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Toilet Seat Sizes and Replacement – Round or Elongated?

Need a new toilet seat? Does it wobble or is it damaged? What size is your toilet? Here we will show you which toilet seat size to get for a replacement to fit your toilet perfectly.

toilet seat sizes replacementToilet Seat Sizes & Replacement

How To Know Which Size Toilet Seat?

When it comes to choosing a replacement toilet seat, there are mainly 2 sizes to choose from. The 2 main sizes of toilet seats are round and elongated.

How do I measure the dimensions to find my toilet seat size? We will answer all of your questions about toilet seat replacement sizes.

How To Know If Toilet Seat Is Round Or Elongated?

Elongated Toilet Seat

An elongated toilet bowl is approximately 18.5” in length from the toilet seat mounting bolt holes to the tip of the toilet.

Use a tape measure and calculate the distance from the center of the bowl (where the toilet seat bolts to the toilet) to the very front lip of the toilet. This will tell you the size of the toilet seat you need. If it measures 18.5 inches, then you need an ELONGATED toilet seat.

elongated toilet seat sizesElongated Toilet Seat Sizes

Round Toilet Seat

A round toilet bowl will measure approximately 16.5” in length from the toilet seat bolt mounts to the tip of the toilet. Put the end of the tape measure at the toilet bowl’s midpoint (where the seat bolts to the toilet) and measure out to the very front rim of the toilet. This will tell you the size of the toilet seat you need. If it measures 16.5 inches, then you need a ROUND toilet seat.

round toilet seat sizesRound Toilet Seat Sizes


How To Choose The Correct Size Toilet Seat?

Once I Know The Size How To Know Which Seat?

After you have measured the toilet you will know which size to order. You will need either the round or elongated toilet seat for your bowl. Most toilet seats that are available from Amazon, Lowe’s, or Home Depot, are designed to fit most manufacturers round or elongated bowls.

Does Toilet Seat Have To Match Toilet Size?

Yes depending on the size being either round or elongated. An elongated toilet needs to have an elongated toilet seat to match the toilet dimensions. A round toilet needs to have a round toilet seat to match up with the size of the toilet.

Are There Other Sizes Of Toilet Seats?

Yes there are more toilet seat sizes such as in the UK and other countries than just elongated or round. You will have to measure from the center mounting bolts to the very edge of the tip of the toilet bowl to know the exact size.

There are other size toilets such as D shaped, Pointed, and Square toilets. Some toilet sizes are named U shape, O shape, and V shape. These types of toilets will need a special type of toilet seat when replacing, so pay attention to the name of your toilet size and the type of seat you will need for replacement.

other toilet seat sizes shapesOther Toilet Seat Sizes & Shapes


How To Remove And Replace A Toilet Seat?

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Need help with identifying your toilet shape and which type of toilet seat replacement you may need? Please let us know your problems or issues by writing in the comments below and we will be happy to assist.

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  1. Emily Cantrell

    I have a mid century toilet bowl that measures from bolt opening to front edge 15.5 in. width, outer rim to outer rim is 13.75 inches. I need to replace the seat and a standard round seat is too long.

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