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How To Repair A Dryer Making Loud Noises

Why is my dryer loud? All dryers will make noises when running. If you notice that the dryer seems louder than usual, something may be worn out, needs a simple lubrication, or an adjustment. There are many parts in a dryer that can cause noises if the parts come out of adjustment or become worn.

Fix A Dryer Making NoisesFix A Dryer Making Noises

Here are the most common reasons a dryer makes loud noises and ways you can fix them. But remember, when working on your dryer, please unplug it from power before performing dryer repair.

Dryer is squealing and or squeaking?
These squeak or squeal sounds come from the parts such as the drum rollers and idler pulley wheels. These parts move fast within the dryer. The drum rollers are located in the back of the dryer on both sides. The rollers or pulley wheels can be adjusted or lubricated to get the loud noises to stop. Lubricate the parts to stop the squeal or squeak. If lubrication does not stop the noises, check the parts for wear and replace if needed.

Drum bearing is squeaking?
A drum bearing can also cause these squeal or squeak noises. Check the drum bearing located at the back of the dryer. Lubricate to stop the noise. Be sure the main drum shaft rotates without issues. Some of the metals can rust out and cause the noise, lubricate to free up the bearing and reduce the noises.

Dryer is making a thumping noise?
Thumping noises in a dryer could mean an item is trapped in the dryer between the drum. Check this area for any items that should not be there. The dryer belt may have issues such as rips or tears. If the drive belt is damaged the dryer will make noises as it turns. Make sure the dryer belt is flat and in the proper position. Check the drum roller for missing rubber. If the drum rollers have missing rubber, it can cause a thumping noise. The drum rollers are in the back of the dryer on both sides of the dryer. Replace the drum roller if the rubber is falling off or missing.

Dryer is making scraping and or grinding noise?
This sound can be caused by the drum glides. These glides on both sides of the drum can wear out from friction. The glides are made from a nylon plastic material. When they wear out the noise is a metal scraping sound. The glides are located under the front of the dryer drum. The glides can be replaced fairly easily.

Dryer is making a rattling noise?
Rattling noises are mostly due to the blower wheel. If the blower wheel is not fully in place it will rattle and can cause loud noises. The blower wheel is located near the front of the dryer on the end part of the shaft for the motor. If there are clumps of lint or other objects on or around the blower wheel, remove these items and get the blower wheel securely into the housing to avoid the rattling noises.

Dryer Repair Kit - Reduce NoisesDryer Repair Kit To Reduce Noise

HINT: If your dryer is quite old and the noises continue to be heard, try searching for a Dryer Repair Kit. These kits will have dryer belts, pulleys, rollers and more to fix the dryer noise issues. “This Dryer Repair Kit contains all of the parts that are commonly defective when your dryer is noisy. This kit is a universal repair kit for dryers built from 1965 on. Kit includes (1) dryer belt, (2) drum support rollers, (1) idler pulley, (4) roller trirings, (1) clip, and instructions.”

Dryer Making Loud Noise – Top Reasons & Fixes

If you need help with your dryer making loud noises, please leave a comment below and we can help you to troubleshoot the problem. Please leave the model number and a detailed description of the issue.

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  1. Have a Maytag Performa gas dryer while in drying cycle for about 20 minutes it will start making growling noise for 2 minutes and will stop running When trying to start back up it’ll make growling noise and won’t start If I let cool for 20 minutes it will start but in 20 minutes does it again I cleaned exhaust pipes still does it need you experts advise on this one thanks Ranchman

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