My TV Will Not Turn On – Most Common Reasons & How To Fix?

If you’re wondering “why my TV will not turn on?” you will have to troubleshoot the issue. We’ll show you how to get the TV working if it will not turn on. We will show you everything that could be wrong to understand what’s causing the issue with the TV not turning on.

TV Will Not Turn On - How To FixTV Will Not Turn On – How To Fix

This troubleshooting article assumes the TV is completely dead meaning no red or green LED light comes on, no sound and no picture. Most of these “TV not turning on” issues are related to a remote control issue, faulty power cord, or an electrical outlet problem, not the TV itself.

6 Issues That Cause TV To Not Turn On:

  1. TV Remote Control Problem
  2. Infrared Remote Signal Blocked
  3. Power Cord Loose On Back Of TV
  4. TV Not Getting Power – Outlet Issue
  5. Breaker, Cord, Power Supply, Surge Protector Issues
  6. TV Needs Reset – Reset TV To Fix Issue

TV Remote Control Problem?

If your TV won’t turn on using the remote, check to see if the batteries in the remote are dead. Replace the batteries and see if the TV will turn on using the remote control. How to replace batteries in TV remote the right way

Replace Batteries In TV RemoteReplace Batteries In TV Remote

Infrared Remote Signal Blocked?

Another problem could be that something is jamming or blocking the remote control’s infrared signal. To see if this is the case, turn on the television using the buttons on the TV cover’s side or front panel. If the TV turns ON using the buttons on the side of the TV, you know the TV remote control is the issue.

Power Cord Loose On Back Of TV?

Check the back of the TV to be sure the main power cord has not disconnected from the TV. If the TV or the power cord has been moved, the power cord connected into the back of the TV make be loose or has fallen out. Re-secure it and try turning the TV back on again. If the cord was loose, and you have reconnected it, then the TV will power on.

TV Power Cord ProblemsTV Power Cord Problems That Cause NO POWER

TV Getting Power?

Make sure the TV is connected to an electric source and switched on. If you still have trouble with your TV turning on, check to see whether the problem is the electrical outlet. To find out if the electrical outlet is the issue, connect the TV to a different outlet and see if it turns on.

Breaker, Extension Cord, Power Supply, Surge Protector?

If you get no power to the TV, check to see whether the breaker has tripped. Or possibly your TV may be connected to an extension cord that is not secure or a surge protector that has tripped. Reset the surge protector or re-secure the extension cord to see if this was the issue with the TV not turning on. Make sure the power supply is connected properly. If the TV will still not turn on, connect the TV directly to the wall.

How To Reset My TV?

If your TV still won’t turn on, try unplugging the television from the wall outlet. Wait 30 to 60 seconds and then reconnect the power cable to the wall outlet and turn the TV on again. This should reset the TV if any issues were causing it to not turn on.

What to do when your TV won’t turn on?

MORE TECHNICAL HELP: Most common TV manufacturers help and support for “power on” issues: Element, LG, Samsung, Sony, TCL, and Vizio.

Have you tried all of the above and the TV will still not turn on? Please leave a comment below with your TV model number and the issue you are having and we can help.

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