Project Help Tips

    Samsung washer error code E1 means water supply error. The washer is not detecting that the unit is filling with water. Make sure you have water going to the washer. Check the inlet valve and water supply valve. Can you give us the model number of your washer to be sure the code error definition we have given you is correct?

  87. I have Whirlpool Duet Washer. Had the F02 code. Cleaned the drain. Still got the F02 code. So I replaced the drain pump. Now I’m doing the Diagnostic test…..it runs till C:06 runs for 8 minutes and I get the F02 code. Which I have already replaced. The pump runs….it is like the sensor which tells the pump to stop running is not working…..any suggestions. Other than buying a new washer?

  88. DIY Project Help Tips

    If the drain pump was replaced and the same problem occurs, there may be a problem with the control panel/timer. Have you checked the other components with a meter to be sure the drain pump received the signal to drain at the appropriate time? Checked wire harnesses to be sure they are secure and not damaged?

  89. DIY Project Help Tips

    If you have wet clothes after the washer spins them, you may have a clogged drain pump or drain hose. If the drain pump is clogged the water will pump out but not ALL of the water which results in you having to run the washer again to try and spin the water out. Check drain pump and hose for blockage or clogs.

  90. DIY Project Help Tips

    Have you checked the pressure switch and small hose attached to it? If clogged or faulty the drain pump may run constantly thinking the washer has water in it and needs to be drained.

  91. We have a Kenmore Elite Oasis washing machine that will drain the water out, but the drain pump won’t stop running so the machine won’t go into the spin cycle. It started with a SD error code saying there were excess suds when it finished draining a delicate cycle load and wouldn’t spin. We ran the diagnostic test on the machine and it came back giving us an F32 error which led us to replacing the CCU and the entire wiring harness. After doing all of that it wasn’t showing a code until we tried a few other things with the interface disconnected and when we reconnected it to the CCU it is now giving us an F2 code… It still has the same drain pump issue where it won’t shut off after draining the water out. We have taken the entire machine apart and cleaned it thoroughly, checked the drain pump, motor, etc and still having issues… Help….

  92. I was told that the reason the clothes in my top loading Kenmore washer are coming out wet was because there is water staying in my drain hose and if I wanted them to come out drier I would have to spin them twice. I would like to know what this could possibly be from or what kind of repair this would need.

  93. I have a combo Frigidaire Electrolux model FEX831CSO that isn’t draining. I checked that hoses are clear and there is power running to the drain pump, then replaced the drain pump. Still not draining. It makes a clicking sound when it gets to that part of the cycle then stops. I’ve checked and dusted out the wires and the timer and the door switch and all seem to be okay. What’s my next step?

  94. Took pump and drain hoses off my front loading Affinity washer and cleaned everything out. Taking the upper boot that housed to basket was a real pain. It had some sort of screw spring release clamp. Now that I am trying to put it back on I cannot seem to get it tight again. the more you tightening the screw does not correspond with how taut it makes it. Am I supposed to put caulk in there for adherence? Also, just an FYI I did put a little laundry soap on inner rim to slip on easier. Any suggestions?

  95. I fixed my washer without taking it apart! I would have had to take apart the entire washer to fix clogged pump.
    But instead I…
    1) used EXTREMELY hot water and let it drain a few times, putting the hose on the ground.
    2) blew air into the hose and back out to help unclog the water pump.
    3) started to shake and slide the washer back and forth as it was on it’s drain cycle.
    4) after doing this for about an hour, THE WATER PUMP STARTED WORKING and a HUGE clump of my rugs lint came out of the machine.

  96. DIY Project Help Tips

    You could have a slight clog in the drain pump, drain hose, or actual drain itself. Check most easy first. Check the drain hose for crimps or clogs, then drain pump for foreign objects inside of it, if both are okay, no clogs or blockage, the issue may be in the drain itself. You may need to clean out the drain trap in your home if you have one or have a plumber come and check your situation at the drain for the washer. If everything else drains just as good as before you reset the water pressure, then the things we mentioned above are most likely causing your issue.

  97. My Frigidaire FWS1233FS1 top loader lately has had about 25-30% percent water remaining in the tub after washes. After selecting an additional spin cycle, the water clears. I’ve read through a lot of your information, posts and responses. There is no bad smell, no funny/alarming noises. I plan on checking the drain hoses later today, but otherwise, do you think I need to replace the pump? I am connected to a cesspool, but nothing else in the house has difficulty draining. I’ve also recently reset the water pressure to the house because of a water hammer. I’m not entirely sure if the draining problems occurred before or after this event. Any additional information would be great. Thank you for your attending to all these washer issues!

  98. DIY Project Help Tips

    Yes that is part of your issue. If the drain in your home is clogged, then it will back up when the washer is draining and can cause the washer to stop draining or slow to drain. Get that looked at by a plumber first and then troubleshoot the washer.

  99. I have checked and taken the pump back off again and then put it back on just to make sure and everything is installed correctly. and the drain pump isn’t clogged. I think the drain that is in the house might be clogged a little because the water will overflow but will go back down so I know it isn’t clogged completely. Could that be what my problem is? I thought about that and it would make sense if it was just not draining all the water but could the line being clogged really make it make that sound? It doesn’t always make the grinding, clicking sound and sometimes drains all the water out. It is just a roll of the dice at the moment.

  100. DIY Project Help Tips

    Inspect pump to be sure it is operating correctly. May have been installed incorrectly. Is the drain hose clear of debris and water flows through it?

  101. Model number is WTW4800XQ4. And the grinding noise will come and go through the whole drain cycle. It is a top loader and I’m not sure exactly where the noise is coming from. It could be the pump but the motor and everything for it is in about the same spot. It does sound like the pump area though.

  102. I had the same problem with my 1992 Whirlpool. I figured out it was the Start Capacitor. $25 at an electrical repair shop, $32 on Amazon.

  103. DIY Project Help Tips

    Please tell us the model number of your Whirlpool washer. Is it top load or front load? Does the grinding noise come from the drain pump? At what point does the noise occur, during the complete drain cycle or right in the beginning of the drain cycle?

  104. My whirlpool washer wont get all the water out when it drains. There is a grinding, clicking sound coming from it when it tries to drain. I have already replaced the drain pump so I know it is good and not clogged and I also replaced the clutch. I am at a loss for what could be wrong.

  105. DIY Project Help Tips

    Check drain hose and drain pump. Check for something lodged in pump or a bent or crimped drain hose.

  106. Help, Washing machine! Does anyone know if there’s a master reset on these machines, washer works perfect until drain, were it does nothing. Have put new filter in and belt looks okay any advice please?

  107. DIY Project Help Tips

    If you are doing it ONCE while waiting for your new lid switch in the mail then maybe. We would not recommend doing it. If you must, keep an eye on the washer while it is running.

  108. Is using a jumper wire for a lid switch gone bad ok temporarily if done correctly? Or is it a fire hazard? Kenmore series 80


  110. I have a LG Washing Machine. While switching on the washing in the auto mode the water getting overflow. Please help me out with this problem!

  111. DIY Project Help Tips

    Ms. Slaught,
    It sounds as if you have examined the drain hose but not the drain pump. If the pump itself is clogged with debris, the washer cannot drain. Have you unplugged the washer and checked to see if the drain pump is clean and in working order? Check the drain pump and clean it out if necessary. You will need to get into the washer to do this. Do you have a multimeter? It could also be not receiving the correct power voltage. Please give us the model number of your Roper washer.

  112. I have a top load washer Roper washer it is an old washer. I been reading all the comments and some where the same as the problem I have going on. My husband has master reset it and followed steps a to c and my washer will wash my clothes but when its time to drain it on spin cycle the water goes no where. We tried the drain hose taking it apart, unplugging the washer machine, all the above. I don’t know if this is something we can do our self or do I have to take it in for repair please help.

  113. DIY Project Help Tips

    You most likely have a clog in the drain pump, drain hose, or the drain trap. Make sure the drain hose is not bent. Clean the drain trap. You may need to gain access to the drain pump and see it is clogged with debris. There could also be an error with the main control board. How old is the washer and what is the model number?

  114. I have a Samsung front loader and the washer went through the wash cycle but when it got to the drain/spin cycle a code was flashing and the water will not drain. I restarted it on rinse and spin and it would rinse but yet again when it got to spin it stopped. The door is locked, I have unplugged the washer to reset it. What else could be the problem?

  115. DIY Project Help Tips

    Thomas Helms,
    Try this for a test… take the drain hose out from the wall (leave attached to the washer) and when the machine comes to drain mode, hold the hose into a bucket and see if it drains. Try this and let us know what happens. We can assist further if you let us know what happens.

  116. My LG WT1101CW doesn’t drain. When I run a spin cycle, I hear a humming but I can’t tell if that is the pump attempting to work, or humming from other mechanisms in the machine. When I remove the drain hose from the wall and put it into a bucket, water comes out and I am able to mostly drain the machine (there is still water that won’t come out because the hose can’t go any lower). What do you think the issue could be? If I need to remove the pump, how would I disconnect the hoses without the remaining water spilling into the body of the washer? It’s only been two days and the smell coming from the machine is *TERRIBLE*, I just want to at least get rid of all the water. Thanks.

  117. well im not much of a mr.fixit, for the most part, i took the washer apart, checked all the hoses, from the pump to out the back, and there are no clogs, the water is just sitting in the tubes, now nothing has changes with the hoses either the same set up since we moved in. we literally have not touch the washer in the 5 years we been here, i dont have a voltage meter. and when i go down to check, no buzzing, not sure how to get it right to “drain” without having it run a full cycle. i also double checked anything that needs to be plugged in, like the harnesses and they seem to be plugged in.

  118. DIY Project Help Tips

    Thomas Helms,
    Can you tell us exactly what happens when it gets to the drain cycle? Does it make noise? Do you hear anything, water flow, clicking, motor running? Did you make SURE the drain pump is receiving the correct voltage? Are all the wire harnesses secure? Did you make sure the drain is not clogged therefore preventing the washer from pumping out the water? Have you checked the drain hose to be sure it is positioned correctly and not crimped? Depending on what model you have, you may have a control board or timer issue. Have you checked to be sure all other components are working properly?

  119. Have about a 5 year old Roper washing machine, about 2 days ago it stopped draining. I took all the water out, checked all the hoses and no clog, ended up replacing the pump, still not the issue, still not draining?

  120. Michelle Tommosgard

    My washing machine is Model No. WF1104XAC.
    The lights does not come on, and the washer is definitely getting power tried other appliances on the same power outlet. The repair man said it was the motherboard that was fried.
    Nothing is damage where you say and I am afraid it is the motor.

  121. DIY Project Help Tips

    Michelle Tommosgard,
    Is the washer getting power at all? Do the lights turn on? You have to be sure the washer is getting power before you begin replacing parts. Did the repairman check the voltage going to the washer?
    If the washer has power and nothing works, check the wiring harnesses behind the front panel and also be sure the plug and cord is not damaged. If all wires are secure and the plug isn’t damaged, then it is most likely a power issue inside the washer. Something may be loose or damaged. Please give us the model number of your Samsung washer.

  122. Michelle Tommosgard

    I have a Samsung washing machine, front loader 10 kg. I does not start or anything, I tried different power sockets and nothing works. I had a repair man here saying the motherboard is damaged and it could be the motor too, but he did not know. He never got back to me either about the repair of it. How can I know if the motor is damage and is it worth fixing the motherboard if the problem still will exit, because of the motor might be damaged.

  123. DIY Project Help Tips

    The next part on your top load Whirlpool washer to test and most likely replace will be the lid switch. The lid switch, even if bad, will let the washer agitate but not spin. If the lid switch is good, then next would be to check drain pump and drain hose for blockage. You can find videos of all these issues on YouTube so you can follow along and troubleshoot it yourself. Do you have a multimeter? If not an inexpensive one to have around the house is a good idea.

  124. My whirlpool washer stops after agitating & doesn’t go to the next cycle, so it remains with a tub of water. Even manually moving the dial to another cycle doesn’t work. I thought it was the timer, so I replaced it. It still does not work. Any suggestions?

  125. DIY Project Help Tips

    If you checked the drain pump and drain hose, have you checked the pump pull out filter at bottom of machine? If you pull the drain hose from the wall and put it in a bucket (for testing purposes) does the washer drain? Did you actually remove and inspect the inside of the drain pump to see if it is indeed clear of debris?

  126. DIY Project Help Tips

    Most likely the washers mechanical/electrical timer is faulty. You can find a timer for your washing machine for around $100 dollars online. Replacing them are fairly easy as just watching a few YouTube videos will show you how.

  127. I have a Whirlpool Model LSR8233JQ1 Type 111 that will get stuck in its cycle at the point where it should be draining. It will sit there for an indefinite amount of time, and then suddenly drain and continue normally to the end of its cycle. At first this behavior was just occasional, but it has become the rule. The amount of time it sits before continuing is highly variable but has been many hours recently. I haven’t been able to find anything I can do to influence its starting up again (such as turning the machine off and back on, rotating through the dial, or unplugging it. None of the potential issues you listed in your article seem to apply to this problem. Do you have an ideas for me?

  128. My GE front loader will not drain. We thought it was the pump, took that off and checked it for power it does indeed have power. Checked for debris in pump and drain hoses. Any other ideas what this could be?

  129. DIY Project Help Tips

    Anne Marie,
    If the washer is blowing the fuse, there is either something binding up in the washer mechanically causing it to blow the fuse or an electrical component in the washer is grounding out on the metal frame. For this you will have to take the washer apart and troubleshoot what may be causing the issue. You could also just have an issue with the drain pump. Either way, you will need to take apart the washer to find out.

  130. Anne Marie Parsons

    I have a Sears Kenmore washer and the washer will not drain. When I try to put it in the cycle the washer blows a fuse in my electrical box. My dryer is on the same fuse and nothing happens when this is on. Any ideas what to do????

  131. DIY Project Help Tips

    It sounds like your drain pump is clogged. If you have a drain filter look to find it and clean it out. If not, you will need to take washer apart and inspect the pump to see if it may be clogged.

  132. My Panasonic washing machine is not draining. it is washing clothes a bit slower than usual and when it is time to drain, it drains a bit then the alarm goes off. pls help. model is : Na-F6086 fuzzy logic.

  133. DIY Project Help Tips

    Is the washer giving you an error code? What is model number of your LG washer?

  134. DIY Project Help Tips

    It is very possible the control board has an issue. First check the drain hose to be sure the machine is allowed to drain. You replaced the drain pump, was that because the exact same issue was happening? Did anything change? Is there a lid switch on your washer model?

  135. I have a Simpson 5.5kg, top loading Ezi set. It is around 4 years old. It stops at the drain cycle, there is no noise, just shows 24 mins to go and eventually starts beeping.
    We assumed it was the water pump so we replaced it, still no draining.
    I am wondering if it could be the circuit board. Would the washer still display load times etc if the electrics were mucked up?
    Given the expense of a mechanic I am considering buying a new machine now.

  136. DIY Project Help Tips

    It is possible that the filter is somehow inserted into the washer to far. Is there a missing rubber or plastic washer or fitting that is letting the filter block drainage? This may be preventing it from draining properly. What does the tubing or hoses look like from the filter to the drain pump? Possible partial clog? Since you have checked all components and replaced the drain pump, check all wire harnesses and be sure all is secure. Be sure a part is not missing near the filter. Also check the pressure switch. Here is a page where you can view exploded parts views of your washer in PDF.

  137. My Beko WMA620W will not drain properly. I have removed a blockage (and checked all hoses to make sure there are no more) and also replaced the pump. The pump runs, but will not remove water unless I back the filter off slightly. You then hear a swishing sound as if water is flowing into the pump and then it starts to remove water. Any ideas?

  138. Thank you for responding. The smell is electrical since there is no belt drive. The only wire harness is secure. The only part number I can find for the machine is 3351736. The impeller pump part number is 3352492. It seems free to turn and from what I can see the impeller looks to be in one piece. It’s not super easy to spin but it’s not supposed to be easy. There’s no interference in the plumbing that I can see. The part number on the side of the motor is GM348209 with a smaller number next to it of 312J10. The motor works well because the agitator works really fast.

  139. DIY Project Help Tips

    Have you checked all the wiring harnesses? Is the drain pump itself damaged in any way? Do you smell burning rubber or an electrical smell? What model number is your Whirlpool Washer?

  140. My Whirlpool works fine until it’s time to drain. I pulled the pump off the motor, the motor turns both ways and the impeller looks good, and it too is free to move. I noticed a buzzing noise when it was time to drain and I smell something hot, like the motor is burning. I unplugged it right away. I cleaned any dust away from the motor and tried it again with the same results. Is there a reverse switch of some kind that reverses the motor to run the de-water pump?

  141. DIY Project Help Tips

    The control board is what sends the signal to run the drain pump. You may have a wire issue. Did you trace the wires from the pump? Watch this video as it may assist you with your washer drain pump issue.

  142. Even though I have not much knowledge about W/M, will do a trial. I would like to know, if there is any switching circuit between control board and motor which activate the pump. Thank you once again for the immediate response.

  143. DIY Project Help Tips

    If drain pump does not get power, there may be a wiring issue. Have you followed wiring up from motor to be sure it is not damaged or not secure?

  144. My Samsung WA80V3 Top Loading Automatic Washing Machine works but do not drain. I checked the Motor and Drain Pipes. It seems Motor does not get power. Please help me to sort out this problem. I tested the pump motor with direct A/c supply and found it runs.

  145. DIY Project Help Tips

    Try unplugging the washer for about 10 minutes. The purpose of this is to rest the control board. If this does not fix your washer please give us more details so we may further assist you.

  146. bozena beekman

    Washing machine works but when it reaches the spin cycle the lid lock button starts beeping and it wont spin any ideas would be appreciated.

  147. DIY Project Help Tips

    The grinding noise is most likely from the drain pump. There may be foreign objects in it causing it to make the grinding noise. Safely access the drain pump and inspect the inside of it for anything that may be trapped inside.

  148. My washer is not draining I cleand out the trap and I blew through the drain hose and I heard water returning back to the inner tub, l put it on the drain cycle and I hear a grinding noise from the lower part of the washer assumeing that its the pump motor failing any help would be appreciated

  149. Christophe Carlier

    Thank you for sharing some tips on how to fix the laundry machine. Mine has been acting up the past few weeks and I’m not exactly sure what to do. Sometimes it does not drain properly and sometimes it just starts and then stops moments later. It is not that old so I would rather get it repaired than buy a new one because that would be very costly! Like you said, I will check the drain hose and the water pump belt before calling a professional. Thanks again!

  150. DIY Project Help Tips

    Sounds as if the drain motor pump is clogged. Get to the drain pump and disassemble the pump and check for foreign objects that may be jamming it. If the drain pump is not clogged and the pump is ok, then check the capacitor. Use a multimeter to be sure the capacitor or capacitors are not faulty. If a capacitor is bad then you can order one on Amazon for next to nothing.

  151. my maytag centennial top loader washer stopped the other day with a load of clothes and a tub full of water. checked the lid switch and it works. check my drain hose, nothing stopping it up. control panel works. after a cleaned it out and drained it i looked at the motor belt. no breaks, not loose, and motor turns. there was a humming noise coming from either the pump or the capacitor. unplugged and changed the load to a small delicate load. the load filled with small load of water and the agitator ran. however, when the time came to drain, nothing. just that same humming noise. i had to once again unplug to get the hum to stop. i did notice when i first looked behind the washer that the hot water inlet had a bad kink in it. the first thing i did was unkink the hose but this apparently had nothing to do with this problem. could there be a jam under the tub that would require removing the agitator and inner tub or is this an electrical or mechanical problem? there is mention on one site of a rubber connector type seal between the motor and the base that may be bad and need replacing. i have orderd the wrench you need to disconnect the agitator so you can remove the tub to get at the problem if it is there. this is the first time this washer has failed but ran fine prior to this. model number is MVWC200XW2. thank you for your help.

  152. DIY Project Help Tips

    When you turn the machine on to do a cycle, what is the control panel showing? Blinking lights, error codes? Does the washer start the wash cycle as normal but just hums and nothing happens? Please explain in detail and provide us with the model number of your Amana washing machine.

  153. My Amana front loader showed an error code in the middle of the wash of ND, which I looked up to mean not draining. It is very cold outside and I thought maybe it was backed up due to frozen pipes outside. I disconnected the washer drain pipe to have it just drain into a large plastic tub and unplugged the washer to reset it, but now it does not do anything (and yes, i plugged it back in :)). There is a very quiet humming sounds. Could it have burned out the motor trying to drain earlier? A couple hours went by before I noticed the error.

  154. I have a brand new Samsung Front loader fresh out the box. Water filled up and started washing for 10 mins. It looked fine to me then read error code 4e. So It drained the water I then out it on spin cycle and it took out all the water in my clothes beautifully. Has someone check it says my water pressure was to high, double checked the hose saw,a little debris. Now time to try again. Washed perfectly now it won’t spin getting error code 5e!!!

  155. DIY Project Help Tips

    When this starts to happen on an older Kenmore 80 series washing machine, it is most likely the motor coupler going bad. If the motor coupler is in ok shape, then the machine needs an overhaul. You would need a new basket drive, a new clutch, and maybe a new gearcase. Check the machine and you may find that parts stated above are what is causing your problem. These parts should not cost very much to do it yourself.

  156. I have a Kenmore series 80 washing machine.Sometimes is leaves a small amount of water , bout an inch, in the tub and doesn’t spin strong enough to get the water out of clothes. I can hold the button down where the lid closes and do 4-6 , just spin and it will eventually spin normal. It might do it just leaving the lid shut, but I have to go to several spin cycles for it to work. It does spin, but slower.On several trys it will finally get it right.Once it finally spins fatst the water comes out of clothes. This happens every time no matter how little I have in the machine.

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