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How To Fix A Kenmore Series 80 Washer That Leaks Water

Is your Kenmore Series 80 washer leaking water from the bottom? There are many different reasons that a Kenmore washer can leak water. You may have a problem with the drain hose, water inlet hoses, or the sealing ring at the bottom of the tub. Read the information below on how to fix your Kenmore washing machine from leaking.

How To Fix A Kenmore Series 80 Washer That Leaks WaterHow To Fix A Kenmore Series 80 Washer That Leaks Water

Kenmore Washer Hot & Cold Water Inlet Hoses

Disconnect power and gently slide the washer out from the wall. Check that both the water hoses on the back of the washer are not dripping from the washing machine connection. Check to see whether any water is leaking out of the connections. It’s possible that a water hose isn’t screwed on properly or that the hose connector is faulty and needs to be replaced. One of the water inlet hoses may be damaged and leaking, replace if needed. If the supply hoses are in good shape but the washer continues to leak as it fills, inspect the water hose seals and the interior hoses for leaks.

Pro Tip: If you have rubber water inlet hoses, consider replacing them with the steel braided type. Steel braided water hoses are less susceptible to damage and wear compared to rubber hoses.

How To Fix A Leaking Washing Machine Kenmore 80 Series

Kenmore Water Hose Seals/Washers

It’s also possible that the seals or washers have worn out. These seals connect in between the water fill hose and the water inlet valve on the back of the washer. This seal/washer that is meant to create a leak proof seal can get distorted and leak water from the back of the washer. When the water hose seals/washers lose their shape, it’s critical to replace them as a leak can occur. Be sure to turn the water supply to the washing machine OFF when removing any water hoses from your washing machine.

Kenmore Washer Internal Water Hoses

Inspect the inner water hoses in the washer to find a leak. Disconnect power to the washer. Remove the screws that secure the rear panel. There are multiple hoses with clamps in the washing machine that might be causing the leak. Check for signs of calcium buildup and rust as this is a sign of a leak. Reposition any clamp that is not positioned properly that might be causing the water leak. Inspect all hoses and clamps for any water that may be leaking and remove and replace any damaged water hose or faulty clamps.

Kenmore Washer Drain Hose

If the washer leaks water when the draining cycle is activated, check the drain hose. The drain hose may not be connected properly or it may be damaged. Check that the drain hose is also in the proper position. The drain hose connected to your Kenmore washer may not be in the proper position and the washer will leak when draining out water.

Kenmore Washer Drain/Water Pump

The drain pump assembly pumps water out from the drain hose. If the drain pump is blocked or faulty it might leak water. If the pump leaks, you’ll be able to notice it when the tub is full of water. A pump consists of two or more black rubber or plastic hoses connected to it and is generally driven by a drive belt. If the pump leaks, it must be removed and replaced. The drain pump is not repairable in most situations.

Kenmore Washer Tub Seal

The tub seal may be damaged, allowing water to seep from the seal. Water may leak through the tub seal and into the tub bearings if the tub seal is leaking. This can cause the bearings to wear down. If the seal on this machine leaks, you may detect it by removing the main access panel while the machine is filled with water. The leak appears at the bottom of the outer tub, near to or at the center. If the tub seal is leaking remove and replace both the tub seal and the tub bearings. Please be advised that this is a difficult procedure that will have to be done almost entirely disassembling the washer.

Kenmore Washer Tub Seal And Bearing Kit

The tub seal may be damaged, allowing water to seep from the seal. If the tub seal is leaking, water may flow through it and into the tub bearings. The leaking water can cause failure of the bearings. Replace the tub seal and the bearings if worn or damaged.

Kenmore washer leaking troubleshootingKenmore Washer Leaking Troubleshooting

Looking for the Kenmore Series 80 Washing Machine Manual? Here is a downloadable PDF for the Kenmore 80 Washing Machine Manual. Use this guide to assist with finding water leaks and other issues with your Kenmore washer.

If you need more help fixing your Kenmore series 80 washing machine that is leaking water, let us know what your exact issue is and include your model number and we can help. Leave as much info you can in the comments area below.

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