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Appliance Repair Questions and Answers – Ask a Technician

Need professional appliance repair help? Ask any repair question to a professional technician that specializes in fixing appliances.

free appliance repair questions and answersAsk a free appliance repair question and get solutions!

Our appliance repair technicians can assist you with any issue you have with appliances in your home or apartment. Our appliance repair team has 50 years of fixing appliances under their belt, meaning you can be sure you will get an answer from someone who knows the exact fix for your broken appliance.

How to ask a question for the best results?

When asking a question, please let us know the model number of your appliance. If you do not know the model number, don’t worry, just let us know what type of appliance it is, and a detailed description of the issue you are having.

The more detailed your question is, the easier it will be for us to help you fix your appliance. When it comes to fixing appliances, there is no such thing as too much information. So feel free to write as much information as you want including model number, the exact issue you are having, what happens when you are using the product, and any other detailed information that can help us help you.

How should I word my appliance question?

Examples of appliance repair questions that will get you the best results:
1. I have a Samsung French door refrigerator model number #RF263BEAESR. When the refrigerator is on it shows OF OF, O FF, OFF OFF on the digital display and the refrigerator does not work like normal. How do I clear this code and what would make this appear on the display? It is 2 years old and was professionally installed by Home Depot and it has had no other issues in the past. The only parts I have changed on my Samsung refrigerator was the water filters and the air filter that I purchased here at appliance filters website. I did have an issue when my children changed some settings on the display panel. I changed them back but not sure if I did it properly.
2. My dishwasher is a Whirlpool model number #WDTA50SAKZ. When I shut the door of the dishwasher to run a cycle, the dishwasher does not run and it just beeps, what could cause this? What part do you think might be causing this problem? Lowe’s installed this product in my condo 3 years ago. Since the three years that I have been using it, I have had no problems besides having an issue with the float valve at the bottom but I got that fixed by reading the questions at the appliance repair questions website and then by buying a part off of Amazon’s website. The Whirlpool dishwasher was running perfectly and this just happened all of a sudden so no other problems in the past besides the float valve replacement.

Also, see the questions and answers in the comments section below to see other questions and answers for example purposes.

Where do I ask my question?

Use the comments form below to type in your question and a qualified professional technician will get back to you within 8 to 72 hours. Thank you and please have patience as we research your appliance issue so we can supply you with the solution.

The comment section below will ask you for your e-mail, which we do not use it to sell or give away so don’t worry. We ask for your email only so we can get you the information sent to you once answered. You will be notified by e-mail when your answer is supplied and you will also be able to see it on our website.

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  1. Appliance Repair Assistant

    Samsung smart TV model number UN58J519OAF will not come on:
    If your Samsung Smart TV isn’t working correctly, it could be caused by something with the outlet, cable, remote, or the TV itself. It’s essential to pay attention to the red standby light, which should be lit up when the TV is off and off when it’s in use.

  2. Gregory Arrington

    My Samsung smart TV model number UN58J519OAF will not come on can you help me thanks

  3. Appliance Repair Assistant

    We have found some wiring schematics for your Samsung side-by-side refrigerator #RS265TDRS. We can help you by giving you this link to Samsung Refrigerator Wiring Diagrams, this might not be the exact refrigerator model but it is almost the same and should help you with whatever wiring problems you have with your Samsung refrigerator. Once you get to this page, the link that we’re sending you, scroll to page 34 in the PDF and that will begin to show you the wiring schematics. Please let us know if this helps you. Thanks.

  4. I can’t seem to find the wiring schematics for Samsung side by side fridge model #RS265TDRS/XAA02. Can you help me please?

  5. Appliance Repair Assistant

    Christina Lodge,
    Hi, can you tell us the model number of your Costway washer dryer combo? That way we can let you know the timer and also the belt or other parts that you might need. We can also guide you to a manual and links to buy the parts if we feel that is what you need.

  6. So I have a Costway Mimi washer/dryer combo. It’s worked great. Just recently the washer tub won’t spin along with the timer. Was wondering how to tell if I need to replace the timer or maybe even the belt? Thank You in Advance, Christina L.

  7. Appliance Repair Assistant


    If your Frigidaire gas range oven is not working properly because of a power issue with water being spilled, it means that some parts of the oven are not working properly if the light still comes on within the oven/range.

    The first thing to try is just simply unplug the oven for about 5 minutes and plug it back in, it might just need a simple reset. If it is difficult to get into the back of the oven to unplug it, which it probably is, go ahead and turn the breaker off for the oven and wait about 5 minutes and turn it back on. By turning a breaker off for your kitchen other things might turn off too so make sure you watch out for anything that you might need to reprogram or reset once you turn the power back on.

    If unplugging the oven, or turning off the breaker for 5 minutes does not reset the oven, continue reading below with things that might need to be done.

    If the burners work and the oven light comes on but the digital setting buttons do not light up it might be because you need to let things dry out.
    You can unplug the oven, and put a fan towards the back of the oven to try to dry things out.

    There also could be a fuse that protects the digital settings or the Control Board.
    Possibly that area got wet because of the water that was spilled on it and it is not showing the digital display because of the fuse.
    The part that connects from the Control Board to the power may have gotten wet.

    These are just common suggestions for the issue you are having, if you want us to really be able to check and see exactly what could be causing this, please give us your model number and if possible the serial number of your oven.

    The model number and serial number of your Frigidaire oven should be visible when you open up the door of your oven, the nameplate or model number plate should be right there where the door connects to the oven or it could possibly be in the back of the oven towards the wall. So let us know what the model number is if none of the above suggestions helped you and we can help you a little further. Good luck with getting this working we hope you get it working soon.
    -Appliance Repair Assistant

  8. I have a Frigidaire gas range/oven that is 10-12 yrs old. Two days ago my cat knocked a power strip off the counter into a dish of water on the floor, causing all the outlets in the kitchen to stop working. I turned all the breakers off including the main breaker then back on which did nothing. Then I remembered the GFI outlet near the sink it was red so switched that and it fixed everything except the range/oven. The oven light works as do the burners. The digital setting buttons are not lit up at all and do not work. Please help me to fix this issue hopefully just needs a reset. Thank you in advance Marylou Murdock.

  9. Allen Vetter - Appliance Repair Assistant

    As you have explained your problem with your Samsung WW80M645OPW/EU washing machine, it sounds like you are saying the washer works empty, but gets stuck in the middle of the wash cycle when it has clothes in it?
    If this is the case, then you most likely have a sensor issue.
    The washer has a sensor that senses how much clothing is in it.
    This sensor seems to be malfunctioning.
    Does the washer beep a certain amount of times or does it produce an error code?
    If needed, here is a link to the Samsung Washer WW6800 aka WW80M645 Manual.

  10. Samsung WW80M645OPW/EU washing machine does not spin.
    In a full cycle it gets stuck in middle of the cycle, then have to stop and start another shorter cycle.
    It gets up to drain and spin and again gets stuck and keeps jumping back to the start of the drain cycle.
    We have tried calibrating several times but nothing has helped.
    It finishes cycle when its empty.
    We have tried with half the load but also nothing.

  11. Allen Vetter - Appliance Repair Assistant

    Hi Jose,
    There are several reasons why your LG dryer may not be heating correctly.
    The usual suspect is a clogged air vent line.

    Check the vent system and be sure you do not have heavy lint built up as this can cause a dryer to not heat as well as the air cannot be vented out.
    Vacuum out the venting lines and go from there.

    Other things that can cause your dryer to not heat properly would be a lack of power, an issue wash load size or how wet it is, the heating element may have a problem or a blown thermal fuse.

  12. I have an LG electric dryer model number DLE3400W front load that is not heating well. It heats but the clothes are still wet. What would cause the heating to not be as hot or efficient as before? I got it from home depot a few months ago.

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