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My TV Will Not Turn On – Most Common Reasons & How To Fix?

If you’re wondering “why my TV will not turn on?” you will have to troubleshoot the issue. We’ll show you how to get the TV working if it will not turn on. We will show you everything that could be wrong to understand what’s causing the issue with the TV not turning on.

TV Will Not Turn On - How To FixTV Will Not Turn On – How To Fix

This troubleshooting article assumes the TV is completely dead meaning no red or green LED light comes on, no sound and no picture. Most of these “TV not turning on” issues are related to a remote control issue, faulty power cord, or an electrical outlet problem, not the TV itself.

6 Issues That Cause TV To Not Turn On:

  1. TV Remote Control Problem
  2. Infrared Remote Signal Blocked
  3. Power Cord Loose On Back Of TV
  4. TV Not Getting Power – Outlet Issue
  5. Breaker, Cord, Power Supply, Surge Protector Issues
  6. TV Needs Reset – Reset TV To Fix Issue

TV Remote Control Problem?

If your TV won’t turn on using the remote, check to see if the batteries in the remote are dead. Replace the batteries and see if the TV will turn on using the remote control. How to replace batteries in TV remote the right way

Replace Batteries In TV RemoteReplace Batteries In TV Remote

Infrared Remote Signal Blocked?

Another problem could be that something is jamming or blocking the remote control’s infrared signal. To see if this is the case, turn on the television using the buttons on the TV cover’s side or front panel. If the TV turns ON using the buttons on the side of the TV, you know the TV remote control is the issue.

Power Cord Loose On Back Of TV?

Check the back of the TV to be sure the main power cord has not disconnected from the TV. If the TV or the power cord has been moved, the power cord connected into the back of the TV make be loose or has fallen out. Re-secure it and try turning the TV back on again. If the cord was loose, and you have reconnected it, then the TV will power on.

TV Power Cord ProblemsTV Power Cord Problems That Cause NO POWER

TV Getting Power?

Make sure the TV is connected to an electric source and switched on. If you still have trouble with your TV turning on, check to see whether the problem is the electrical outlet. To find out if the electrical outlet is the issue, connect the TV to a different outlet and see if it turns on.

Breaker, Extension Cord, Power Supply, Surge Protector?

If you get no power to the TV, check to see whether the breaker has tripped. Or possibly your TV may be connected to an extension cord that is not secure or a surge protector that has tripped. Reset the surge protector or re-secure the extension cord to see if this was the issue with the TV not turning on. Make sure the power supply is connected properly. If the TV will still not turn on, connect the TV directly to the wall.

How To Reset My TV?

If your TV still won’t turn on, try unplugging the television from the wall outlet. Wait 30 to 60 seconds and then reconnect the power cable to the wall outlet and turn the TV on again. This should reset the TV if any issues were causing it to not turn on.

What to do when your TV won’t turn on?

MORE TECHNICAL HELP: Most common TV manufacturers help and support for “power on” issues: Element, LG, Samsung, Sony, TCL, and Vizio.

Have you tried all of the above and the TV will still not turn on? Please leave a comment below with your TV model number and the issue you are having and we can help.

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23 thoughts on “My TV Will Not Turn On – Most Common Reasons & How To Fix?”

  1. Appliance Repair Assistant

    Hisense TV is not turning on, you can try a few steps to fix the issue.
    Check if the power cord is properly seated in the back of the TV.
    If it is, try a different power outlet.
    If the TV still won’t turn on, power-cycle it by unplugging it from the wall and holding the power button for 15 seconds before plugging it back in and turning it on.
    If this doesn’t work, try resetting the remote controller or using a different power cable.
    If none of these steps work, it may be a hardware issue…

  2. Millicent Melrose Koroma

    Hello my maser Led TV 32SE43000U couldn’t turn on though the blue light on the power button will display but the TV won’t show anything. We have tried unplugging it but yet still no luck. please help. Thank you

  3. LG 42LB561V – ZC
    No red standby light appears at all. CJ checked all of the above tests but still nothing. The wall socket has power, can you help?? Thanks

  4. Jackie Auckland

    Samsung UE40D5520RK
    Suddenly stopped working. Standby light flashing constantly then comes up with Samsung Smart TV logo and then disappears. Tried unplugging and turning off power switch checked all cables.

  5. I have an Haier smart TV. The red LED light will not come on. I have ran the suggested diagnostics above and nothing. Even bought a new cord and nothing.

  6. Virginia Moreno

    My RCA tv won’t come on. I was playing video games on it, turned it off for an hour now it won’t come on. Tried all of your suggestions but still nothing.
    Serial number 4505LE32B30B510538
    Thank you

  7. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Jan Zowitsky,
    Try using different inputs to see if it is the TV failing or possibly a component connected to the TV.
    Also check all cables going to and from the TV. A cable can be loose or faulty and causing the issue.

  8. My Tv I swich it of and went to bed . The next morning when I want to switch it on the green light came on but there is nothing . I unplugged it try again but stil nothing accept for the green light came on.
    That is a Sinotec TV , model Stl – 50E6000M

  9. Hi, my Sharp Aquos Model LC-24LE150M won’t switch on as well. When I turn on the switch, the power light is red. When I try to turn it on with the remote, the power light turns green for a moment before it turns back to red. The screen remains black the entire time. Before the problem occurred, my TV was connected to my laptop, and I noticed that the bottom right of the TV screen went a little dim. Does this have anything to do with the display? Can it be fixed? Thank you for your help!

  10. My Hisense digital tv cannot turn on, no blue led light. I’ve tried all the troubleshooting methods in vain. What could be the problem?

  11. I have a Samsung model UN32H4003FXZA that stopped working when I was on vacation. I checked all the plugs. However I had cable issues before I left. Could the problem be with cable? The cable box seems to be working fine.

  12. I have a Sanyo TV and I don’t know where the model number is located. My TV just stopped. It definitely has power and I have no clue about the remote because it’s a universal remote that I just realized has flat quarter like batteries. Unfortunately, I don’t have spares laying around the house.

  13. I have a 65in Roku sharp tv it was working fine this morning I got off work it’s blinking on an off and one side of the tv is dark but the tv still comes on what could be my issue

  14. Gary Singleton

    I have a Sanyo CE32LD47-B TV.
    The standby light on the front does not come on.
    The plug, fuse and power cord going to the back of the tv all have power and I have tried the 6 thigs that you have listed.
    1 TV Remote Control Problem
    2 Infrared Remote Signal Blocked
    3 Power Cord Loose On Back Of TV
    4 TV Not Getting Power – Outlet Issue
    5 Breaker, Cord, Power Supply, Surge Protector Issues
    6 TV Needs Reset – Reset TV To Fix Issue
    Is there anything else I can try or is it time for a new one ?
    Many Thanks,

  15. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Check that you have power to the outlets you are plugging the TVs into.
    3 TVs that will not turn on, seems that this is a power issue.
    Plug a lamp or something into the outlet and see if it turns ON.
    Try using another outlet, or check the breaker that controls the wall where the power issue is happening.

  16. I have 3 TVs the first one is Sony X-RAY 65X90J I believe it’s a 70” I have VIZIO 43” LTCWZGN0850093 and a HDMI TCL 4 series 50” model no 50S434.
    I bought the Sony on line and it worked for about a week then just stopped, tried all the plugs and remote control tricks, there is nothing happening and the Vizio TV and HDMI tried the same thing.
    I tried unplugging and plug them back in and nothing, they are all fairly new TVs.
    So I have 3 new TVs that won’t turn on at all.

  17. 72 inch RCA smart TV module RWOSU7547
    Was watching tv when all of a sudden it turn off and want cut back on. I tried the rest method, plugged it back in blue light pop on turns to red and the light is just red. Changed batteries in remote did soft reset on that and still not turning on. My warranty just expired

  18. Mariah ducharme

    My tv just stopped turning on unplugged everything tried different outlets and still not turning on.

  19. Rosa n Clifton

    Jvc roku tv model LT70MAW795AP10500496 turned off, did a soft reset, hard reset. Was able to do a reset the first time turned tv off now it won’t turn on. When I start with remote it pops up roku tv and goes away. Please help as manufactory warranty ended two weeks ago.

  20. Bush tv tried all. No light. Hold standby but blue light flashes then goes off. Will not power up.

  21. Samantha Edwards

    My TV has stopped working The power light doesn’t even come on model number is 43/134m-gb-11b-fegux-uk

  22. Samsung 2; in red light is on but will not turn on with remote or on button on the side. After giving up I tried again later and it turned on. Today, it turned on . When I shut it off & came back it will not turn on again.

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