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Rinnai Split System AC Troubleshooting & Error Codes

Having issues with your Rinnai AC? You may have an issue with the AC filter, error codes, the control panel, the remote, or the basic operation of the unit. If problems or errors occur you can troubleshoot the unit using the charts and information below. Once you have the information needed, you can adjust, clean, or repair components on your AC unit to get it working properly.

Rinnai Split System AC Troubleshooting & Error CodesRinnai Split System AC Troubleshooting & Error Codes

If your AC unit is not working properly or has been turned off for long periods of time…

  1. Check that the unit is powered ON
  2. Be sure the unit has power
  3. Look to see that a circuit breaker has not tripped
  4. Check for damaged wiring
  5. Inspect for any wire harness that may be loose
  6. Clean all air filters
  7. Check for any leaks
  8. Replace the remote control/unit batteries
  9. Check that nothing is blocking the outdoor air inlets and outlets
  10. Inspect that nothing is blocking the indoor air inlets and outlets
  11. Be sure the settings are set correctly

If will not be using the air conditioner for an long period of time, do the following…

  1. Clean all air filters
  2. Dry the unit out completely by turning the fan function ON
  3. Turn off the unit
  4. Disconnect power to the unit
  5. Take out the batteries from the remote

(Note: Most error codes do not have exact definitions, try to reset the unit if an error code displays)

If the indicator lamps are flashing or the error codes appears in the window display or indoor unit: Examples of error or fault codes are E0, E1, E2, E5, P0, P1, P2, P6, F0, F1, and F2. If any of the error codes show, the AC unit may cease working or continue to run in a safe manner.

If the indicator lamps flash or an error code shows on the display, simply wait for about 10 minutes for it to clear by itself. If the issue does not resolve within 10 minutes, turn the unit off and unplug the unit from power.

After unplugging the AC unit, wait for a few minutes before plugging the unit back into power. After a few minutes, plug the unit back in and turn on power. This “Error Code Reset Procedure” may help to reset the control board (computer) and clear the error code or flashing lights from your Rinnai Split System AC Unit.

If the error code still appears on the display or the unit is not working properly after the reset, seek the service manual (see PDF manual below) or seek professional AC maintenance service through RINNAI.

Looking for the service and troubleshooting manual for your Rinnai Split AC? Here is the manual for the Rinnai AC. PDF HERE – Rinnai Split AC Service Manual

Troubleshooting is explained below, have a look at the charts and images to follow step-by-step how to understand and troubleshoot certain Symptoms and Causes with your Split System AC…

Rinnai Split AC Troubleshooting 1

Rinnai Split AC Troubleshooting 2

Rinnai Split AC Troubleshooting 3

Rinnai Split AC Troubleshooting 4

Rinnai Split AC Troubleshooting 5Rinnai Split AC Troubleshooting


Rinnai Split Air Conditioner BasicsRinnai Split Air Conditioner Basics
Learning the basic operation of your AC unit is essential.
Knowing the basic operation and use of your
split AC will help to avoid problems in the future.
NOTE: cF, dF, SC, FP, and E-C-O are not error codes.


Rinnai Split AC Clean Air FilterRinnai Split AC Clean Air Filter
Split AC filter cleaning is important for the unit to run properly.
A blocked or clogged air filter will affect performance.
Always clean the air filter on a regular basis.


NOTE: Rinnai Systems and Units that apply to the Basic Operations, Filter Cleaning, Error Codes and Troubleshooting on this page are:

Rinnai Split AC Model NumbersRinnai Split AC Model Numbers




For professional RINNAI AC System technical service, help and maintenance, contact Rinnai Customer Support in USA 1-800-621-9419 or Australia 1300 555 545

Visit the official USA website RINNAI USA or for Australia visit RINNAI AU.
For the Rinnai cooling solutions website in Australia visit RINNAI AU COOLING SOLUTIONS and for Rinnai document downloads for AC units (and more) in Australia visit RINNAI AU DOWNLOADS.

Need some basic help with your AC? Ask your question using the comments form below (It is free and you do not have to register) and we can help to troubleshoot your split system ac problem.

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25 thoughts on “Rinnai Split System AC Troubleshooting & Error Codes”

  1. Appliance Repair Assistant

    It sounds like you may have a zoning issue with your multi unit split system.
    This means that both wall units are connected to the same thermostat and cannot function independently.
    The best course of action would be to have a professional HVAC technician inspect your system and diagnose the issue.
    They may need to install a zoning system or make other adjustments to ensure that each wall unit can function independently.
    This can improve energy efficiency and save you money in the long run.
    In the meantime, it’s best to keep both wall units running to ensure that your system continues to function properly.

  2. I have a multi unit split system. My both inside wall units must be on to make the system work. If I switch off 1 wall unit the system stops working so I have to run both units all the time.
    Your support will be greatly appreciated.

  3. Appliance Repair Assistant

    Common AC compressor overheating issues are often the result of excess discharge pressure, which can stem from one or more of the following issues…

    Dirty condensing coils
    Discharge line not secure
    Blockage of condenser air

    Check the above items to be sure all is clean and secure.
    Inspect to be sure that nothing is blocking the air flow.
    You can also try resetting your air conditioner by turning it off at the breaker for 10 minutes, and restarting it to see if that might reset the error.
    Are you getting an error code and if so can you let us know what the code is?

  4. I have turned aircon on today to heat getting compressor exhaust protection error? Cannot find a solution in the error code list.

  5. Appliance Repair Assistant

    There is no specific error code for “AP” in Rinnai AC units.
    However, if the Rinnai AC enters into “AP” mode, the air-conditioning remote controller may not be able to control it.
    To fix this issue, you may need to finish the configuration or power the AC ON again.
    It is also possible that the flashing indicator lamps or error codes appearing in the window display of the indoor unit may indicate a different error or fault code.
    In such cases, refer to the Rinnai AC manual or contact customer support for further assistance.

  6. Appliance Repair Assistant

    Rinnai F6 error code usually has to do with the temperature sensor.
    Have you tried removing power to both the indoor unit and outdoor unit for about 30 minutes, and then restarting everything to see if it resets and clears the error code?
    If the attempted reset did not help, refer to the owners manual for exact troubleshooting.

  7. Rinnai Inverter R32 R/C SPLIT 3.5KW.
    Our indoor unit seems to be working, but shows an F6 code.
    The outdoor unit is not engaging at all.

  8. The unit operates normally , then suddenly it turns off and displays AP. Cannot find this code anywhere in manual. What does it mean?

  9. ALLEN VETTER - DIY Repair Assistant

    Kristy Bultitude,
    When the system’s pressure goes below a certain level, an A P6 error code can be generated. This happens when the system’s pressure is too low for the equipment to function. If the pipe isn’t hot, there may be a leak in the system because it lacks refrigerant.

  10. Kristy Bultitude

    Ours has a P6 error code when trying to use in heat mode. Not very old unit.

  11. My Rinnai split system is showing P9?
    What does that mean and what do we need to do? Not 12 months old yet.

  12. My rinnai aircon is throwing an E3 error code, could someone please possibly tell me what this means ? Thank you

  13. Richard Smith

    P6 comes up when I’m using my rinnai in heat mode. I have cleaned filters

  14. We have power to the indoor and outdoor units but the system will not turn on. We have changed the batteries in the remote have been changed and the last time the system worked was 24hrs ago

  15. Hi Rinnai Tech.
    AC unit will not operate.
    Unit was switched off after last operation approx. 4 weeks ago.
    No visible or audible operation heard from inside or outdoor units.
    Remote display functional.
    Unit is approx. 12 months old.

  16. Hi our AC unit seems to be working properly, but it doesn’t cool the air. We haven’t used it for most of the year. I have cleaned the filters and i can’t seem to work out anything else wrong with it. I’ve tried running it though the clean function a couple of times but it still just blows air temperature air out. Hope that made sense.

  17. I had a Rinnai splitn system aircon installed less than a year ago. Our do chewed the ambient air sensor and I need a replacement part. Can someone give me the part number so my technician can fix the problem. The outdoor unit model is hsnrq70b.

  18. We have turned on the air conditioner today and a P5 fault code is being displayed on the wall unit.

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