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TV Shows NO INPUT – What Do I Check To Fix My Television?

My HDTV says NO INPUT. The SAT BOX is connected to my TV. There may be a problem with my SONY TV or the SATELLITE BOX might be the issue. The TV is powered ON as it displays the words on the screen NO INPUT. Is this an HDMI cable problem, a SAT BOX issue, or a fault with the SONY TV itself?

TV Shows NO INPUT - What Do I Check To Fix My TelevisionTV Shows NO INPUT

If your TV shows NO INPUT on the screen, try changing the INPUT or SOURCE as the TV is probably on the wrong INPUT SOURCE.


A TV that is showing NO INPUT most of the time means the TV is on the WRONG INPUT. This means the INPUT is switched to one of your TV inputs that have nothing connected to it.


To fix this, on your TV remote control press the button that says SOURCE or INPUT. Be sure you have the SAT BOX, CABLE BOX, Blu-Ray Player, Apple TV, ROKU BOX, XBOX, PlayStation PS4, Amazon Box, or whatever component you are using plugged into power and turned ON before changing the INPUT or SOURCE.

The INPUT button on your TV remote control is usually located on the top left of your remote. Choose each INPUT or SOURCE (ANTENNA, PC, COMPONENT, VGA, DVD, AV, TV, CABLE, VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, HDMI 1, HDMI 2, HDMI 3, HDMI 4, etc) until the TV displays the TV show, news, or movie you are trying to watch.

TV SAYS NO INPUT - Change Input Source Using Remote ControlTV SAYS NO INPUT – Change Input Source Using Remote Control

If you have lost the remote control, there should be a button on the TV itself that says INPUT or SOURCE. Press this to change the source if the TV remote is lost or broken.

If the TV is working, the problem is solved, the TV was simply on the wrong INPUT or SOURCE.


If changing the INPUT or SOURCE does not work, next check the HDMI cables going to and from the TV to the SAT BOX or whatever your TV is connected to.

Be sure the HDMI cable or other cables are connected, not loose, or not damaged. Make sure all cables are in place and secure.


Make sure the component you are trying to connect to (if plugged into a power strip) is plugged securely into the power outlet and the component is turned ON.

If the component is plugged into a power strip, be sure the power strip is turned ON and has not reset. If the power strip is not working, be sure the power strip itself is plugged into the outlet.

It may be possible that your TV is plugged into a different power outlet than the components that are plugged into the TV sources. If this is so, make sure the power outlet your component is plugged into is working.

Test the outlet by plugging in a lamp and making sure it turns on. If not, you need to check the breaker box to be sure a certain outlet has not tripped.


If the TV still says NO INPUT, there may be an issue with the TV itself. Make sure the TV is not in DEMO MODE. DEMO MODE, RETAIL MODE, SHOWCASE MODE, or STORE MODE is the setting used if the TV is in a store showroom displayed for sale to show the television features. This setting may make it difficult to watch your TV or choose certain options.


– Press HOME button on the remote control.
– Select Settings.
– In System Preferences select Retail mode settings.
– Set the Demo mode and Picture reset mode to OFF.
(This procedure will vary by different TVs, so check your manual or online to find out how to remove DEMO MODE)

If nothing above works, perform a factory reset and a software update if available.

Note that performing a factory reset on your TV will erase everything that you have set on the TV so try everything above before performing a factory reset.

If you need more help with a TV that says NO INPUT, please leave a comment below and we will be happy to help.

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  1. All my inputs say no signal and I’ve tried everything to get them working even resetting it a number of times can anyone help please

  2. Bush tv showing notional swap around my cables and move to different rooms all other TV work but not the one showing no signal could it be the input circuit on the TV as gone faulty

  3. I have a sony bravia tv ..started getting a green screen with message no signal check the external input ….I have checked the cables powered off the tv and rogers box several times …no success … Also get a pink screen ….sometimes ….what else can I try … I have done not a factory reset ..don’t really want to unless it will solve the problem for sure thanks

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