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LG Air Conditioner Error Code CH34 Troubleshooting

My LG AC unit has a ch34 error. It stopped cooling properly and shows the error fault code CH34 on the display. The unit will run for a few minutes and then stop and display the error. What does error CH34 mean and how do I remedy the issue to clear the error code? My model number is LW8016ER. Please assist with troubleshooting my LG AC as it’s hot and the AC will not cool.

LG Room AC Air Conditioner Error Code CH34 TroubleshootingLG AC Error Code CH34 Troubleshooting & Help

Many error fault codes on room AC units can be fixed with a few simple troubleshooting steps. Follow the information below to understand and clear the error code on your LG AC unit.

This error displays if the SAFETY RELAY powers the unit down due to ABNORMAL PRESSURE building within the sealed system. This feature is built into the unit to combat overheating issues. The unit is overheating and needs to be checked, see below for further troubleshooting procedures.

The AC is overheating, try the following to help reduce the risk of overheating:
Attempt a system reset by removing power for 10 minutes, then turn back ON.
Clean the condenser coils to regain optimum airflow.
Check the air filter on the unit for any sign of blockage, replace if needed.
Install an exterior drape or awning to shade the unit from the sun. (see image below)
Raise the temperature to a higher setting when away from the home.
(TIP – Do not turn the unit off when you leave home. Raise the temperature to lower the stress on the unit. This reduces the heavy strain on the AC unit while allowing it to maintain optimal cooling and humidity control.)

LG AC error CH34To clear error code CH34, install an awning
or shade the LG AC unit to reduce overheating.

Air conditioner making noises?
The AC is running normally when clicking, pinging, dripping, or the fan is heard:
The thermostat is heard clicking. This is normal: The compressor is simply starting and stopping.
The AC is making a ping sound. This is normal: Water is picked up by the condenser in high humidity.
Water dripping within the unit. This is normal: Water is collected in the pan during high humidity.
The fan can be heard running when compressor is quiet. This is a normal feature.

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Error Codes – Room Air Conditioner – LG
LG support – Most common error codes on room ac units
for error codes: P2 or FL, CH34, E1 or CH02, E2 or CH01, E3 or CH03, E4, E5, F1, F2, or F3.

LG Support – Use model number to find help
Enter your LG model number here for support

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LG AC CH34: Excessive pressure, check pressures, check the coil, make sure the air filters are clean. Check for OFN in system pipework.

Did this help you to clear the error code on your LG air conditioner? If you are still having problems, please let us know the model number of your AC and the issue you are having by filling out the form below. We will get back with you after investigating the issue and try to assist you to fix your AC. Please allow a day or so for us to respond.

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10 thoughts on “LG Air Conditioner Error Code CH34 Troubleshooting”

  1. My central air went out, so I bought 3 LG AC units, 2 24500 BTU ac/heaters and 1 18500 AC.
    One of the ac/heaters is in the master bedroom and works fantastic, the other ac/heater shows CH34 after 10 minutes since it was installed.
    The air conditioner makes terribly loud bangs when the condenser kicks on and off, I believe and, also, hardly cools.
    I keep the filters clean, built a shade over the ac/heater that shows error, checked the condenser coil and it doesn’t help.
    It will run immediately after it shuts off by resetting the plug.

  2. We just replaced the computer yesterday on this LG 24,500 btu air conditioner about 2 years old. It worked great immediately after but within about 20 hours its showing error code CH34. We’ve cleaned the filter, how do we clean the coils?

  3. Justin Gregory

    Same here. Turns on and runs fine for about 30 min. This unit in particular is brand new. Turns off and blinks CH 34. Pulled the unit out of the wall (well ventilated and has had other units work just fine in this spot) nothing was remotely warm anywhere. Even where you would expect it to be in the copper pipes. This thing can’t be over heated.

  4. Joeann Purifoy

    LG AC – The condenser coils have been cleaned, it has plenty of shade and runs for about thirty minutes and shuts down. Starts flashing error code 34.

  5. Thoroughly cleaned the condenser–it wasn’t very dirty. The air conditioner is protected by a porch roof. When the outside temperature gets anything above the 70’s it kicks out and gives error code CH34. I bought this in July 2018, and started having problems with it in 2019. This year it shuts itself off often. This is supposed to be the number 1 rated AC on the market!

  6. James Johnston

    Get ch34 error code when it gets extremely hot out side. When the temp goes above 110 it will run then just quits. Leave down for 15 minutes restart runs for about another 45 minutes then ch34 arrow again. When temp goes down in the evening it runs perfectly again. This 114 degrees is killing me. Any ideas to correct this problem.

  7. LG AC error code CH34.
    Has displayed this after cooling about 40 minutes.
    Now it’s down to about 25 minutes.
    24500 btu.
    Has been professionally cleaned.
    Has an awning.
    Has had the computer box and power cord replaced as one unit (with new parts).
    That happened today as did the drop to 25 minutes.
    This thing quits when it’s 70 degrees outside and 73 on the ac.
    Changing the temp to anything between 68 and 75 and it still quits exactly the same, no matter if the outside temp is 70 or 110.

  8. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant


    LG AC error code CH35 means a low pressure sensor error.

    Error is caused by the following reasons:

    – Overload operation – (the outdoor fan is blocked)
    – Faulty compressor sensor
    – Faulty PCBA
    – Refrigerant is leaking
    – Faulty connection of the pressure sensor

    Check for any leakage and or blockages on the unit.

  9. LG AC error code cH35.
    Displays this after cooling a short while.
    The model is an LG 60% energy saving dual inverter, refrigerant is R410.

  10. Steve Chester

    LW1816ERY7 error code ch 34.
    No way this thing is over heating. Remanufactured and clean. The unit is well shaded

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