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How Do I Fix My Leaking Toilet?

I need to fix my leaky toilet. I have a toilet that is leaking water from the tank down to the bowl. I can hear water dripping constantly. Other than the water leak my toilet flushes and works with no other problems. What part on the toilet can go bad and cause the water to leak?

toilet flapperA leaking toilet can be fixed with a new flapper

A new toilet flapper will fix a leaking toilet. If you are experiencing water leaking from the tank to the bowl, you need one part to fix your toilet and that is the flapper/flapper valve.

The toilet flapper seals the water from leaking into the bowl. If the flapper is faulty, water will flow past the flapper rubber seal and cause the water leak. Replace the flapper to stop the leaking water. (You can either replace the flapper or the complete flapper valve assembly to fix your toilet.)

HINT: You can buy a flapper for around $10 dollars and replacing it should take 10 minutes or less.
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Fix A Leaking ToiletFix A Leaking Toilet – Replace The Flapper

1. Turn the water to the toilet off.
2. Flush the toilet.
3. Remove the top cover on the toilet tank.
4. Remove the flapper and chain.
5. Put the flapper in a plastic bag.
6. Take faulty flapper to hardware store or find same part number online.
7. Match it up with the same size and part number.
8. Install the new flapper in your toilet.
9. Turn the water back on to the toilet.
10. Flush the toilet and be sure flapper is installed correctly.
11. Put the cover back on the toilet tank.

The purpose of the flapper is to lift up when the toilet is flushed and let water pass through. The tube underneath the flapper goes straight into the bowl. The flapper lets water pass through and into the bowl. The flapper holds the water in the tank and if the rubber flapper is bad, it will slowly leak water and cause the water trickling noise.

flapper for toiletFlapper For Toilet

Toilet flappers are made of rubber in most toilets. This rubber material can degrade over time. When the rubber is torn, ripped, deformed, or corroded, it will leak. Always check to see if there is a foreign object in the tank that is blocking the valve from seating or sitting properly. If you find the flapper is degraded, it is best to replace it to avoid leaking water and higher water bills.

The videos below show how to change your toilet flapper and or your toilet flapper valve assembly. Use these videos to assist you in removing and replacing your toilet flapper. These repair methods should be sufficient for all types of toilets. For even more help, you can ask questions directly to a professional using the form below.

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If you need assistance with fixing a broken toilet, please leave your detailed issue below and we will assist.

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