How To Fix Flickering LED Light Bulbs?

Led lights flicker on dimmer switch. My bathroom light fixture has flickering LED bulbs. I recently swapped out incandescent light bulbs to LED bulbs to save money. However after doing this the bulbs sometimes flicker, flash, or blink. This is not an issue of a light bulb that keeps burning out. All of the bulbs are brand new and flashing/flickering. How do I fix flashing flickering LED bulbs?

Fix LED lights flickeringFix LED lights flickering

Fix Flashing LED Bulbs

This is an issue with the bulbs and the dimmer switch. There is nothing wrong with the LED bulbs. Most likely, the LED bulbs you are using are not “dimmable”. If the LED bulbs are flickering, you have installed NON DIMMABLE LED lights in the light fixture with a dimmer switch as your on/off light switch.

LED bulbs that are flashing in a light fixture are caused by a dimmer switch that is not compatible in the circuit. Always use dimmable LED bulbs in a light circuit with a dimmer switch.

Replace the non dim LED bulbs with dimmable LED bulbs or swap out the dimmer switch to a conventional light switch. The LED bulbs do not work properly if they are “NON-DIMMABLE”. Non-Dimmable LED lights should NOT be installed on a light circuit that has a dimmer.

Three things you can do to stop LED light bulbs from flashing or flickering.
1. Remove and replace the dimmer switch to a conventional light switch. (Dimmer switch causes LED bulbs to flash)
2. Take the non dimmable light bulbs back to the store and swap them out for dimmable LED light bulbs. (The correct bulbs will work with a dimmer switch)
3. Replace the non dimmable LED light bulbs with light bulbs that are capable of dimming. (Dimmable LED light bulbs)

If you need to replace the dimmer switch, see the general wiring schematics below. These images will show how most wiring will need to wired.

Dimmer switch wiring single poleDimmer switch wiring single pole

Light switch wiringLight switch wiring

LED lumens to watts chartLED lumens to watts chart
Switching all your bulbs to LED will
save you money on your electrical bill.

If issues continue with flashing or flickering lights, the light fixture may have a problem. Install a new bulb into the light fixture to test if the light fixture is having an issue. If the new light does not flash or blink, the light fixture is working properly. If the light flashes or has a problem, you may have faulty wiring going to or from the light fixture. If so remove power and check light fixture for issues.

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