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How To Fix A Washing Machine Leaking Water From The Bottom? Updated 2022

Washer leaking? Here are tips to fix a washing machine leaking water from the bottom. When your washing machine leaks, there can be several factors causing it. These troubleshooting methods will cover washer water leaks from underneath, during fill, when not in use, during wash cycle, in front, behind washer, around door, and leaks from the detergent drawer. The information covered can be used on all front load and top load washing machines as the information below is generalized for all washer water leak issues.

washer is leaking from bottom backWashing machine leaking water from the bottom

Table of contents:
Faulty parts that can cause a washer to leak
Fix washing machine leaking from water hoses
Washer leaking from rubber seals in water hoses
Washing machine leaks from detergent drawer
Washer drain hose causing leak
Washing machine drain pump causing leak

Fix Washing Machine Leaking From Bottom

What Is The Most Common Reason A Washer Leaks?

If a washing machine is leaking, first try to determine if a water hose is leaking. This is the most common issue when a washer leaks. A water hose at the rear of the washer might be loose and simply needs to be hand tightened.

What Faulty Parts Cause A Washer To Leak?

Check the following washing machine parts to be sure they are not leaking:
1. Water Hoses – May be leaking in washer or on wall water tap causing a back leak.
2. Drain Pump – May be clogged or a hose loose causing a bottom leak.
3. Water Inlet Valve – May be faulty, loose, or clogged therefore causing a leak from back/bottom.
4. Tub Cover Gasket – May be damaged and letting water leak out on front.
5. Door Catch – Holds door locked, if damaged can let out water leak in front.
6. Boot Seal/Tub Seal – On transmission shaft where basket shaft enters the tub and if damaged can leak from bottom.
7. Bellows Or Door Boot Seal – On front loaders during fill or spin cycle and may be damaged and causing a front water leak.
8. Water Level Switch/Pressure Switch – Determines the correct water level and if bad can cause overfill.

NOTE: If a washing machine is leaking from the back, it may seem like it is leaking from the bottom as the water will flow forward and make you think the washer leaks from bottom. The best thing to do when a washer is leaking, is to verify the LOCATION of the leak before you begin troubleshooting as this will help you to pinpoint the issue.

Washing Machine Leaking – TOP 6 Reasons & Fixes

How To Fix A Washer Leaking From Water Hoses?

1. Unplug the washing machine from the power outlet.
2. Slide the washer out about 12 inches (Be careful to not damage the water hoses).
3. Find the water hoses behind the washer.
4. Find where the water hoses connect to the wall and the back of washer.
5. Hand tighten both water hoses connected to the water outlets on the wall (Hot and Cold).
6. Hand tighten both water hoses connected to the washing machine (Hot and Cold).
This is the most common reason a washer leaks, if you still have a water leak, see below for more info…

How To Troubleshoot A Washing Machine Rubber Seal Leak?

1. Inspect water hoses and connections to find if they are the source of the water leaking.
2. Using your hand, feel around on the connections for moisture.
3. If you find moisture or a connection leaking check to be sure it is installed correctly and secure.
4. Turn off water, remove water hose, and check the water hose washers in the threading.
5. If water hose washers are damaged, replace all 4 water hose washers with new and reconnect.

water connection at back of washer - water hose washersWater connection at back of washer – Water hose washers (seal) may be causing leak


How To Fix A Leak From The Detergent Drawer?

1. Check that the detergent being used is being used as per directions/manual.
2. Be sure the detergent in the detergent drawer does not go past the marked max line.
3. If washer detergent drawer leaks water, use less detergent.
4. Always be sure that when running the washer the detergent drawer is fully closed.

Is The Washer Drain Hose Causing The Leak?

1. Make sure the drain hose is not put more than 6 inches into the tub or standpipe.
2. Be sure the drain hose is properly secured so it does not slide down.
3. Use a zip-tie to secure the drain hose into the standpipe.
4. The standpipe needs to be no shorter than 18 inches and higher or longer than 96 inches.
5. Check to be sure the drain hose and the standpipe are not airtight as this can cause issues.
6. Make sure the drain hose has a hose retainer to keep it in place.
7. If the drain pipe is correctly placed, be sure the washing machine is 100% level.

washer drain hose into standpipe - secure and 6 inches into standpipe

Is The Washer Drain Pump Causing The Leak?

1. Check the drain pump area for any type of leak.
2. Inspect the water hoses going to and from the drain pump.
3. Check all the hose clamps on the water lines on drain pump to be sure they are tight and not damaged.
4. To fix a leaking water hose on the drain pump, tighten it to stop the water leak.
5. If you find a damaged water line or hose clamp on the drain pump, replace it with new.
6. A drain pump that leaks will need to be replaced.

Once you have troubleshooted all the above issues, run a quick wash cycle and inspect to see if the water leak has stopped.


13 Reasons Why A Washer Leaks – Water Under Washing Machine – Is It Leaking Or A Spill?


Washer parts to fix leaking washerWasher parts to fix leaking washer

If you still have a leaking washer after checking all the above troubleshooting methods, you will need to further troubleshoot the washer water leak. We recommend finding the washing machine service manual for your washer (Amana, Bosch, Frigidaire, Haier, HiSense, Kenmore, LG, Maytag, Samsung, Whirlpool) and then inspecting what part is causing the leak to occur.

If you need more assistance when your washer is leaking, please leave your washer model number and question below and we will assist.

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27 thoughts on “How To Fix A Washing Machine Leaking Water From The Bottom? Updated 2022”

  1. Keeps tripping power supply I noticed the bowl drips water..no pipes are leaking as far as I can see.

    Model number WTR10856.


  2. Nanette Tramonte

    My washing machine is leaking from under washing machine when it drains the water out

  3. I have a Whirlpool wfw9150ww00. It leaks on the high speed spin cycle at the bottom of the front seal. It is coming from on top of the concrete counter weight. Not from the door. I replaced the front door seal and still have the same leak. I used a flashlight and mirror to make sure it was not coming from an other area and winding up draining there.

  4. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Amy Aldous,
    The water outlet you are connecting to may have a leak.
    Did the area look wet when you moved in?
    If you have replaced the hose on your washer to fix the leak, then yes it may be the valve coming from the wall.
    Double check the replaced hose to be sure the hose clamp is tight and installed properly. You also might have a new but faulty hose that is causing the leak. Triple check everywhere.
    Possibly, turn off the water, remove the hoses, slide the washer out, and check the valve you are connecting to, to be sure it is not the source of the leak.

  5. I recently move home and took my washing machine with me. I connected it all up in my new home and from the first wash I discovered a leak. It is coming from the inlet hose, so firstly I checked all was connected securely, as it was and still continued to leak. I have replaced the hose but still leaked and now replaced the inlet valve. Thought I had fixed it but still leaking! Am now thinking that is there a possibility it could be the filler tap and not my machine as it didn’t donit in my previous home?? Please could you advise?

  6. My Maytag Bravos Xl is 6yrs old, I noticed that there was a water leakage coming from under my washing machine, checked all the hoses connected to the water, they were all ok, can you tell me what may be causing the water leakage. Merle

  7. I have a Samsung eco bubble with inverter
    It has developed a leak around the front left side near to the adjustable foot.

  8. I have an indesit washer dryer & for some reason it has only recently started leaking from the right bottom hand side of the machine when a 60°cycle is on, (duration of this cycle is approx 2hrs & 30 mins),would you happen to know why this is,the 30° & 40° cycles are fine?

  9. I have 1 year old GE model GTW500ASNWS. Whenever I wash any blanket, the machine leaks a lot of water all over garage floor.

  10. Getrude Iiyambo

    my toploader kervinator washer model KLL14 TLS SERIES NUMBER D6153738301182261D0624 its not washing neither spining clothes are coming out dirty and wet and its leaking underneath.

  11. I have a GE E volution model gnsr2140b1ww. It is leaking from the bottom. Hoses look good and dry. How do you open it to internal fixtures?

  12. I have a whirlpool Model # W4400WQ1…….Serial # C00221088
    I washed a fluffy blanket that was full of cat hair. Afterwards, I put another small load of towels in the washer and water started going everywhere. After it drained all out I put it on spin. We ran the Rinse cycle again and it did not leak. Could the cat hair been a temporary clog….and pushed on thru?

  13. Thomas Schofield

    Water is flowing out the bottom of my Kenmore model 796.4126 and I cannot find out why. Checked all of the above but was flowing out the bottom in the back. Help please?

  14. Hi can you please advise me,I have a Samsung washing machine WF8604NFS,their is a leak from the front left hand side when the machine is spinning ,can you advise me.Thank You Tina

  15. Thank you. Your answers are short, clear and concise. I bookmarked the page and hopefully i can run through each step and systematically identify and remedy the leakage ground zero. Thank you.

  16. I have a beko wme7247s
    It’s started leaking from the bottom left when on spin cycle. I’ve made sure theres nothing in the drain hose so Im not sure where to look next ;/

    Would appreciate any advice

  17. We have a stacked GE washer/dryer and a pooling of water on left side of washer and in the rear of washer; We have an extended warranty and was told it might be the transmission which he will get the part and replace it. Is this possible? Since it is covered by the warranty, I hope this stops the leaks. I should have checked the water hoses too.

  18. My washer was leaking inside. I got it fixed. Now it’s seems to be leaking underneath. I need help. I called the guy to come back out. He said he’s going to charge me to look at it again. It was nice leaking underneath until he messed with it. Please give me some advice. I have a top gas washer.

  19. Why is the water keep filling up and dont stop over flowing.and my washer also leaks from the bottom.when draining water from it can you help me with this problem please

  20. I experience a problem with my twin tub washing machine it is leaking strong on bottom but on the side of spin drum.
    The model is Defy 13 kg twin tub.

  21. I have the same issue. I replaced the gasket with a new whirlpool gasket, still leaks. It leaks where the counter weights protrude the gasket. I think this is a design flaw. Newer frontloads do not have these protrusions.

    The only final thing I have not tried. Is purchasing a new tightening ring. Maybe it’s a 1 time use?

  22. Have water Coming from under my machine at the front no signs of leaks or loose pipes anywhere can you help? Washer is BEKO wm5100s.

  23. Whirlpool duet sport # WFW8400TW02 FRONT LOAD WASHER 12 YEARS OLD.
    I have a leak from the front that i can see on the front counterweight from above the leak source is above out of sight.
    I have replaced the door bellows, leak is unchanged about 3 cups to 5 cups per load estimated, leaks when washing.
    Could this be a drum leak at the point where the counter weight is attached?

  24. Hi. My w/m is leaking from underneath at the front. I have checked the outlet hose but that is fine. Not sure where to look next. Its a Simpson eziset 750. Thanks

  25. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    1. Unplug the washer.
    2. Remove the side panel to gain access to the inside of the washer.
    3. Use a flashlight and check hoses/water lines for a loose connection.
    4. Visually inspect the washer components for damaged/worn parts.
    5. Check back of washer water hoses/connections.
    6. Replace/repair as needed.

  26. I have a 2003 Maytag Atlantis large top loader that has started to leak from the bottom right hand side mostly when the washer is not full and not running. I have never had any trouble with it for the 3 years I have used it and I use it often. A repair man has checked it and cannot find anything wrong at all! There is no noise when running and all else is normal. I do not want to buy a new machine, but I also do not want to get another service call which cost me $90 for nothing. Please can you suggest anything? Thank you for any advice you can give.

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