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How To Remove Moisture In A Watch – How Does Condensation Form?

How does condensation get in a watch & how to remove moisture inside of a watch? How do I get water out of my watch without opening the back… There are many reasons a watch may get condensation, cloudy, foggy, water, or moisture in the face or the back of a watch.

How To Remove Moisture Inside Of A WatchHow To Remove Moisture Inside Of A Watch

If your watch has a clear back, you may also see condensation in this area. Your watch might be either water-proof, water-resistant, not water-proof or not water-resistant. In either case, getting the water or condensation out of your watch is similar.

NOTE: Condensation causes damage in watches. At the first sign of condensation in your watch, use a “condensation removal” method as fast as possible to remove the moisture in your watch to avoid permanent damage to your watch.

What Is The Difference Between Water-Resist & Water-Proof Watches?

Water-resistant watches
Water-resistant watches are not 100% water-proof. A water-resistant watch means it can handle some water exposure but should not be worn when swimming or showering.

Waterproof watches
Waterproof watches are exactly what it says, WATERPROOF. A waterproof watch can be worn when showering, snorkeling, swimming, and in some cases, deep diving.

Why Do I See Condensation In My Watch?

1. Extreme temperature changes can cause moisture to form in a watch face. Going from a very cold area to a warmer area can cause the watch to fill with condensation.

2. A very humid environment can also cause moisture or condensation to form in a watch.

3. A watch that is water-resistant may have been exposed to water for too long. Remember water-resist does not mean waterproof.

4. The watch winder area may have gaps or have been left “pulled out” which can cause condensation to form in the watch face. Always make sure the crown and pushers are screwed in tight before coming into contact with water.

5. An older watch can wear out meaning the water-resistant o-ring seal is worn and water can enter into the watch. The o-ring in a water-resist watch may dry out. This o-ring can shrink and becomes hardened which lets water slip past it and fill your watch with water.

6. A substandard watch may have been submerged in water or exposed to water. Washing your hands, watch was exposed to the rain, or taking a shower with your watch on can cause condensation to form.

7. Plastic or glass watch face could have a micro crack thus causing water to enter into the watch and cause condensation.

8. A fake replica watch or a lower quality watch could be substandard therefore letting in water which causes moisture in the watch.

9. Condensation in watch after battery change. When changing a battery do it in a dry environment. If humidity is high when replacing the battery, this can cause the watch to fog up later on.

How To Remove Condensation From A Watch – Fix A Watch Filled With Water

1. Use uncooked rice. Set the watch in a small covered container with 1/4 of uncooked rice. The rice will “pull” the moisture out of the watch if left for a few days.

2. Cat litter is made to absorb moisture. Place the watch in a small bowl or can or cat litter for a couple days and the moisture in the watch should disappear.

3. Silica Gel removes moisture. These are the small packs that come with most electronics. Use a few of these packets in a closed bowl with your watch for a few days and this should remove the condensation in the watch.

4. Use the sun. Evaporate the condensation and defog the watch. Lay the watch in the sun face up so the heat from the sunlight can dry out the moisture in the watch. Be careful not leave the watch in the sun for too long as it may damage your watch. The heat from the sun will “evaporate” the moisture or condensation from the watch.

5. Use a blow dryer. Set the watch in a safe place such as a marble countertop and use the blow dryer on low heat. This is to lightly heat up the watch and remove the condensation. Use with caution as high heat can damage a watch and burn your skin.

6. Remove the back of the watch. Removing the back of the watch and leaving it in direct sunlight can help remove the condensation faster. Lay the watch on a towel and place it face down. This should dry the watch out faster. Use caution when taking your watch apart.

7. Use a fan to allow air flow over the watch for a few days. This will help with “pulling” the moisture out of your watch.

8. Wrap the watch in a cloth and lay it on top of a heat source. For example, if you have a cable box or satellite box for TV, these boxes emit heat. Lay the watch on top and let the heat from the electronics remove the moisture from your watch.

9. If the methods above have not worked to dry out your watch, take the watch to a specialist watch jeweller. These professionals should be able to remove the condensation or water from your watch.

Watch Water Resistance

Have a better option or tip for removing condensation from a watch? Let us know by leaving a comment below to help others that need to fix a watch with moisture in it.

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2 thoughts on “How To Remove Moisture In A Watch – How Does Condensation Form?”

  1. I just used a hairdryer.

    1. Took battery out so warm air would have an outlet to escape from.
    2. Put warm air in through battery area which was open.
    3. Then put warm air onto face of watch with the back back of the watch facing up so warm moist air could escape out.

    It took about ten minutes all up. I think using a vacuum cleaner might speed it up. But I didn’t do that.

    You’d need to be careful you didn’t overheat and damage watch. The slower techniques are probably safer for watch.

  2. For a little fog or moisture in the watch, making the crystal foggy (not flooded or saturated), pull the crown out as if you were going to set or change the time.
    Place the watch, crown up, at an angle of approximately 45 degrees, on a flat dry surface with a paper towel under the watch.
    Your watch will be resting on the side with the number 9 with the crown on top, and at an angle of about 45 degrees.
    Place a standard household lamp or work light about 10 to 12 inches above the watch with a 100 or 150 watt incandescent light bulb in the light, with the light shining directly on to the face (crystal) of the watch.
    Don’t put the light too close or you may overheat the watch.
    It will take at least a full day, so be patient.

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